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Our 2005 Junior/Senior Prom was the best! Our theme was Hollywood Nights......A red carpet affair. Of course we had the red carpet that each couple walked down with the spotlight, We had screens that showed music videos of some of the songs being played, we had one of the best disk jockeys, and our colors were black, red, white and silver. The whole prom was crazy! Everyone was looking fly and having fun together. I hope next year (my senior year) I will have as much fun as I did this year.

-- From Kandace, E.E. Smith Senior High , Fayetteville NC

This year I'm on prom com. And I want it to be the best ever. When people walk though the doors I want them to think to them selves "WOW!" So if anyone has any good theme ideas at all please send your ideas to kelly398@hotmail.com ..and mark the subject has Prom Themes. Thanx so much P.S. In the past 2 years we have already had a hawaiian theme

-- From Kelc, HCHS, South Dakota

monopoly, we had huge game pieces like the iron and the hat. Our invitations we oversized pieces of monopoly money, it was soo much fun, for seats we had giant pieces of dice.

-- From Britni, , N.Y.C, NY

2005's theme is Havana Nights? Not to sure what that means but they've told us its kinda like spanish style or something. The colours are any colours that are bright. eww but some people like it so i guess its not all that bad. The seniors theme is Midnight Masquerade which is way better than ours. (ha!)

-- From Lamushka, Dale State, Auckland

Pirate's theme for an informal dance, wicked fun!

-- From Dee, J. Scott, Stanford, Con

For my junior/senior Prom '05 our theme was "This is True" after the Ryan Cabrera Song...It was super cute....

-- From Starla, Maryknoll, Honolulu HI

1) Two Tickets To Paradise 2) A Moment In Time 3) Phantom of the Opera 4) Titanic 5) Stairway to Heaven Those are just a few I remember from previous proms here at EGHS We are trying to figure out our theme early this year so our prom ROCKS...but we're not sure whether to got w/ an old Hollywood type theme, or one teacher wants an oriental theme

-- From Alyssa Pedersen, Eagle Grove High School, Eagle Grove IA

Last yrs senior ball was Thats Amore and it was awesome for my 1st being a sophmore and all and jr prom was a strol in Venice this yr for our prom we're thinking A moment in time!!

-- From Cassy, Mira Loma High , Sacramento Ca

-- From Allison M., ,

The theme for ourJr./Senior. Prom was "Puttin' on the Ritz". If you don't know what that means...It is an elegant party in like the 1920's . It was so awesome! we had a black and white checkerd floor and a bunch of stuff from the 1920's. Everyone had a great time.

-- From Riley, Hoover highscool, Fresno CA

Our 05-06 winter formal needs a theme but it needs to be something fun, something that has some kind of activity? if anybody can help post on here.

-- From Allison, ,

I was the Junior Class President and then Junior Class Vice President. So, I got to be part of making lots of decisions on the Senior Prom. We decided Sophomore year that the theme was to be "Midnight In Paris." We planned to get a big eiffel tower, but plans ruined that. But overall, no one really complained that we lacked decorations. We used eiffel tower light up stand-ups. It was perfect and it was a change from the usual "star" or "dream" or "memory" themes that the students of our school usually think of, which are all LAME! Our prom idea was the best!

-- From Jack Korpob, El Monte High School, El Monte CA

Our past couple of themes have been Disney:Forever Magic, Lord of the Rings, THe 7 Wonders of the World, Arabian Nights, A Walk in the Clouds and this year the theme is the Night of the Golden Dragon. The decorations are totally fabulous!!We'r planning on having cherry blossoms and lanterns and all this cool asian stuff!!!

-- From Ari, Church College, Hamilton, New Zealand

Every year it seemed like we always had a tropical theme..well this year we did winter wonderland..it was so pretty..we covered everything in white..and made an ice-rink for the dance floor.

-- From , ,

our school did wizard of oz it was called Theres no place like homecoming! it was soooo much fun!

-- From j, f, f

Our theme is *HoLLyWooD*... We are doing everything from the red carpet to asking for autographs as you walk in... We will put the names of the couples attending the dance on big stars and hang them on the way in..!

