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"Before Night Falls"

-- From Emily, Benton High, St. Joseph MO

Our prom theme is "Spring time in Paris" Pretty amazing that a school called OKEECHBEE could represent Paris, but all our girls here are beautiful and our guys are hot. It's going to be so lovely.

-- From Karilana, Okeechobee High, Okeechobee FL

Our theme is "Old Hollywood"...and it's all going to be red and silver...the works...all old hollywood style...should be pretty cool since nobody's ever done that theme before..or that i know of...who knows.. it could be really lame too?

-- From Staci, Craig, Some Place XX

our 2001 LHS Senior Prom theme was "An Enchanted Night Under the Shanghai Moon"...it was a Project Prom...so all prom goers had to meet at the school parking lot...and we boarded the "Express Buses"(which had all kinds of names)My date and I were on "Jackie Chan Express" Well anyways...it was like a chinese setting...we used colors such as RED, GOLD, BLACK, with dim lights...candles...it was so BEAUTIFUL! it was a great proms..and theres many more great proms still to come at LANAI HIGH SCHOOL...yup yup!!

-- From Jus, Lanai High, Lanai HI

I am a senior this year!! I got to go to prom both my junior yr and senior yr!! My prom is this Saturday April 20, 2002!! I am soooo excited!! The theme for prom this yr is "Un Soir De Paris" which means "A Night In Paris"!! My junior yr prom was "Happily Ever After"!! Prom is sooooo much fun!! I am glad I got to go both yrs!!!

-- From Heather, Desert Vista High School, Phoenix AZ

"A Lifetime of Memories."

-- From Sophia, Scolandville Magnet High, Baton Rouge LA

Gotham City Ball

-- From Shannah, Traverse City West Senior High School, Traverse City MI

This year's theme is cinderella but I don't know how to dress. We will have the stair that she walks down and the big beautiful castle with the principle (king) and vice principle (queen).

-- From Joseph, Franklin Sr. High School, Franklin LA

Our theme this year is A Midsummer Night's Dream... kinda ironic, since that was our fall play as well. Good ol' Shakespeare.

-- From Julie, SCHS, Small town MD

Knight to Remember

-- From Jenny, Smoky Hill High, Aurora CO

Our theme for 2002 An enchanted dream.It is going to be so beautiful.we are having it in this wonderful resteruant by the lakeside.it will be charming,yet i am kind of nervous.

-- From Shannon, Barstow High, Barstow CA

hey prom is in a week and out theme is "A night with the stars" it is based on hanging with the hollywood stars .

-- From Courtney, Arlington high, Arlington WA

Hi! Our prom here is on May 4th, 2002! Its going to be awesome. It is held at a near by lodge and then of course there is a huge party afterwards! Our prom theme for this year, is WESTISLE GOES HOLLYWOOD, Westisle is the schools name. Its going to be awesome, everyone is all psyched up for it, and things are looking great already! I hope everything goes well and everyone is safe. Also everyone else on here..have a great 2002 prom!!!!!!!!

-- From Tany, Some School, PEI, Canada PE

"Moonlight Serenade", a combination of a garden and the stars. Featured at LaMalfa Party Center in Mentor, Ohio. Colors: dark blue, green, and silver. No ideas on song yet, but that will be coming soon!

-- From Maria, Madison High School, Madison OH

A Night worth a thousand words

-- From Anon, Some School, Some place XX

This year our prom theme is "Midsummer Nights Dream" and our song is "Remeber me this way", Sno-ball had a wintery theme, and homecomming was like a sock- hop type of theme but everyone still wore formals. Prom court was decided about a month ago, it should be beautiful as most of my friends and i are on it! Whoever posted Under the Sea, a friend of mine thought of that theme for Snoball, but it didnt go over well with the other court members! But it sounds fun! Good luck and Drive safe on ur prom everyone! :)

-- From Sarah, RHS, Sme town XX

Our theme this year is "Livin' It Up" by Ja Rule. It's also the song lol. Who would've thought huh? It seems like a fun theme, and I'm looking forward to it.

