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Ok, it's now about 4 months until my junior prom. I made the mistake of mentioning this to my mom, who I thought would be psyched for me since this is really the first time I'd be participating in ANY kind of school event. WRONG! It's not that she won't let me go, rather she said (in this little shrewish voice) that 'well I'll just have to have a little talk with you then'. As if! I mean, I know she's worried and all that I'll make a bad decision, but it's like she doesn't trust m e AT ALL...it's really annoying. But...I'm gonna have fun despite her! So there!

-- Amanda Kerr-Vance Academy Wake Forest NC

I think its important for parents to trust their kids, but as a parent myself, responsibility is somthing that is earned and only over time..

-- Wayne Alamo Heights San Antonio TX

omg!! my parents r s00o0o weird!! they r spazs!! they want to take pictures of me gettign ready for the prom, my dress, all the makeup i wear, and everyhtign i do to get ready! they even want to take pictures of the guy who sold me my dress! whatever! they even invited my whole family over to wacth! my boyfriend doesnt want our prom to b a whole show! im afraid he wont want to go to prom with me anymore! every night i cry about this im s0o0o scared of the outcome!! wat if i get my p e riod on prom?! that will make it worse!! urrgg n omg my parents even gave me a pack of condoms with my dress for the prom after party! i was plannig non stuff with my boyfriend btu now my parents r gunna know! urggG!

-- Baily GCHS Round Lake IL

I dont understand why parents care about this stuff so much, they were teenagers once too and they know what happens, hell they probably did the stuff we do too! We are all human right? So no matter what goes down on prom night or any other night of the week, they should just be chill about it because they should remember what it was like and if they think that the choices their child is making are wrong then they should mention it and even share a similar one it will help their chi l d to make their own decisions better rather than having it shoved down their throat. At least thats what my mom says lol.

-- Megan Maria Carrillo HS Santa Rosa CA

Well my mom is going to prom with me. She is going to be a chaprone and it really sucks because it just dos. she is evern driving me. i mean woh's parents drives them to prom so I either have to get a date or find some one to ride with.

-- Margarita Wills Point High School Wills Point TX

My mom is so hard to convince that nothing bad is going to happen prom night she think drinking and haveing unprotected sex will accure . the sex part, i told her that it will never happen she is still worry about the drinking part. i now that the drinking is hard to handle when all my friends drink but i now that if i do drink i will drink responseble.

-- Celia nacogdoches high school Nacogdoches TX

i have a date but its the fact that he's in the army that is holding me back from tellin my parents. my parents believe that guys in the army who aren't married also known as G.I's are trouble. this guy is sweet and never in my mind would i think that he would do something stupid with me. i need advice on what to do..should i tell them?? or just go to the dance without lettin them know..but i belive they will find out one day cause the pictures t hat will be taken. then they will know who i was with that night..

-- Pinay SHS KIleen TX

My mother just recently let me go to a party with him and i stayed the night there and she made sure his parents didnt let us sleep in the same room. not that it matters. She knows we have done things and she knows im on the shot but she still wont let us be alone and to me prom night is supposed to be super special and all i want is to get a hotel room and be able to have fun and not have to worry about being home at a certain time. Prom's gonna suck.

-- Jessica MPCC (vocational school) Zanesville OH

My parents think that I am going to get like drunk and guys are going to take advantage of me and everything I keep telling them its crap but they wont believe me. Dont you think that parents need more faith in u!

-- Jackie Baton Rouge LA

My parents just want me to have fun and have a nice time.

-- Nina Graham High School Burlington NC

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