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Mumford's Senior prom theme is "Candlelight Dreams" Our colors is metallic blue, white, and irideescent the tickets were $50 it included a prom bag with wine glass, picture frame/book and much other stuff it is to be held at Cobo Hall May 23, 2003 I am taking my best friend Andrew hollie and we are going to end the night dancing to the theme song "Candlelight and you" by chante moore and keith washington

-- From Kimleeta, Mumford High School, Detroit MI

A Moment Like This

-- From Anon, Sherwood Secondary School, Sherwood ON

the theme wildflowers is a great theme to use. Simply because it is so easy to come up with the decorations, music, and style

-- From Wild Flowers, Riverview, Grundy VA

Our theme was Garden of Dreams. It was really beautiful because all the center pieces were gorgeous flowers, and there were just flowers everywhere with lights strung and everything!

-- From Laura, Dike-New Hartford High, Dike IA

Nothing Can Stop US Now!

-- From Nancy, C.P.Y.C., Mountain City TN

A masquerade

-- From Tiffany, Sir Jack Hayward High, Freeport BA

Long Beach polytechnic brings you "At Last"

-- From Monica, Long Beach Polytechnic, Long Beach CA

Bella Notte

-- From Kelsy, Decatur High School, Federal Way WA

Walking down the red carpet I think its cute.. USE IT! haha PEACE OUT!

-- From Marie, Mira Mesa High School, San Diego CA

our theme this year was enchanted forest and you walked through an arch of trees and lights, it was beautiful!

-- From Lisa , Forest Hill Community High School, West Palm Beach FL

Our prom theme this year is "Jardin Secret" that is in English Secret Garden

-- From PC, Cite Des Jeunes A.M. Sormany, Edmunston NB

My favorite theme was "A Night On the Thames".Our carpentry class did a wonderful job of making a replica of the London Bridge.We had 4 tall tower and a river the colors were purple,baby blue and there were white lights through out the whole prom it was a wonderful night.

-- From Tony, Taconic High School, Pittsfield MA

Last year our school ball was 'Heaven on earth', and the afterball party was called 'Hell on Earth'. it was really cool.

-- From , , New Zealand

Our theme for prom this year was "The Oscars". It was really cool because you stepped out of your limo onto a long red carpet and they had all these people taking your pictures from the sides. Everything was decorated with black and white and red roses. They had oscar awards by the end of the night and they were all funny inside jokes that have happened over the years. Like "most likely to take his shirt off" or "most likely not to shave her legs on prom night" (one of the teachers won that). It was a lot of fun.

-- From Sarah, ,

For the Junior/Senior Prom of 2002, our theme was "A Garden of Dreams". we got twisting key chains as our keepsakes. This year we did "Treasured Memories". Our keepsakes were little treasur boxes complete with prom memory books.

-- From Seleima, Washington County High, Sandersville GA

Twilight of Fairytales

-- From Zara, Central High School, Blantyre

This wasnt my prom but I got invited and the theme was "Midsummer Night Dream" I didnt think it would turn out great. We started working on it at nine AM and finished by 4pm. I didnt like the theme color but it turned out pretty at night. It was green and gold. We had a beautiful balloon arch. There was a water spring, waterfall, and gorgeous flowers everywhere. The best part was everyone got free glow bracelets. There was enough for each person to have about 10 each. We had a cool dj and stage. The prom was held at Holiday Inn so when you entered, you'd go through a place full of beautiful waterfalls. Talk about an entrance =P

-- From Rona, Northside High,

Oriental. It was very cool, we had chinese stuff all over the place, but we got freaky with rap music anyway

-- From Jesse, F R H S, Fall River Mills CA

"Hollywood" That was our theme. It looed so nice! We had "Hollywood" on the gym wall and everything was great.

-- From Lauren, , Floral NY

We did a lot of deciding, at first our theme was supposed to be just the beginning but then a bunch of people didn't like it so they decided to change it. Because we are the biggest grad class ever to grad from our school we are going with the theme GO BIG OR GO HOME.

-- From Vanier, ,

Live in the Present,Remember the past, Imagine the future! Colors are Green, White, and Gold.

-- From Becky, Saint Johns, Attleboro MA

This year, our schools theme was "The Time of Our Lives" It was beautiful with silver, blue, and purple. Last year the theme was "There are Heros among us"

-- From Dana, , Newfoundland

This past year our theme was "A Night In A Fairytale." It was pretty cool because the room looked as if it were a casttle it was nice. There where some fairies that would greet you as you walked it that was pretty cool. The colors where pearl,dark blue, and a really nice green.

-- From Anon, Alhambra High, Phoenix AZ

This year our JR class decided on Fire & Ice as a prom theme. It was so perfect. They used sheer fabrics in different shades of blues and silvers intermingled with Orange and reds, etc. It was awesome to see the picute area, it was all the colors intertwined together with a breezer underneath it to make it look like it was moving.

-- From Sarah, Spooner High School, Spooner WI

Right now I'm a junior but I'm goin to be in the prom comittee.....and I thought about this one "Heaven" and the song "Heaven" by Dj Sammy & Yanou - Heaven [ Radio Mix or balad]........

-- From Jahaira, Lincoln High School, Jersey City NJ

An Evening On The River

-- From Lilly, South San Antonio High School, San Antonio TX

Stairway under the stars

-- From Brittney, E C H S, Blakely GA

The prom committee at my school kinda sucked and we didnt have a "theme" but we had dinner under a white tent on the beach and went on a cruise in the lake Our colours were purple, white and black (schools colours)it ended up being more fun than i thaught

-- From Lauren, A.N. Meyer S.S., Niagar Falls NY

Our theme was Mardi Gras Masquerade. It was really cool. They had masks and beads on the tables and even a jazz player prop. I was really wonderful!!

-- From Rachel, , Fort Worth TX

This year our school is having a Summer Party but its the same think as the prom but we called Le Bal d'ete and its gonna be great because its probably the fanciest we ever had!

-- From Marie, Bangcock Patana School, Bangcock TH

Under the Sea

-- From Jen, Weymouth High School, Weymouth MA

I am not quite sure of the theme. My senior prom is tomorrow and tomorrow is me and my boyfriend's 1 year anniversary! So prom should be great...it will be alot of fun. Our school colors are White and Green

-- From Ariel, E.B.H.S., East Brunswick NJ

Our theme was "Midnight Masquerade" and it was a blast. Our colors were gold, deep purple, and dark green. In our pictures we had big pillars and a mask. We had mardi gras beads on the table. That's how our theme originated, we wanted mardi gras.

-- From Brandi, Fountain Central, Veedersburg IN

hawaiian heaven

-- From Ashley, Thompson Jr. High, North Sydney NS

Our Theme was " A Moment like this"

-- From Maria, Morton East, Cierco IL

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Prom Night Drinking
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1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
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Prom Night Drinking
~ Guys ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
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