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I am a senior this year and I am so excited to go to prom. This years prom theme is "It's so hard to say goodbye" the song is by Boys2Men.We haven't decided on colors yet. But whatever we choose it will be such a wonderful night!

-- From Sarah, Shelton High School, Shelton WA

Our prom theme was "Never To Be Forgotten". Our colors were baby blue, silver, and white. We had cascading water falls and moonlight. I tell you that WILL be a prom never forgoten!!!!

-- From Diana, Moss Point High School, Moss Point MS

Our theme from my Junior year was "I Will Remember You" by Sarah M. It was a great theme and our colors were white and gold. We used stars as our main decoration.

-- From Andrea, Buffalo High School, Buffalo WV

Sophomore Banquet: Under the Stars Junior Prom: One more heartbeat to happiness Senior Banquet: Once Upon a time Senior Prom: Captured in a dream I think "Always and Forever" would make a good theme...and the song of course is perfect also.

-- From April, James Campbell High School, Ewa Beach HI

Last years theme was a walk throught the garden. this year the theme is " when the heavens fall" and the songs is "Dreaming of you" by Selena.

-- From Patty, Pandor-Gilboa High, Pandora OH

Our school mascot is the knight . . .and we picked the song Amazed by Lonestar . .so our theme was An Amazing Knight !! It was awesome!!

-- From Katie, Oak Creek High, Oak Creek WI

Our prom theme was "I Promise You the Stars", our song was "everything i do" by bryan adams, and our colors were a very light purple, light blue, silver, and white. It was an awesome night!!! The place where it was help had a huge balcony that went out towards the lake. Then we had post-prom whish was at the mall and it had sumo-wrestling, human bowling, big glove boxing, velcro mazes,karaoke, and tons of food and door prizes. It was soooo much fun!!! It was definitly a night i will never ever forget!!

-- From Jackie, Greenfield High School, Greenfiled WI

Our song is Unchained Melody and that is from the movie Ghost in that movie love last "Then, Now, & Forever" SO that is our Prom theme.

-- From Lindsay, Glen Bard South, Glen Ellyn IL

Last year, my senior prom's theme was "Once upon a time..." and the room that we had it in was similar to a ballroom you would find in a fairy tale castle! It was really beautiful. The place we had it at had beautiful gardens and fountains inside and outside, which were wonderful to have our pictures taken infront of. Each of our tables had beautiful centerpeices that were shaped like moons and stars, that the prom comittee made themselves from foam, paint and glitter and had balloons tied to the top of them! They were gorgeous! Aswell, last year, I went to my boyfriend's prom which had the theme of "Party like it's 1999!" which was the song aswell. The decorations were plain, nothing too crazy, but what was really fun was they prom comittee provided every table with noise makers, and paper pop streamers, which we could throw and just have a good time with. Also, what I thought was really neat about my boyfriend's prom was that the theme was kept a complete surprise until we all got there. We had no idea what it was going to be, and that added a level of excitement that I didn't have before my school's Prom. This upcoming friday, (May 26th) my boyfriend and I are going to his school's prom for the second year, and I can't wait, because I know nothing about it!

-- From Robyn, Alexander Mackenzie High School, Richmond Hill ON

"Waiting For Tonight"....It wasn't exactly like I would have imagined it, but it was good. It was held in the "millenium tube"(an airplane hanger). I will never forget the smoke lasers and the different music rooms. It was wonderful.

-- From Mandy, Oxnard High, Oxnard CA

A Night in the Emerald City! Everthing is decorated with green. There are green crystals all around. It resembles the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.

-- From Kelyy, Suitland High School, Fortsvile MD

Moonlight mascarade. ASB made masks and sold them to wear for the dance and they were all beautiful a lot of time went into making them

-- From Anonymous, Skyview High School, Vancouver WA

What Dreams May Come, and my dream came true, my prom date was this great sweet girl named Katelyn

-- From Carlos, Falls Church High School, Falls Church VA


-- From Tiffany, St. Joseph's Academy, Cleveland OH

Last year I was a sophmore and I went to the school prom. Our theme was "Under the Sea". It was a cute idea. All of the seniors had their names on fishes that hung on the walls. As a snack they served punch and those little cheese shaped fish crackers. I had a blast. I hope prom next year will be successful. I will be a junior next year and will have to help out.

-- From Ashley, North Lake Christian High School, Covington LA

This years them was Starry Starry Night. We had it on a cruise line down the Hudson River, The song was "Remember me this way" from Casper.

-- From Jessica, Germantown Central School, Germantown NY

The theme for this years prom, which will be held in mid-May 2001 will be For This Moment in Time. The theme songs will be One Moment in Time and For this Moment. The colors will be light purple and hunter green, with silver accents. The dance will be held at hall within a local University. For the souvenier we are giving out picture frames engraved with the date and the theme of our prom. The scenery for the professional pictures will be a sunset over the beach.. SOmething that lasts for just 1 moment. On the tables there will be little waterfalls, another instantaneous thing... We're also going to have an archway set up, with a special song to introduce the Prom court. Also, for the King and Queen's Dance the song will be sang live...

