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my parents will think that all prom is ,is sex ! and its not ! They would want me home at 11:00 and thast no fun

-- Melissa Memorial Highschool Mcallen TX

I thought my parents would be a little weirded out by me going to prom as a sophomore with all seniors, but after I figured out all of my plans, I told them and they really decided to trust me. We talked about a lot of crap and I ended up having such a great time and went to a co-ed sleepover afterwards and it was great knowing that I wasn't doing anything wrong and that my parents knew exactly what was going on. Just tell your parents what your plans are; they'll be more understand i ng.

-- Megan St. Paul MN

I love my parents very much and they love me too. I know that they want the best for me, but they are so strict about prom and letting me go. They didn't even consider letting me go until last year and a boy is definitely not a subject to even try and bring up. However, a really nice guy who I've had a bit of a crush on asked me to go and I am worried they won't let me go. I really want to do the proper and right things and get them to approve. I want them to meet him and like h im and let me go to prom with him, but way back during Homecoming, they were very irritated at me asking to go - even though I didn't even have a date or anything! I am so worried about asking them. I want to go because I am sick of never doing anything by school work and community service, but I am pretty sure that they will refuse. I will try and talk to them, but I don't think the outcome is very good.

-- Kayla Trinity Prep Orlando FL

I'm afraid to ask my parents if I can go to prom or not. The guy who asked me is a good guy, he's never been in any kind of trouble or anything, but my dad thinks that I can do better. He's not the most attractive guy, but I love him. He started liking me in feb. 2003, but I had just met someone that I was interested in. That relationship ended in june, and I didn't talk to my date almost all summer. When school started up again, we spent more time with each other and ended up d ating. By November, the looks/obsession was getting to me. He loved me too much, if that's possible. My parents heard that we were sleeping together, which we weren't. He could sense that I wasn't comfortable and we decided to split up. We eventually became close friends again, and he asked me to prom a few weeks ago. I told him yes yesterday, but I don't know how to tell my parents, He said it would make his year if I went to prom with him and I really don't want to let him down

-- Cynthia CHS Chincoteague va

My parents are awesome. They said that as long as they meet the guy I will have no,i repeat, NOOO CURFEW!!! I can stay out with him as long as I want. They did say no drinking or smoking which I wouldn't do anyway, that would ruin the whole night. I just worry that he might beacause he told me he drinks and my parents said that they definitely don't want me riding home with him if he gets drunk but they don't know that he drinks. I wouldn't be stupid enough to ride home with someone who is drunk though. So my parents are awesome and we have a real mutual understanding of what rules I have to abide by and I can tell all they care about is my safety.

-- Heathe Kingsford High School Kingsford MI

I am going out with a junior, as a 14 year old freshman, who can drive . I havn't told my parents yet and I am afraid that they will flip out on me, in fact I know that they will. They would never let me into a car with him and we HAVE to hang out, we are boyfriend and girlfriend. What should i say and how??

-- Susan Capetown High School Cape May NJ

i just started talking to this senior (i'm a sophomor)and he's really awesome and he asked me to prom, i haven't asked my parents yet b/c im afarid they'll say no

-- Jen Leander high school Leander TX

My Parents OH BOY what can I not say about them!! Geeesss... Ok get this my boyfriend and I broke up because my boyfriend and I got into this big argument about me saying "No couldn't come over that night." And get this my mom is the one that told me to tell him that in the first place. That was my first time telling him "NO" ever since we started dating. Anyhow we him and I argued because he thought I had someone coming to see me. Which wasn't true so anyhow, my mom calls his phone acting as if she was some kind of "teen" playing on his phone back and forth! So final he answers his phone him and my mom is going at it at each other. So he speaks his mind and tells my mother she was nosy (which she is) in our realationship. He also tells her "F- YOU." So she told me I'm not ever to see him anymore. Now it is prom time I still miss him and want to be with him. He has tryed everything to apologize to my mother, when she should be trying to apologize also, and make everything w ork for me, it is my SENIOR PROM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE DID HE GO WRONG??

-- Jhimya Spartanburg High School Moore SC

Hey I was just reading all this, and thinking, all these girls hate their parents for wanting them to be safe. If you think you're going to have sex or party, tell someone! Talk to an adult. The consequences of their reaction will be much less severe then if you sneak around...you could ruin your life, your reputation, and your relationship with your parents. Just tell them that things arent like they were when they went to prom. I promise you that in one way or another they'll unde r stand.

-- Jess NY

I am almost 16, and this is going to be my first year at prom. Since I am only a Sophomore, I had to be asked by a Junior or Senior to go to prom. When I was asked by one of my older guy friends, I was so excited! I talked to my mom about going, and she is ok with everything, but she has to meet my date first because he will be driving me to dinner and then to prom and the party afterwords. I didn't mention the party yet, but I don't think she would be too happy with me hanging w ith all Seniors... I think I will just have to skip the part about the party and just say that I am going to spend the night at a good friend's house! Otherwise, I hope that prom will be awesome, because I am so lucky to have been asked and there are only like, 4 Sophomores going to prom this year! I can't wait!

-- April CHS C-ville PA

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