The Importance of an Emergency Prom Dress Kit

Prom Dress 905

So you’re sitting back at prom and all of a sudden someone falls and spills punch all over your dress. Unfortunately, you either rent your prom dresses or you have on a dress that isn’t the exact same shade of punch and you end up with a nice stain. Or perhaps you’re a bit clutzy in short dresses and you find yourself tripping and tearing a nice chunk out of the skirt. Now, while this can all be fixed once you get home, you also have the problem of the meantime. You’ve paid dues to get into your prom—you don’t want to end up leaving because you ruined your dress or all of a sudden it doesn’t quite fulfill dress code requirements. The question is—why should you have an emergency prom dresses (cocktail dress, formal dresses, etc) kit and what should be in it?

First of all, they make it a lot easier to take care of simple things and not end up leaving early and wasting time that you paid for. If you’ve rented a dress, you want to return it in the same condition in which you received it. No one wants to pay a fee. Not to mention that you may find that your date isn’t the sturdiest of fellas either and he ends up needing an emergency fix too.

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