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Every year, the senior class votes which one out of three themes they would like to see at prom. This year, our theme is "Moonlight and Roses." I think it is romantic and elegant- perfect for prom.

-- From Julie, Marjory Stoneman Douglass High, Parkland FL

Our theme was "An Enchanted Forest" the clours were silver, light purple, light blue and white. Our photo section was a swing with a waterfall behind leading into a small river with a littlebridge over it. And above the door when you walked in it said "Once upon a time..." and over the other side of the dor where you walked out i said "...Happily Ever After"

-- From Angela, Elenvale High, Dartmouth NS

I know of many themes: "Frozen in time", "Deep Blue Sea", and "Jungle of Love"

-- From Keisha, Zanesville HIgh School, Zanesville OH

sliver star and baby blue theme

-- From Lori, Tamarac High, Troy NY

I'm a senior now, and for the past two years we have not had a prom theme, we just have a selected song. Last year was "When You Say Nothing At All", by Alison Krause, and this year it's "You Look Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. Maybe our prom committee will get it together and have a theme for next year!

-- From Mel, Oak Creek High, Oak Creek WI

"A Midsummer's Night Dream" It is a mix of enchanted and foresty. Some poeple can dress like elves or faries. It is very sparkly and happy but still romantic

-- From Techy, American High , Miami FL

i guess you could call my 2002 prom theme under the sea..i'm not really sure. It's gonna be held at the long beach aquariam, so it would make sense! but anyway i'm excited, they have a whole floor dedicated to penguins, and penguins are my favorite animal!

-- From Emily, ANHS, Laguna Niguel CA

Hi my names Iris and my prom night was just great! my date was the school's hottest guy! but im the one who got him! his name is brennan, who is a big prep! we had a very nice time and took pics next to a fountain that was so fancy! i wish that could happen all over again... exept for the part where his buddies were asking me to dace with them when brennan was right behind me! but in conclusion, we had a great time and next year lets just hope that its better! ~*Iris*~

-- From Iris, O'connor High, San Antonio X

Olympic View in Greater Victoria

-- From Ariel, Frances Kelsey Secondary , Cowichan Bay BC

Our theme this year is "Parisian Gardens". We wanted a classy, un- cheesy theme, so we got a whole lot of lattice, deep red flowers, deep red balloons, ivy, and stone birdbaths, etc. It's a week from today, and we still need to put together the centerpieces! Haaha, but it'll be really pretty and nice, and I'm way pumped.

-- From Caree, RLS High School, Monterey CA

the theme was The Last Dance our coloers were silver,goled and white it was the best prom in the world

-- From Jacky, Globe High, Globe AR

my junior prom theme is "a night in paris"

-- From Casey, Colonie High School, Schenectady NY

I'm a senior this year and our theme is "In My Life" By: the Beatles i think it will be great also our class of 2002 officers got a great deal with our photographers and got 24 exposture camras and we only have to pay 1.95 for shipping and handleing also as favors we get candles that you can put pictures into them it's going to be cool on June 1st at our prom our executive board for our class has done a great job.....

-- From Ashley, Westminster High, Westminster MD

Midnight in the Garden

-- From Jamie, The Catholic High School of Baltimore, Baltimore MD

our theam is IMAGINE,and our song is IMAGINE by John Lennon.We are going to have a water fall in the back ground of where we walk durring corrination.Our prom is May 18th 2002.

-- From Shannon, Hudson Falls Senior High, Hudson Falls NY

always and forever (after the old song ) but it tells how you will keep your mem.,always and forever and you will never forget it.

-- From Unknown, Some School, Some Place XX

well our junior prom theme this year first started off as Phantom Of the Opera but has now been changed to Music Of The Night, I don't care too much for it but i guess it'll do...and i got Pink dress! :)

-- From Jenn, Stevens High School, Claremont NH

At our school over here in Canada we start decorating for prom 3 months before it happens. We usually have it in our school gym, since it's just a jr. prom; but it's still a blast. We need a song though still, but our theme is "I love you because.." and it's dedicated to couples.

-- From Loo Loo, Wolfsville High School, Wolfsville NS

Stand By Me

-- From Berit, Liberty High, Renton WA

Hey this is Ashley i went to my boyfriends senior prom and the theme was "carousel of memories" and it was awesome we had to much fun!