-- From Jamie, Rogers High School, Toledo OH

Hollywood Nights. Stars imprinted on the floor with each couples name inscribed on them. Waterfall in the dancing area with a ramp walking area. It was so beautiful.

-- From Anonymous, Burke County High School, Waynesboro GA

An evening in the Orient

-- From Mary, Port Isabel High, Port Isabel TX

The theme for my winter Formal this past january 29, 2000 was "What Dreams May come." I think that theme is very romantic and it gives hope for couples that are inlove or are just barely dating.This was my first Mid Winter Formal with my boyfriend Armando, it was so romantic and the colors were a navy blue and silver and ir was at the Riverside Municipal Audotorium.

-- From Clara, Poly High School, Riverside CA

When I went to Tomlinson our theme was "A night in Paris"

-- From Rachel, Eisenhower High School, Lawton OK

Our theme for our Freshmen prom was originally going to be A Night in Heaven...which I wish we would have stuck with, but after alot of arguments, it got changed to Wish Upon A Star. I have to admit it was pretty...it was complete with stars a large lit up fountain in the center of the place and a lit up skyline like we were in a city with balloons all over the floor,ceiling and everywhere else. My sister's senior prom for Eisenhower High School was held at a country club and the theme was Building A Mystery...

-- From Ashley, Tomlinson Junior High, Lawton OK

the theme last year was really cute- "stairway to heaven". that of course was the song and everything was all white, silver and fluffy.

-- From Melissa, Huntsville High School, Huntsville TX

last year we did "tropical paradise" which was very cool... but this year is gonna be the greatest!! we decided on "Midnight in Paris". water fountains, stars, eiffel tower, you name it... it's there. it'll be beautiful, i just know it!

-- From Kimmy, Anonymous High, Anonymous XX

The best song for Prom is "Remember Me This Way" by Jordan Hill from Caper

-- From Chris, Horizon High School, Scottsdale AZ

Our theme for Coronation last year was ESCAPE TO THE ORIENT and we wish now that we saved it for prom which we are currently planning. Everyone just loved the idea because it's different. The decorations were all thing to do with oriental and chinese stuff, like buddahs, lanterns, you know. It turned out great and I think it's a good prom theme.

-- From Lindsey, Corona del Sol High School, Chandler AZ

Midnight Masqurade--With all the masks and feathers everywhere it was great! The colors were Royal Blue, Dark Plum and Silver

-- From Jaycee, MHS, Manalapan NJ

I didn't go to prom last year but, this year our homecoming theme is HollyWood. We're suppose to have a red carpet and spotlights. It's gonna be awesome!

-- From Anonymous, South Gwynette High School, Snellville GA

Our theme this year was Casablanca. We held it at a ritzy hotel, it didn't really need to be decorated because it was already very pretty. There was a gorgeous chandalier that hung from the ceiling and lit the room to perfection. We made our prom very simple, yet elegant. It was neat because our school usually holds prom at the school, this year it was totally differnet. We all ate together in the ball room- our tables each had cute seating arrangements (little cards with our theme on it) as well as some pretty centerpieces (crystal shallow vases with floating candles) and a very sweet touch.. rose petals on the tables. We took our pictures in front of the water fountain, which turned our really nice. Our grand march was very elegant, we had the hotel set up their catwalk that they use for pagents and so forth and that allowed us to split up and meet eachother in the middle of the walk and walk down the end together. As the date approached us he picked up a red rose from a tall vase on the platform, nice touch. Our theme song was actually a mix of classical songs, such as "you are so beautiful" and some Sonatra songs. It was a great theme because not only did girls like it, but so did the guys, It wasn't too girly and flowery, but simple and elegant.

-- From Haileigh, Cedar High, Brookings CT

This year, our school is going with the theme "A Walk in the Clouds". If any of y'all have done this theme, I would really like some ideas. You can e-mail me at SMA4324@aol.com thank you!!

-- From Sara, Jim Ned High, Tuscola TX

Our Prom theme was ' ARABIAN NIGHTS ' and ' DESSERTS AND OCEANS ' we have also had ' HEAVEN's GARDENS '

-- From Lorraine & Chiara, Gateway High School, Harare XX

A Night To Rememeber..It was so beautiful. It was the first time that our school decorated like this. We had a real waterfall and beautiful. It took my junior class 2 full days to decorate for the April 14, 2000 event. The colores were blue, silver, and black. We gave the senior class of '00 books to write in for memories. It was the best. Our song was "Night to Remember" by Joe Diffie (what else).

-- From Kelly, HL Purdin High School, Elsberry MO

OUr prom is the coolest! the undergrads make it...and the grads pick the theme and decorate the school all up..and then the grads and undergrads can all go to the prom...and dress up..the grads don't have school that day..then they go throuhg the grand march where alot of people (parents, and stuff) come and see the graduates and their dates, and then their's a dnace till like 12:30 then there;s an after party that lasts till like 8 the next morning every1 is usually really drunk. but its soooo fun!!

-- From The Kid, school unknown, coordinates XX

Our prom theme this year is "At Last"

-- From Andrea, West High, Torrance CA

Our theme for 2002-2003 Prom was "A Moment Like This" with the song sung Kelly Clarkson.

-- From Erica, Lanier High School, Austin TX

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