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Well My parents are really over protective over me! I hate it! I asked them if I could go to prom, my mom said "yes, but you also have to ask your dad". Its over I kinda dont want to go anymore they think that prom is just a place were all of these people go to have sex after prom, geez I hate that! I tell them that I am not. If I havent done it in such a long time what makes them think that I am goin to do it? well hopefully he says yes.

-- Mayra Diamond Ranch Pomona CA

My parents are cool with the idea of me going. I haven't found a date yet but they trust my decisions and know I wouldn't pick a bad one to go with. They totally trust me because I tell them pretty much everything.

-- Kelsey MRHS Seattle WA

i've been to prom three times and i'm a senior and prom hasn't come yet this year. i was able to go my sophomore year with this guy who was a senior. my parents had no problems with me going with him. they were totally cool about it. i just had to be home by 1 since it ended at 12. then for my junior year my boyfriend went to a different school than i did so we went to his prom caus it was first. my parents actually let me spend the night at his house after prom. i thought th e y would have flipped when i suggested it, but they said they'd rather me stay there over night instead of driving late at night since we were gonna go to his house for a couple hours afterwards anyways. then for my prom two weeks later they were just as cool. we went out for icecream afterwards and prom was about an hour from my house so we didn't get home until 2. then they let my boyfriend stay over until like 4 that morning. i was surprised they were so leniant about the whole thing. i f igured they'd be pretty strict.

-- Jean Great Mills High MD

Well me, my boyfriend and some other couples are getting hotel rooms. But we arent going to tell the parents until the day of prom. I wonder how they are going to react to it. Its not like much will go on there are eight of us in one suit. The most that would go on is hanging out in the hot tub and playing some fun games. Because we are all really outgoing people who wont get in much trouble. So whats the harm right???

-- Sami South Winn Calmar IA

Well, it's not my parents, it's my date's parents! If he ends up being able to be my date... For some reason, they don't want him to see me, he says it's because I live so far away. That's so dumb. I'm a really good, nice person, shouldn't they consider that? But he told them I'd invited him to my prom and all they said was "What does this girl want with you?" ARGH. They ruin everything!

-- Alissa Burncoat Worcester MA

alright, i got pretty much the same issue as everyone here.....i am 17 (turned it in Jan) i am the oldest of 3 girls, so of course the parents r major freaks. my boyfriend lives in LI...and i live in upstate NY...so its like an hour and 1/2 drive. we see eachother every weekend, my parents actually allow him to sleep over (not im my room of course haha) but they r slightly flippin about prom. see im a somewhat sheltered child, i go to private school and all that stuff lol....so goin g to a prom w/ 600 kids will be interesting. so i wanted to know if i could sleep over my boyfriends friends house (a girl) so i could just be there for the morning so we all can do whatever. my parents r striaght out like NO! cause they dont no the parents and all that crap, so they were like u can go sleep at your cuzs house (which is like 20 min away) but its pointlesS! by the time we act get home and go to sleep itll be like 6....then we will wake up at like 7 !!! the drive to my cuzs house is so not worth it......plus my parents r major freaks already since my boy is a sr and we have been going out for like 7 months so they think we r havin sex and the whole shaaabanngg. anyone have any advice how i can talk to my parents calm them down and explain this is a once in a lifetime thing and i want it to be perfect for my boy and not stressful?? they never seem to be able to remember when they were our age!!! arrgggg!! lol thanks! :)

-- Amanda NY

o my goodnes my mom and stepdad are so against the idea of going to pron i begged and begged last year when i was a freshman but dey said no and was sticking to it this year i asked them again cause my ex boyfriend of 2 yrs asked me but my mom is so stuck on this 1 thing dat all dey wanna do is have sex and if i say no dey probley wont listen and she really doesnt trust me cause i let her down 3 times already by getting piercings and tattos but dats besides da story i really wish sh e would get over da past and hope into da future im a good child.lol

-- Savanna Silver Spring MD

Well my parents think that i'm too young to stay to the prom all night. And that i would do something stupid. what shall i do or say to convince them that i'm not like that?

-- Shaneia Shanks Middle School Havana FL

I said to my mom one night after she came home from work,"Mom, a friend of mine asked me to prom." She started bawling, seriously. She didnt have any problem with me going to prom.In fact shes excited that I'm going to my senior prom. Last year was a disaster and she's constantly giving me hair tips and everything. I love her! To all those girls who have disagreeing parents. Just lighten up, and let them know that you'll be safe!

-- Anna SMHS Motley MN

I have had this huge crush on this really hott guy.He's in football and baseball, so I thought that would be a plus for my mom, considering he's not a stoner at least, but she is convinced that all guys are the same, and the only reason he wants to go with me is to have sex and use me. things only got worse when she found out that he was black. she thinks people will say bad stuff about me if i go with a black guy wich is not the truth at all.so it's a fat chance that i can go with h im.there is just no convincing her. She never even gave him a chance and she refuses to meet him, saying he's rude to her when he calls, which is a load of crap. yup life sucks.

-- Christi Fresno High Fresno CA

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