-- From Amber, Fitzgerald H.S, Warren Mi

Ok..so our seniors decided on a big theme of "Street of Dreams", so all the underclassmen (im a sophmore) pick a sub-theme. So it has too be like a road, street, ect. So it is KINDA hard...here are some ideas we have: Sugar Candy Lane (like a candy theme) or Ocean Avenue(like Under the sea) if you ahve ANY ideas please email me at Acovergrl@aol.com

-- From Jordan, LHS, WA

Night In Paradise. It was so beautiful. It was like a Night at a Tropical Island.

-- From Ashley Vernon, Marietta High School, Marietta OK

our theme this year was TOTALLY AWESOME! we did Harry Potter. we had a "whomping willow" with a blue car stuck in it and it shook every once in a while. instead of getting punch out of a bowl they got it out of a cauldron. we had "demontors" flying at the top of the dancefloor ceiling. we had a Chamber of Secrets...which was the bathroom. and our principal dressed up as Dumbledore. our party favors were wands and it in the pictures we had a Quidditch background and brooms propped up on the side. it was a total blast and it really brought our school together just like we were at Hogwarts!!!!!!

-- From J.K. Granger, Hays High, Hays KS

"How Time Flies in 2005." Fortunately, I won Prom Queen along with Prom King Ronald Mallard. Our prom theme was kind of lame when I first heard it, but it turned out to be appropriate. The famous saying is "time flies when you're having a ball". This year was extremely fun so the theme tied it all together as we all sadly said our goodbyes. :-(

-- From L'Nai Cornelius, Muskegon High School, Muskegon, MI

(homecoming) We had a Beatles theme-which included large black cut outs of the beatles (our art teacher helped us make). When the football players walked in, they walked down abbey lane. **(OUR TOWN) was another theme-we used symbolic things from around town...like our water tower, a large clock (like the one uptown) **(HOLLYWOOD) (prom) "From this moment"-shania twain, "In the rose garden", "A moment like this"-kelly clarkson, "

-- From Jana, , Tuscola IL

Our Prom 2005 Theme was "Memories Of Tonight" The colors were red,white,and burgundy with lots of roses.There were also gazebo's around....VERY gorgeous! :)

-- From Holly, Parry McCluer High School, Buena Vista VA

our theme was harlem nights it was realli cool cause we went back to the 1940's it was awesome!

-- From Amelia, , okc,ok

This year we did an around the world theme! u culd visit brazil, egypt, australia, japan, italy, france, and of course new york city.

-- From Nicole, Private School, Roanoke Va

Hey everyone...i need your help...my school is doin this weird thing...We voted on Havana Nighs..but we are kinda switching it up to this club thing...and when you walk into our gym its going to be like an alley...and in the gym its going to be like a club with lazers and stuff...but we need a name...and i cant come up with anything...something that maybe has havana in it..but still represents a club scene!! Pleaseeee help! Thanks so much!! email me at misslauralou15@aol.com if you can help!!

-- From Laura , , Indep. MO

Our theme was "Memories Under The Moonlight"

-- From Bella, , New York

Last year it was 'Night at the Oscers' It was kinda cute with the awards, but i knda thought it was stupid.

-- From Brittany Ruiz, Moultonborough Academy, NH

this year for 8th grade prom we did "A Perfect Ship Wreck" since our school is London..and we are the "London Pirates" it was off the hizzle

-- From Brandy, London, *** NY

well, im on the head committee for planning JSB (its our version of prom). we're having a tough time thinking of some theme ideas. i think we're really going for the classic hollywood theme. we've already pretty much have this one beautiful place rented. it's right on the lake. and for post jsb we were going to rent a yatch and have our dance on that. then we have a FANTASTIC idea if we did the red carpet theme. for getting on the boat we have to walk down a pier and we thought if we had our red carpet there instead of like walking in it would be super cute. and have candles going down the pier. i think it would be gorgeous. then we'd couldnt forget the paparazzi. we just need some help! we've got about 10 months to plan it, but still... we want it to be magical!

