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I am a 16 year old sophmore. My boyfriend is an 18 year old senoir. My parents say that I can date at the age of 16 but prom is coming up and they wont let me go. They say I can not go until I am a junior. They know my boyfriend he is always over, but I can't go. I think that is unfair. They just need to trust me. If I am allowed to date at 16 why can't I go to prom which is just like a date, but with a whole lot more people and adult supervision.

-- Hale Painesville OH

my parents are actually pretty cool about the whole prom thing, mostly because they trust me enourmasly and know my character. it's actually nice knowing i have like their blessing lol ... they just want me to have fun!

-- Vicky Brooklyn NY

Im a freshy at my high school and my boyfriend's a jounior, my parents were fine when i told them that i started going out with him. He met my parents and they thought he was great. My mom said that's fine that he asked me to prom but she doesn't understand that only juniors and seniors go. My high school wasn't ready to see my boyfriend and i together so it was a lot to take in. After the roomers started that i was going to prom with him, somehow it all ended up in the minds of my p arents. They wanted me to be "Safe" and not do anything they wouldn't. I'm not that kind of person, and i know that i'm probobly over my head, but my boyfriend and i are serious, even though i am younger then he is. After i had a talk with my parents, they really wanted to know everything about after prom, and where i was going that night. They were such parents, that it was annoying untill my boyfriend finally told them that he wasn't going to let me do anything that i usually wouldn't do or t hat my parents wouldn't aprove of. My parents were happy after my boyfriend calmed them down, i'm so lucky to have him in my life. I guess in the end they didn't freak out too much, but they did keep me on a short leash.

-- Missy Seaside Heights NJ

I am a sophmore but went to prom when i was a freshman my parents were cool with it, and really liked Taylor (my boyfriend) now one year later we are still together but this year its taylor's senior year and he wants to stay out that night and get a hotel room with all of our friends and my mom is sort of being crazed about it, and i am not sure if this whole will work out, and i dont know if taylor will get mad because because of me, he cant stay out with his friends. thanks

-- Danielle Onaway High Tower MI

First of all I am one of the colorguard captains at my school and my prom date is the trumpet section leader (who is really hott). My parents are totally cool with me going to prom with him. He is a senior and I'm a junior. He asked me on the way to taco bell 3 months before hand. We are even going to take one of the teachers Jag's to prom! How cool is that. It would have been different if I was going with anyone else but as long as I'm goin with him my parents told me to be back "w h enever" because they trust me and they trust him.

-- Audrey Armijo High School Suisan CA

Because I am more mature than my age and I had to be to help with my younger sister and brother while my mom worked to support us. She has all the trust in the world for me and my boyfriend of 4 yrs, she was even willing to get us a hotel prom night. She knows that we are sexualy active and knows that we both have a good head on our shoulders. My mom is very understanding and supportive of everything in my life I can talk to her about anything. She's like a bestfriend!

-- Shaina Houston TX

well my parents have set stricter than usual rules for our family and i believe it is because we are getting older. prom time is just around the corner and they're worried about me going. being that i'm the youngest and a sophmore, that idea horrifies them that there is a major possibility of me attending the prom. i've thrown thousands of hints of wanting to go but they seem not to get the picture. but on the other hand, if they let me go i'm afraid that i will be on lock down t he whole night. man, i'm in a messed up predicament. some of you girls have it made in the shade with pink lemonade!!!!

-- Ebony Goshen High School Troy AL

my parents are hard to convince. my mom thinks that my grades should determine if i go or not and right now i have four cs,1 a and 1 b. but its no that that really bugs me. its that they want me to be home by a certain time and i know that the people im going in the limo with aren't going to come home early just for me. i don't know how to convince them to let me stay longer without them thinking that i'm going to have sex.

-- Terah Etiwanda High Fontana CA

I live with my grandma. She and I discuss everything together. She hasnt really voiced any concerns about prom night. I guess she trusts me --- maybe a little too much..lol Im cool with her not asking. I know she'll give me a nice, lengthy lecture the night of while Im getting dressed. Im looking forward to it...lol

-- Netta Miami Northwestern Senior High Miami FL

I live with my single dad, so he's always been really iffy on the whole boy thing. But for my senior prom I asked one of my best guy friends to my prom, but we decided to go to his instead. I told my mom right away and she was really excited, but I put off telling my dad. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. Finally, I got up the nerve to tell him I was going with this friend. He looked me straight in the eye and said "I don't like that kid." I, of course, was flabberghasted. M y dad and my friend had always gotten along so well! I asked him why and he said, "I have to look up to talk to him."

-- Tina Cleveland OH

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