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In 2000 the theme of the prom was "Touched by an Angel". A girl had died the year before, so the prom was dedicated to her. It was pretty, but it was so sad which kinda made the whole prom kinda depressing.

-- From Emilie, Brisbee High School, Brisbee AZ

Our 8th grade prom's theme was "Close to You", and the song was the same. The decorations were black and gold, which was cool because the classes before us always had purples, blues, and silvers. For pictures, we had a cheap looking star with a gold background. The background started to peel off in the middle of the party!!! The pictures were horrible, and I thought it was so ugly.

-- From Vess, Some School, Cleveland OH

Only in Dreams is our Prom Theme for Prom 2002.

-- From Anon, Some School, sss XX

This year the theme of our Prom is going to be "Unforgetable" and our song will be the same. We are having the Prom at the Albermarle Plantation Club House, which overlooks the Albermarle Sound. Our colors are Ivory and Hunter Green, and we are using Burgandy as an accent color. We are builing an arbor to go outside and are cont. that inside with ivy-strung latice going over beams in the cathederal ceiling. It is going to be absolutely beautiful.

-- From Megan, Perquimans County High School, Hertford NC

MidEvil Tymes for the Class of 2002!

-- From Justin, Walkersville High School, Walkersville MD


-- From Danielle, Temple High School, Temple TX

Last year our theme was "Dancing in the Dark." This year it is going to be "Keeper of the Stars." I'm really looking forward to it.

-- From Anon, Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield IN

Im a freshmen goin with my senior boyfriend, this years theme is MOULIN ROUGE, A NIGHT IN PARIS, and our theme song is "Come What May" i think its a really cute idea..but my dress i got B4 i kne the theme doesnt really go, but hey it will b a good fun nite!!

-- From Kye, Mount Rainier High, Kent WA


-- From Krystal, Stephen F. Austin High School, Austin TX

Our prom theme is "A night with the stars" it is based on the Hollywood stars so i hope it is going to be really cool

-- From Courtney, Arlington High School, Arlington WA

Take My Breath Away from Top Gun

-- From Aimee, Shawnee High School, Medford NJ

Every year the year 11's have a leavers ball over here in england and as i was the one setting everything up i decided to turn it into a prom instead because i have always wanted to go to one. I decided on a Gothic theme. It was amazing. All of the girls were in dark colours like black, burgandy, dark red and purple and so were the guys. Our hall was decorated with candles and that was the only light we had. there were also pillars aroung the edge with fake bats and statues of vampires and things like that. We had a live band playing and they played phantom of the opera style music which was quite scary but romantic. The song of the night was 'A Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devil's Whore' by cradle of filth.

-- From Danielle, Highcliffe Comprehensive, Dorset UK

Our theme this year is Ever After. We have a cinderella type castle a garden and everything. The colors are ligth blue and Silver!

-- From Amanda, Atherton, Burton MI

Our junior/senior prom theme was "A Night In Disguise." I thought it was a pretty well thought up theme. There were a lot of silver decorations. The picture background was a blueish color with creme colored pillars on either side of you. It wwas definitly a night I would never forget!!

-- From Destiny, Pickens High School, Pickens SC

Our theme was "RENDEZVOUS" with the song by Craig David!! It was FANTASTIC!!!

-- From Brianne, Katanning Senior High, Katannning, Western Australia AU

"A Whole New World" "Eternal Memories" "Always and Forever"

-- From LaRosha, Dunbar Vocational Career Academy, Chicago IL

Our 2002 prom theme is, "Happily Ever After." I just want to say goodluck to all the seniors class of 2002. Take care!

-- From Karen, Richmond High, Richmond CA

Our prom theme is Moonlight and Memeories. We picked navy, white and silver as our colours. It's owrking out well because it's simple and gives us the freedom to pick exactly what we want.

-- From Karen, Bowmanville High, Bowmanville ON

"Falling Into You;" we had light blue, silver, and white colors and the commitee strung Christmas lights around the hall so it was really pretty.

-- From Shannon, Pekin Community High, Pekin IL

Once Upon A Dream

-- From Alli, PMCA, Philly PA

This is for a jr. grad (gr.8)...yea, we used time by the backstreet boys. Our colors were blue, black and silver. We had a huge hour glass, with a sun and moon. Background colors were black, blue and silver. Starting with black and slowing moving on the blue and silver.

-- From Amanda, Some School, Some Place XX

Mid Night Mascerade it is a Marti gras theme it is cool!

-- From Jen, Smyrna High, Smyrna DE

The theme for last years Junior- senior prom was "Angel" and it was all silver everywhere and the backdrop for pictures had all kinds of clouds and a heaven-ish scene... all over the place they had clouds hanging and on the tables... it was so beautiful!

-- From Gina, Coeburn High School, Coeburn VA

The Theme of our prom this year was Take My Hand a love song.

-- From Alisha, Pitkin High, Pitkin LA

in honor of 9-11-01, and being that this will some day be a part of history in the lives of the students graduating, we chose the theme "let freedom ring" and the colors were red, blue, and silver. we used a lot of balloons, stars, and gossamer cloth. our backdrop for our pics had a big american flag hanging up behind the students, and a white picket fence on each side with southern style columns holding ferns, and on one side was a mail box covered with ivy(white mailbox) it was nice. and all the girls wore one of the theme colors.

-- From Wendi, Stone Wall Academy, North SC

This years prom theme is "A Walk in the Clouds". Our song is going to be "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing. Hopefully it will turn out great! Good luck to everyone out there!

-- From Tammy, LaCrescent, LaCrescent MN

Our Prom theme is "Paradise Island", Our class first decided on Orange, Yellow, and Red as our colors, but now i think they are Silver, and some pretty colors. Our after prom will be held at our local bowling alle. Our Prom is going to be a fun one but also a boring, dull one.

-- From Tina, West Liberty-Salem, West Liberty OH

The prom theme at Tolsia High school this year is "One Enchanted Moment." Because, this will be a moment in our lives that we will never forget.

-- From Karen, Tolsia High School, Fort Gay WV

This year, Prom's theme is "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and post-prom is on a cruise liner docked at Navy Pier (chicago)!

-- From Nikki, Grayslake Community High, Grayslake IL

Let the show begin

-- From Jeff, Lincoln Alexander High, Some town XX

This year's theme is "Here's To the Night." I haven't seen exactly what the decorations, but I want to be surprised. Then again, it's being held at the Westfields Marriot, so I don't know if they'll be decorating. Heh. Anywho, I hope it's as great as it was last year. ;)

-- From Spaz, Osbourn City School, Manassas VA

"James E Allen's Class of 2002 is proud to be an American"

-- From Jessica, James E. Allen Jr. Sr. High, Huntington NY

"Moonlight Serenade". It's a combination of a garden and a starry night. We were unable to pick a pretty pastel theme, because the place that we're having prom has darker colors in it already. But the colors are green, and darker blue. It's really pretty!

-- From Maria, Madison High School, Madison OH

Our prom theme is "Remember Me This Way", from the movie Casper.

-- From Christina, Nashua-Plainfield High, Plainfield IA


-- From Regan, Ararat Community College, Ararat AU

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