-- From Sammy, West Carter High, Olive Hill KY

2002 Jr/Sr Prom is "A Night Under the Shanghai Moon" It's oriental styled, red, black, and gold are the main colors.. my sister and mom are doing all of the decorating

-- From Alexandra, John A. Holmes High, Edenton NC

our theme for our wimter formal was called "Until the Clocks Strike Midnight". It was really kool because when the clock striked midnight we had some balloons falling from the ceiling and our club made a fake castle along with a pumpkin carriage

-- From E, Some school, Stkn CA

I am on the 8th grade dance comittee and i got this idea from a friend. The theme is based around the Oscars. We could get a red carpet and have all sorts of elegant decorations. I really hope that we use this idea for our 8th grade dance!

-- From Megan, Fallston Middle School, Fallston MD

The theme was " A night to Remember" and the colors where blue and white ...it was nice

-- From Barbara, Lower Cape May Regional, Cape May NJ

Last Year, our theme was the most creative that I have ever seen! Ours was "Can't Fight the Moonlight" form the movie Coyote Ugly. That was obviously our song and we held it at the science center in Downtown Phoenix and the theme went perfectly with our settings!

-- From Brandon, Mountain Ridge High, Glendale AZ

For 2002 our prom theme is Starry Night. Our school colors are blue and gold, and those are our prom colors as well. We haven't decided on decorations yet. Our party favors are picture frames with Van Gough's starry night in them. If anyone has any suggestions on decoractions feel free to e-mail me.

-- From Jo, Bow High School, Bow NH

Well our theme is "A Night To Last Forever". I'm on the student counsil, and this was me theme that I chose. I thought it fit, because it will be a night you would love to last forever, one that can last for the rest of your life, something you will never forget. I know I will never forget my prom night...it's with the person I could possibly be with the rest of my life...I know I will remember this forever.

-- From Sara, Broken Arrow High School, Tulsa OK

Our Graduation Theme (Class of 2002) is going to be SAVE TONIGHT, just like the song by Eagle Eye Cherry.

-- From Tasha, Rose Valley School, Rose Valley SA

our theme is "unforgettable: a night at the oscars". we are having a red carpet, a walk of fame with stars and our names on them, even two teachers that are inmpersonating joan and melissa rivers to greet us at the door.

-- From Ravyn, Lafayette High School, Lexington KY

Marid Gras Are theme was Mardi Gras it will be awesome thats this years theme i exspect bright colors face masks very cool stuff!!

-- From Jillian, Wiscasset Middle School, Wiscasset ME

I'm a junior in high school. This year's Junior-Senior Prom theme is "This Magic Moment". We don't have a prom song or anything. I think it's a cute theme. Our Prom t-shirts have the theme and a stage with curtains on it. This is my first Prom, so you can tell I'm excited. It's this Saturday night, April 27th, 2002.

-- From Jessica, Covington High School, Covington LA

Our theme this year is "Heaven Sent" and our theme song is Something Like You by N'Sync. The colors are navy blue, baby blue and silve. It sounds really nice and I'm really excited about it.

-- From Katie, WM Mason High School, Mason OH

"The Moment Is Ours"

-- From Tee, Galileo High , San Francisco CA

Our theme for this year is going to be "A Night Under the Stars." We dont know what colors we wanna do yet but so far we have black and gold but we need a 3rd color which no one can decide on. 2 girls want sliver which i think will look horrible, i want either Navy,Blue,Maroon,or Viloet.

-- From Erum, Armstrong Middle School, Bensalem PA

Our schools prom theme for 2002 is Here's to the night" by eve 6 I hope this is gonna cool since this is my first prom!

-- From Kristina, G-K HS, Genoa IL

Our theme is "KEEPER Of The STARS"

-- From Monique, North Lynn, Walker IA

Hollywood. We had red carpet, stars hanging everywhere, tables were all names after famous actors and actresses and decorated to suit that actor or actress. The red carpet was covered with larger stars with a graduate name on each one. Yes it took a long time put it looked awesome when it was finished.

-- From Lisa, Unknown, Unknown XX

Our prom theme for this year is "Heaven Can Wait" By Micheal Jackson. All of our decorations are going to be white, silver and baby blue to go along with the whole heaven theme.

-- From Brandi, Maria High School, Chicago IL

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Prom Night Drinking
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