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Last year, a guy I worked with asked me to the prom. It was his senior prom, I was still a junior. I've wanted to go to prom since I was like, in 7th grade, so of course I said yes. It took a LOT of convincing for my parents (especially my dad) to let me go. He had to come over, and my mom had to talk to him and ask what we were gonna do after prom, and stuff. I think mostly they were worried that I was going to end up at a kegger or something. For this year's prom, my friend Clayt o n asked me, and I pretty much just told my parents I was going...I mean, I am 18 now. The only thing my mom asked me "are you sure you want to go with him?" Because he used to drink and stuff all the time, but he really changed a lot. I think we'll have a great time, and I have to say my parents are being a lot easier about it this year.

-- Kristin WHS Williamsport IN

Okay well my parents totally flipped out when I told them I was going to prom again this year. They do have a good reason, since last year my date and I got in a car wreck and almost ended up in jail (long story) but they finally agreed to let me go since they do like my date. But they are giving me the earliest curfew and the dumbest rules. I guess I'll see if its even worth going to.

-- Becca WHS Atlanta GA

Junior prom would be my first dance in school...and I have choices, ya know options, but my mom insists that we will talk about it when it comes around.Being the teen I am I know what that means.Even though prom is months(more than a few) away, I want to be sure of an answer.

-- Rae Buena Vista Corona CA

HeY everyone alright I went to prom with my brothers best friend and let me tell you thats not hell!! The reason why I went is because I did it for my brother and than I started to like him, according to my parents they thought he did but they did say anything to me just let me go with the flow. They told me that I better behave and they were all flipping out and than they let me stay out untill about 5ish and than they made me go to some car show! The thing that really pissed me of f was that they were gonna make me go out with him!! No i really did want to so I said if he wants he can ask me out him self! My parents really sure if they wanted me dating a 18year old but now they think that hes the best thing that ever happened to me!!

-- Ashley Seneca High School Wattsburg PA

I am a junior this year, but since my best friends are seniors, I am going to the senior prom this year. I am going with a group of girls, and we all want to get a hotel room afterwards. Of course, my mom hears the words 'hotel room' and immediatly thinks the worst, which really irks me, since, although I've done stupid things, I'm NOT as bad as she thinks, and our prom night fun will be totally legit. Whatever.

-- Chrissa Burrillville High School Burrillville RI

hey my prom is going to be soo embarasing. when i asked my mom if i can go she said no and kept on insisting on that for ages. one time she came back with a huge bag. she told me that i can go to the prom and that she bought me a dress. The dress is disgusting...its so old fashioned...it is not a dress for a 16yr old..let me try describe it...its pink 3/4 long with a bow...huge sleeves and a peter pan collar...can it get any worse? YES. she insists that i wear it and wants me to go with this guy, just because she knows his mom. my curfue is till 10.00 and she said that she will take me and bring me. when i told her id rather not go she said that its too late now cause she already bought the dress and shoes (which are by the way just as bad as the dress) i dont know what im going to do...its going to be so embarasing. now she took me to the hairdresser and cut my hair...its soo gasly...i have a really short fringe and its round at the back. she all of a sudden has this craze of ribbons because when i went to my friends after the hairdresser she made me wear these ribbons in my hair and this gasly dress again....omg...what am i going to do? if she keeps on at this rate im going to end up like a doll by next week.

-- Ella Stamford CT


-- Christina Franklin NY

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Geeze people give your parents a break. Is there any reason why they wouldn't want you going to prom? Most parents aren't open to how good their kids can be if they're not restricted (I'll give you that much) but don't make such a big deal out of it. The only prom you need to go to is your senior prom, or if you're dating someone then go to their senior prom with them. I don't understand why everyone cares about going to more than one or two proms. If you want to go to the junior prom, and your parents say no. Deal with it. Senior prom is the only one that really matters. If your parents don't want you going to that, then I'm sorry for you. My mom's cool about it, she took the road that most parents didn't. She told my brother and I that as long as we told her what we do, she won't restrict us. The only time she ever restricts me is when my grades drop, which is almost never. Give your parents a break, it's their job.

-- Carla SCHS Spokane WA

My mother says that prom is for senior year. At my school it's different prom is for junior year, only junior girls get on prom court. Seniors can come, but being that I am a junior, she wants me to wait until next year,becuase she thinks that it is unnecessary for me to go my junior year.

-- T Bloom County High Glenwood IL

Dude, my parents are the absolute WORST of ALL!!! Firstly, I had asked the captain of the football team to go with me to prom, and he said yes! So obviously I freaked out. Then, one of my good friends Steve broke up with his girlfriend, and i had a total crush on him, so I asked him too! AHHH!! I had to break up with the jock, however, but then my dad and I were talking about prom and he actually thought he was going to drive me to PROM!! And the worst part about it is that he was serious!! So I had to make up all of these lies about my ex- football prom date just so my dad would think that I was really being a good girl for going with my "friend" instead. Yes, i finally get to take a Limo with the hottest guy in my class! Sweet.

-- Jessie Kennedy High School Waterbury CT

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