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Last year our theme was "Stardust Moments" and our song was that Dj Sammy song Heaven...the colors were blue and silver.

-- From Leah , Pelham High School, Pelham Al

Enchantment under the stars and Winter formal was "Once upon a December"

-- From Marissa Chung, Jefferson High School, Orange MA

This year, our junior class is doing "A knight's Tale" but we are looking for some other options for calling it.

-- From ashley, whs, wray co

Our Soph. Banquet theme was "Mesmerized" like the Ja Rule and Ashanti song.

-- From Megan, Kamehemeha , Honolulu HI

Our Junior Prom theme was ... "This Magic Monment" like the song. It was okay, but the decorations didnt really live upto the theme. I think its because the theme didnt really give them much to work with. I think that we should start having more fun prom themes. I think that people would remember it better if they had FUN themes and not boring "A Walk on the Clouds" or "Dancing in the Stars."

-- From oscar, John F. Kennedy High School, Fremont Ca

4 or 5 different decades. 40's section, 60's section, etc.

-- From remember the times, west haven high school, west haven ct

Our prom theme this year is going to be Mardi Gras. At first I wasn't sure, but after going to our first prom committee meeting, I can tell our prom is going to end up AWESOME!!!!

-- From Gina, West High School, West TX

At our school we dont have a prom. But our Graduation night is a really big deal and we decorate like you would for prom. This year we are having, "Here's to Our Night". The theme song being "heres to the night". We are going to decorate it all in dark colors black, blue and silver. With millions of stars and lots of candles.

-- From Corina G., St. Jeromes, Vermilion

Our 2003 prom theme was "A Starry Starry Night."

-- From Jay, Hubbard High School, Hubbard Oh

Mine is actually a theme we are using for Military Ball, which is like the JROTC's Prom. The theme I came up with is "Night on the Boulevard" and it's goin to be set in Hollywood. I'm really excited to see how it turns out!

-- From Andrea, Union Grove High, McDonough GA

Roman Romance

-- From Monica , Holt High School, Holt MI

We don't have many dances at our school so when prom comes around everyone's siked....last year prom's theme was "Waiting for Tonight" relating to the song from J.Lo....everything turned all really good

-- From C dizZle, good 'ol Steilly High, WA

Last year for our 2003 Jr/Sr prom our theme was "Hollywood Nights". It was so amazing! Our school paid for Limos to ride us from the back of the school to the front and although it was a short ride it was fun. There was a red carpet rolled out and announcers to announce the couples as they arrived. Our decorations were gold, silver, and black. We had lifesized Oscars painted and lined up in the hallway. There were little film strips with star garland for table centerpieces. The whole event was spectacular. I felt like a movie star.

-- From Nicole, Screven County High School, Sylvania GA

hey, well im not in high school yet BUT we do have a graduation and a grad. dance and i have thought of some themes like casino night and cinderella or the titanic. casino night you can have lots of fun like by having some card games out and a fake bar(somethin similar). cinderella can be like dressing up in really fancy dresses and make the place(where the prom is at) just like the castle. the titanic them can be where ppl dress up in really fancy dresses(if they want) and like put things out(where the prom is held) of what was used in the time of the titanic.well its just some ideas and yet im an eighth grader but trust me i am really creative.

-- From Nicole D., Rancho San Justo, Hollister CA

Our theme was mardi gras and it was pretty neat but the best part was the dancing..decorations were cool too

-- From Linzay, Assumption High School, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

our theme this year was willy wonka and the choc factory...everything was awesome but the band sucked!!! last years one was indian palace which was cool for my first years ball!

-- From Michaela, , Auckland, NZ

Our theme this year is going to be Hollywood. We are having it at a really nice hotel..the walls are going to be lined with red gossamer and we are putting up posters of old movies.when you walk in,you step on to a red carpet.Our stage had a back drop of the Hollywood Hills. The beat part about it is probably the awards given out,each senior is going to be called out to receive their academy award.Its going to be awesome.

-- From Tabitha, , Al

OK! Well we havent exactly picked a them yet this year but everyone has seemed to have liked one idea that a friend and i thought of(im President so i been thinkin hard! lol) We would use black and white as the main colors with red as an accent color. Kinda like an old black and white movie type of thing but thats as far as we have got! If nebody has ne ideas to go along lemme know!!! Thnx!

-- From Ashley Anderson, Prairiland, Paris TX

Our Theme is Fairy Tale....gag me now....the colors are good though, blue, burgundy and silver. We are hopefully going to make a big huge castle for coronation so hopefully it will be good.