-- From Ashley, Unknown, Bristol TN

Our theme this year was WHERE I WANT TO BE. We had it at the new Convention Center that is part of Chief Logan Park. Its basically the new restaurant. The colors were pearl white, pearl blue, and pearl green. For the pictures' background, we used a light blue paper, with a cardboard bench and a tree behind the bench with balloons around the bench. We had little goody bags.Inside the bags were glow sticks, necklaces, booklets, bubbles, fortune cookies, and others. Our DJ was Bill France. We had an excellent time, and this year's prom was the best ever!

-- From Heather, Matawan High, Matawen WV

This year we decided to have our theme be different then our song so our theme is "Here's to the Night" and our song is "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill. We are doing gold for the colors and our favors are that the guys are getting silver "milk" mugs with the theme engraving on the side and the girls are getting picture frames with the theme engraved on it. I can't wait for that night I know it will be perfect.

-- From Tiffany, Holley High, Holley NY

our theme this year is "enchanted dreams"we named this our theme becaus of the meaning of the words. as we are leaving we as the eagles want our enchanted dreams to become t

-- From Tatiana, Pioneer, Cooper City FL

Our theme is "Here's To The Night" and thus we have that song for our prom song by Eve 6. Our colors are pink, light blue, and silver. We have a 9ft moon that was painted and glittered up for this Fri (May 24th 2002). I'm looking forward to it!!!!! Class of 2002 rules!!!!!!!

-- From Renee, Unknown, Webster MA

A night in Hollywood! the decorations were great!

-- From Oh, Western High, Bay City MI

Hear's To The Night! Not Only The Night, Hear's To Our Night, Hear's To Your Night Hear's To The future!

-- From Ashley, MacDonald Drive, Newfoundland CA

At our after prom we are having the martigras theme as well... I thought it was kinda silly because were having it at the school and all and its not ognna be anywhere fun like at planet fun or at funland.. or anything fun like that and all.. so hopefully well have some fun there but.. Our prom is on saturday may 25th and Im soo excited!! thanks alot.. your page is cool! lacey

-- From Lacey, Spotsylvania High, Spotsylvania CA

For our winter ball, our theme was "Winter Dreams" with our song "Dreaming of you" by Selena. The colors were purple and silver and each couple had a paper cloud on the wall with their name on it. We had white Christmas lights and purple and silver starred fabric draped on the railings of the balconies. It was beautiful!

-- From Allie, Mathews High School, Mathews NV

Never Say Goodbye

-- From Victoria, St. Paul High School, Niagara Falls ON

Our theme this year is A Midsummer Night Dream, I saw a couple of other schools with the same theme and was wondering what sort of decorations etc you had? Also did you have a song chosen? Our school is very small (less than 325 total from grade 7-OAC) so it is very personal and we hold it it our cafeteria, the teachers participate by serving us and doing the valet parking etc. We have a blast!!

-- From Casey, Sharbot Lake High, Sharbot Lake ON

Our Prom theme was "A SECRET GARDEN". This was the most beautiful idea i ever could have came up with. Our song was "secret garden" by bruce springsteen. My prom was the most special night of my life. Everything was so beautiful, i felt like i was in a movie. We had a real fountain, and flowers everywhere. During Grand March the boy met the girl underneath a flower covered arch and gave her a rose, then we joined arms and walked together down the stairs. Truly an unforgettable night...

-- From Jessuca, Waukesha Hgh, Waukesha WI

Well the 2002 prom theme for our school is "Fairy Tale Dreams"

-- From Amanda, Annapolis West Education CTR, Nova Scotia CA

back to the future,it was great complete with a top of the line elvis impersanator and everything.madonna even came!!

-- From Lindsey, Sturgeon Creek, Winnipeg MB

Freshman year it was Flashback to the 70's. The colors were pastel colors (most all the ladies wore red for some reason. Center pieces were Candles and flowers, that was about it. Oh, and our song was "When Birds suddenly appear" or something like that Sophomore year was Under the Oriental Moonlight. Colors were scarlet red and black. We had those japanese light thingies all over the place. Center pieces were fortune cookies, and beatiful candles! Junior year was My Heart will go on. It had the Titanic texture and our song was My Heart Will go On. Senior was I Will Remember you.

-- From Adam, Collington High, Salem OR

Our prom theme was James bond 007. It seemed kinda silly at first but it gave the guys an excuse to wear sleek sunglasses and the girls an excuse to wear tight revealing dresses! We had virgin martinis and a huge ice sculpture of 007. It definitly was a memorable prom

-- From Asha, D. Bay Secondary, Vancouver BC

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