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Our prom theme was "Enchanted Evening." Our colors were Navy, Gold, and Silver. It was in our gym and we made the stage look like a Midnight Sky. All of the tables had matching candles and table clothes. But the best thing about prom was that you could go up on the stage and get your picture taken with your entire group!!!!!I have so many fun memories, I can't wait until next year...

-- From Holly, Anon, Anon NY

this is my junior prom and our theme this year is"A Moment Like This" and our song for the king and queen dance is A moment like this by kelly clarkson..Im not sure of the decorations yet but im sure it will be beautiful!!!!!!

-- From Vickie, Iroquois High School, Louisville KY

well our school mascot is a knight, so...last yr our proms them was " A knight to remeber."

-- From Krissy, Sandwich High School, Sandwich MA

Our junior prom's theme this year is "Sunset on the Boardwalk" i can't wait its on may 10th and i love the theme because its something very different, not a song or a traditional theme..... It will be wonderful....

-- From Brittany, Fallsburg High School, Fallsburg NY

Our Junior Prom Committee hasn't yet decided on a theme for prom...but the one that I suggested was "A Moment Like This" and the song to be the "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson. A lot of people like it and then a lot of people don't but I think that it is the perfect song and theme for any type of formal.

-- From Anon, Ausable Valley Middle School, Clintonville NY

Our them Was Nevering Ending Love Throught The Century

-- From Shontae, Eward W. Bok, Philadelphia PA

One Last Dance

-- From Stephanie, MIddleton High School, Middleton ID

I am on the committee, and i think the BEST theme would be "HERE'S TO THE NIGHT" by eve 6. The words fit great, adn it's not too romantic that two friends coudln't go together. to decorate i think a city scape with like dark balloons :black, purple, blue, and silver. and stars and jsut night tiem stuff. and have a banner for all teh seniors to sign and at teh top have it say "put your name on the line.....along with place and time" like in the song! cute right?

-- From Amy, Bni, Some Place XX

a night in paris!!!

-- From Ashley, Mosley High School, Panama City FL

Last year the theme for my prom was paris, we built and efile tower and walked under it for the grand match, we had a little cafe in the corner for refreshments, our colors were blue and white. It looked like it was from the movies. I had a lot of fun and I think it was a great theme.

-- From Jessica, Filer High School, Filer ID

Our theme for the Junior Prom is going to be "A Night in the Galaxy". Our ideas so far are to have an archway or silver and black balloons with stars dangling and fog machines creating the smokey scene...im not sure if we're going to put the fog machines lining the room to make the room seem as tho it is on a cloud..we're also having black table cloths and stuff and we're putting those glow in the dark sticky plastic things on the table cloths so when you look in..it looks like there is nothing but glow in the dark stars and it'll give it an outerspace appearance..it should be pretty cool.

-- From Jaxi, Tampa Bay High School, Tampa Bay FL

Mardi Gras: "Let the good times roll!"

-- From U-Way, Spray Berry High School, Some Place XX

My Senior Year My High School Went Along With The Theme "A Walk To Remember". I Would Have To Say That Was The Best & Most Memorable Ever!

-- From Kate, Ozark High School, Lake of the Ozarks MO

Our prom theme this year will hopefully be "Don't Change" by Musiq. I love that song. 2003 rocks.

-- From Jenifer, Wooddale High School, Memphis TN

The theme for my junior prom was "ALWAYS & FOREVER". Of course you know the song that the king and queen danced to. The colors were black and silver. The juniors plan our prom and since I was a junior I was on the committee so I got to see all the planning. We put a lot of effort into our prom. I went with a bunch a friends and it is a night I will never forget so I guess it does live to it's theme "ALWAYS & FOREVER".

-- From Krystal, Bryan Station High, Lexington KY

Seeing as we've booked our prom for 4th July, we've gone with an 'All American' theme. We're going to have a themed menu - I'm holding out for cheesburgers! - and our colours are red, white and blue. We've not deicded on a song yet.

-- From Aia, Some School, Cardiff UK

I think a good theme would be... "Friends last forever"

-- From Niki, Knob Noster High School, Knob Noster MO

We are having a candy land theme.