-- From Anna, , Wi

Hello there! I'm Danielle an a junior. For a theme or prom idea, there has always been one that comes to the top of the commities wish list. Ever since the movie version of Phantom of the Opera came out, everyone talks about wanting a masquerade ball. Other famous films use masquerades as well such as Man in the Iron Mask, Ever After, and ironically, Batman Returns. The idea has grown into popularity and I'm hoping that this year our "tightly enforced" school will actually allow us to use it. To be honest, the theme is simple to decorate and can have a lot of activities. Since girls love to accesorize, they can always buy or make masks to go with their dresses (I make my own from papier mache). Red or burgendy and creme color scheme and an elegant style can be used with decorations such as ballons and ribbons and roses (fake or real) touch the romantic side. If you can rent a place with a chandelier, it makes a great centerpiece for the room. Activities can include a mask guessing game were the nominies for the prom court never take of their mask and people have to write down guesses as to who they are. Before the king and queen are called, each nominie will reveal themselfs and the person who guessed them all right wins a prize. One dance can be reserved for anyone who knows how to waltz, too. The last thing to remember is the food. Believe me, this is the thing that sets the entire mood for prom participants because terrible food makes angrry teenagers. Make sure that 1: you have enough food and drink to go around, 2: You have a large variety of things to eat, 3: It's not all snack foods, 4: Some of it goes with the theme (such as mini creme puffs and eclairs), and 5: It tastes great! Cakes are the best food center piece you can have since they can be decorated accordingly to the theme. Our school was lucky enough to have Mrs. Beams, a professionall cake maker, to make one that looked like a real castle for the Renisaunce themed prom my freshman year. Sams club and Meijer have big cake sheets for cheap if you need large quantities of it, too. You can always make prom fit into your budget. Besides fund raisers, have your class and buisnesses around thye neighborhood donate not just money but possible decorations or food. One idea that has worked was that buissnesses could buy adverstising posters to be displayed at thye ball parks and football field from us to support the school and the prom. Don't forget, pop can drives really work! I hope someone can use this information. Best of luck to everyone on a commitie!

-- From Bookum Dan-O, Vicksburg HS, Vicksburg MI

"straight out of prompton" blast the NWA record and scatter car parts across your gym and you will have the best prom ever

-- From Sean, , Englewood CO

Tell me what you think of these prom ideas. I'm on prom committee this year, and we want to throw a really great prom for the seniors. 1.) Moroccan - this would be reds, oranges, yellow, and such that would fit into this theme. There would be iron lights, lamps, many plush pillows, and gold details. An example of a Moroccan room can be found at http://www-lmpa.univ-littoral.fr/~na2001/kenzi1/melia.html 2.) Neverland - this would be sort of like a dreamy setting with lots of plants and bright flowers, almost like a tropical theme. Maybe there could be a dry ice machine making a smoky fog to create the dream like state. The best example I could find was at http://www.kinomania.ru/movies/f/Finding_Neverland/w1_1024.shtml It would be like the scene in Finding Neverland where Johnny Depp shows the sick Kate Winslet the scene of Neverland from his play. 3.) Paris, Rome, Venice, Madrid, or another European city. Maybe, "That's Amore", or "Bella Noche" or something. That's all that I can think of. My school did "Midnight in Manhattan" last year and the year before that was "A Red Carpet Affair", which was fabulous. Tell me what you think and give me some more ideas when you email me at skbrekke@hotmail.com

-- From Kristen Brekke, JHS, MO

Our prom theme last year was "Take My Hand" by local artist Wayne Toups. It was really pretty. This year's theme is "You and Me" by Lifehouse.

-- From Megan, Loranger High School, Loranger LA

For Sadie Hawkins this year the theme was "GOT SPIRIT" and everyone came dressed up in school colors....and it was decorated with sports stuff. For Our Jr. Prom the theme was "ALMOST PARIDISE"....we decorated it all hawaiian like. Our main centerpiece was a huge Waterfall...it was really nice.

-- From Megan, Enterprise High School, UT

Our theme last year was "The Way You Look Tonight" based on the Frank Sinatra song. This year it was "Time of My Life" which I have no idea who it's by, but the ballroom had Green, Silver and Metallic Blue colors

-- From Nick, Eagan, St. Paul MN

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Prom Night Drinking
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