-- From Ashleigh, Cambridge Central , Cambridge, NY

I go to an all girls school and our theme was "A Knight For A Princess"! I love it, it's so cute..like a knight in shining armor..for the slow 1's..and its so0o funny seeing these peoples themes are Mardi Gras..cause it's here..lol

-- From Erica, C.H.S., New Orleans LA

I'm in a freshman in high school now but for my 8th grade graduation party. Our theme was Hawaiian. We had everything from palm trees.. to lays..

-- From morgan, la salle academy, jessup pa

Atlantis: Underwater City. It was pimptastic.

-- From Jim Beam, Oelwein High School, Oelwein IA

Our theme is "Life styles of the rich and famous". We our going to have the couple walking down the red carpet as if we were at the Emmy's and valet parking and after walking down the red carpet the couples go and sit down and our junior class officers read off couples names and they walk up there as if they are receiving an award.

-- From Brandy, Northwest, Mc Oh

Since this is the first year our school has seniors, our prom is going to be at city walk in hollywood. Our them is going to be hollywood, and very extravigant.Its going to be very memerable and fun. Class of 2004 rocks!!!!

-- From yesenia, pacifica h.s, oxnard, ca

our theme last year was "city nights" our song was "take my breath away" and the colors were "black, white, and silver". it was nice but i admitt that our junior class could of thrown a nicer prom for the seniors. We had each table was set up "named" after a diffrent international city... i think mine was rome. but it was almost the perfict night.

-- From , North Warren, blairstown nj

We had "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" last year. It was nice for the budget the juniors had to work with last year. The year before that it was "Hollywood Nights". That wasn't as good *so I've been told*

-- From Whitney, Clayton High School, Clayton NC

For our prom last year we, the juniors made our theme "Safari Nights" it was kind of neat it was hard to get set up I know that, and the seniors seemed to enjoy it. There was safari theamed things everywhere, the dance floor was tiger printed, there was a huge elephant collage on one of the walls, and just hawaiian grass skirt stuff everywhere! The servers had to dress up in the explorers outfits, and safari dude hats...that was pretty funny. It was a good prom considering this year we wont have a good one due to them constructing on our school. At least I can say I've had one night of greatness before I graduate this May.

-- From kelli, Wayne Trace, Paulding oh

we're choosing between 2 themes for prom 2004 ( my best friend is president), its between "Time of your Life" with a lot of clocks and things, or "Oh the Places we will go" and having all Dr. Seuss stuff ...i think both of them would turn out really well! :)

-- From Margaret, University School of Jackson, Jackson TN

oh,and also, when i was a sophomore last year, i got asked to prom, and the theme was "Bella Note" which means something liek "elegant nights" in some other language, and we had silver baloons and then where you took the pictures , there were roses everywhere, it was really pretty and nice, but it sort of reminded me of a wedding. nevertheless, it was still a major success, and looked gorgeous in the pictures

-- From margaret, USJ, jackson tn

the class of 2003's project prom theme was "fantasy" While they didnt do such a commendable job on the decorations, I do like the theme, bc I think it gives a lot of leeway to the deocorators. We had a kindergarten room, where the seniors could play a game and guess who people are based on their pictures, and they had arts and crafts and stuff.... and we had a wedding chapel.... and we had lasertag and bowling alleys set up.... "fantasy" kind of left it open for anyone to do whatever they wanted as far as decorations went.

-- From Katie Lewellyn, Nimitz High School, Humble. TX

Our theme this year is going to be a walk with the stars. Its all about old movies and black and white cutouts of movie stars. every couple is going to have their name on a star and we're going to have a red carpet leading into this huge beautiful ballroom

-- From Megan, Brown County High School, Nashville IN

I beileve thatit hawiian, which i hope it doesn't suck. i'm going to have to get a bright red and orange dress for the occasion.

-- From Kris Napolitano, Coalgate High School, Coalgate OK

I am a junior this year, and our theme is going to be "Feelin' Lucky." It's going to be really great. We are going to buy dice columns and have a hand of cards as our backdrop. Our colors are going to be bright red, black, and silver. We are going to have a fountain with lots of pennies heads up in it, and we're going to get shirts made that say, "I got lucky---Prom 2004!"

-- From L.Boswell, Sulphur Rock High School, Sulphur Rock AR

I'm graduating this year and my class has came up with two themes for our grad. The first is "We're here for a good time", hence the song by Trooper. We all think this is a good theme, because during high school we were there for a good time. The next is "Break on Through", the Doors song was the basis on this one. Grad is basically time time when were break on though to the future and our new lives.

-- From Faye Simon, PCI, Maniotba, Canada

"Viva Las Vegas"-we decorated in red and black "Jungle Fever" One of our theme songs was "Welcome to the Jungle" and the coronation song was "Can you Feel the Love Tonight" by Elton John

-- From Steph Rodriguez, Coal City High School, Coal City IL

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