-- From Samantha, Lomira High School, Lomira WI

Lost in Time

-- From Le'Anne, Bainville High School, Williston ND

This year our prom is going to be "Then, Now, Forever" At first our committee had a really hard time picking a theme. This one was brought up and everybody loved it. Were still not sure how everything is going to trun out yet, but it's going to be a amazing.

-- From Ruby, St. Clair Secondary High School, St. Clair ON

Mardi Gras!!

-- From Anon, Arthur Hill High School, Saginaw MI

jungle what kind of stuff can you do for that theme?

-- From Meagan, Griswold Community School, Lewis IA

Hollyball: Well, this year our theme is hollywood. Like all star like. I'm not quite sure on everything yet but from what I've heard it's going to be a blast!!!

-- From Ona, Great Bend High School, Great Bend KS

I am a senior now, and our junior prom theme was "Frozen in Time". I wasn't on the comittee, but I went, and the girls and guys walked on a walk way and met in the middle, and walked down a long walk way togetheras their name was announced, and we have a fountain, and silver trees, and all that jazz. It was fun!

-- From Christine, Morris Area High School, Alberta MN

I gotta start out by saying Prom was the best night of my life. Anyways Our theme was 'A Dream within a Dream' Basically it was just fantasy, Its very very hard to explain, We had a big circus tent, and outside the cirucs tent there were strobe lights, spot lights, lazour lights, dragging along the outside of the tent to make it look like flying stars and just a whole new fantasy land around you. Inside the tent we only had smoke machines, so it was like one big balloon you were in with fantasy stars, colours, objects outside of you that you can see flying and dragging around the tent, and to add the romantic mistric look we had the smoke machines...we Didnt want to base prom on certain colours, so we had ALL colours. To make my point easier 'Imagine you were in a balloon, you look up and all around and all you see is colours of the rainbow flying around you on the outside...thats how we got the theme its a dream outside, and you step into it and its a whole other dream "Dream within a Dream" 2002...YEAH BABY WE DID GOOD!

-- From Krystina, LBS High, Long Beach CA

For our Junior Prom our theme is NEw York New York......It shoudl be fun

-- From Leah, Colonie High, Albany NY

Our theme last year was "In the Shadows of Siam." It was great! All the decorations were Orient- themed, complete with rickshaw!

-- From Becca, Sacred Heart High School, Salinas KS

I think that a good theme would be the mellinium, and have the prom all decorated in nothing but silvers and metalic colors to look glamorus, and very unique and more like a big party then just dancing for a school prom!! And have Lots and Lots of glitter, bc its all about the Bling Bling!

-- From Tiffany, Cawood High School, Harlan KY

It would be cool if the theme was "Victoria's Secret". But, it would be a play on words because it would be sexy , lacy Victorian-style clothing! The song could be "Simply The Best" by Tina Turner because that song was in a commercial about sexy pantyhose. Yeah, that'd be cool! To all my fellow seniors, " FINALLY FREE IN 2003!"

-- From Jade, Mesquite High School, Mesquite TX

This year I went to prom as a sophomore and the theme was "Italiana Serenata" It was really cool. They had it in a golf dome and decorated it like a little Italian village.

-- From Katie, Western High School, MI

Our theme was something with a park setting it looked neat until you were there for a while.

-- From Rachel, Northwest High, Dalton GA

If this world was mine By luther vandross

-- From Sonya, Washington High school, South Bend IN

As a senior last year, our prom theme was surely one to remember. It was called..."A Moment in Paradise" and it was held in the ballroom of the Opryland Hotel. Our colors were plum, silver, and navy blue. Every girl had to register their dress, so that no one would have the same one. (great idea) The ballroom was decorated with stars, a golden moon hanging in the corner, and a walkway around the top that was lit entirely with candles and white lights. Also on the walkway were greenery and other trees that made it look like you were walking through a fairyland forest. As you walked in, every couple had their name imprinted on a gold ornament and it was hung around the rail of the winding stairs. As you left, you picked yours up and took it home so the memory would last forever.

-- From Brittany, Montgomery Eastern Southern High, cumberland Town TN

Bella noche

-- From Erica, Kempsville High School, Virginia Beach VA

Last year our prom theme was Phantom of the Opera. They made a huge chandelier, and decorated it like you would a play scene almost. It was pretty unique

-- From Anon, CHS, Some Place XX

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