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ok heres the deal. i am an A average student i dont do drugs and ive never had sex. ok then the issue arrives on prom. my mother and father have this whole idea that i am going to go wild at prom night. they dont let me go out and it is truly affecting my relationship with this guy that i am going to prom with. he likes me and i like him. The problem? we can never do anything about it bc of my parents i cant even hold his hand. he always asks for me to put a little more effort into t he relationship but i cant bc of my 'rents. (by the way he is smarter than me he is no.2 in our class rankings)but i cant work this out bc of my 'rents. and i know that he doesnt want to meet up with my older sis and her bf and go out wit them after prom. i feel like such a dork bc thats the only way i could stay out later, by meeting up with my sis and to tell you its embarassing!!!

-- Amber Hillridge High Paris TX

My parents don't really care Beacuse the trust me . I will be with someone that they have known so to them there are no worries.Most of all they are waiting to see how we will look together. If you don't give your child an opportunity to do grown people things , they will make childrens decisions all thier life

-- Tracey Arsenal Technical High School Indianapolis IN

This is the 4th prom that I go to since I've always been invited. This time is different because it's MY prom. I'm not nervous but my mom is a whole other story. She wants me to look better than ever...talk about pushy. All she does is complain about me not having a prom dress yet, but I have more than 20 gowns in my closet. She made me book for my limo 2 months in advanced. The appointment with hairdesser,make-up,photo studio n all that has been booked since 4 months ago. Makes you wonder whose prom it is.

-- Nena W.H.S. New York NY

23:27:33 2004-5-28

-- Jessica Houston well really i have no problem with my mom, but my dad wont hear of me even going to jr. prom! yea...sux! even if i do go its gonna suck bc i dont have a date to go with which is an impossible in my house bc my parents hate the whole "american" thing about boy/girl friends. i'm from india and they still act like we live there! even after being here for like 25 years, my dad doesnt get it! hm...w/e! i guess i'll be ok! TX Cyridge

ok..well sophmore year, I was asked to prom by a senior..I was 15, he was 18, haha i told him right of the bat I prob couldnt go with him..so i get home and tell my parents what happened..my mom just gave me this face, and is like HE'S 18??? i think not, u know what boys want on prom night! and then my dad goes "your still a little girl, i think NOT"..ya..they said that even though it was a junior senior prom..and the next year i was going to go to prom anyways..ohh parents..hehe

-- Eva DeserT mountaIN PHX AZ

I must admit my parents have been very good about the whole prom issue! They allowed me to go without much fuss during my sophomore, junior, and now my senior years. My advantage was that they knew, and loved, my boyfriend. Also, I was clear about what was going on afterwards and was respectful to them. I knew my first year that they wouldn't want me out long, so we simply went out for ice-cream and came back to my house to hand out. Last year, my junior year, I called to let t h em know that we were invited to a friend's house for a little get- together and asked their permission. It was late when I got in, but I had given them an estimate on when I'd be home, so they didn't worry and just went to bed. They feel they can pretty much trust me because I don't give them any reasons not to - I don't drink or do drugs or get in trouble! I have earned their trust so they give it to me... Now let's see how that trust goes when I ask about my plans to get a hotel ro o m with a bunch of my friends and their dates....

-- Nikki Johnstown PA

i was so happy when they asked me to prom i screamed. i was loke yeah todaly. then i told my mom the whole story and that i wanted to go really bad. my moms one of those people that think you only go to jerk of and do stuff. anyways i was so happy and told her how i felt. she responded me with saying im sorry but you can't go. i was so mad and upset that i just started crying and trying to hold back evrything so that they wouldnt see me. i wish my mom could undestand the way that i r eally feel inside. maybe soon some day i will be able to tell someone other then the computer my problems. i really did wish that my mom would of understood me. maybe next time.

-- Carla La Habra High School La Habra CA

My mom is so excited about me going to Prom! She can't wait. She's paying for everything, which I feel bad about, but ya know. She thinks (as do I) that Prom is a huge deal. My curfew is usually around midnight, but she's encouraging staying out late!!! Yeah, my mom's being pretty cool about it, and my whole family is excited.

-- Sarah Elgin High Elgin IL

Wow, I never really realized how completely psycho some parents are.. Did their parents not let them go to prom or something? It's a part of the highschool experience and trying to keep your kids out of it is just stupid.. I am suddenly thankful for my very sane parents..

-- Jackie PCHS Pekin IL

Well I guess I am the only guy intrested (worried) enough to look online for help with prom...Well LEts get started. I asked 3 girls to go with me and they all said no (one laughed). So I gave up on prom for a while till my friend who I know and trust said she would go. I am not going to do anything crazy because the college I want to go to says if I have any children I am no longer accepted and so far ive passed up a few offers due to that fact. My date is Mormon so she will be a g o od girl too. Well my parents are going to fly her in from utah which is crazy so I have there support and trust. Its meeting her parents that worried me. Her father took me on the tour of the house, then the barn (scary) the house was nice. But the first barn house his gunnery awards and his extensive gun collection. The next one held the tool of his trade (cattel) and he showed me the castration device for calves. He then sized me up and said "Well, if you hurt my little girl I'll make you fi t " I was dressed nicely and I was impeccably polite. So girls when your father wants a man to man talk with the guy your father is really going for below the belt and he means business.

-- Tim Stillwater High School Stillwater OK

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