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"A Night In Paris"

-- From Maria, De Leon High School, De Leon TX

Color: Red, Gold, n' Black. Theme: Oriental. Saying: we dont have one yet. Proms not till March 2003. and it's only january. So, yea, we dont have a "saying" yet. mhm. Location: Hotel At our school, you have to take a date, and it has to be of the opposite sex. (so you can't take buddies.) HAWAII BABY!!!!

-- From Noe, St. AnThOnY Jr/Sr hIgHScHoOL, Waiehu HI

Our band prom theme is Remember Me This Way... that is also our song

-- From Joella, Spiro High, Spiro OK

"These are the moments"-02

-- From Jennifer, Belton-Honea Path High, Belton SC

last year our theme was "moonlight madness" it had all these sun,moons, and stars everywhere...it was gorgeous...this year our theme is "emmy's night" can't wiat to see it!

-- From Crystal, Dreher High, Columbia SC

Our theme was called Forever Tonight. It was dark blue and light blue, with silver. We had a star background and a fake fountain that lite up in the middle, with glitter all over the floor and a gate to walk through, it was a very pretty.

-- From Karissa, Some School, Some Town WI

A Night in Hollywood

-- From Tina, Screven County High, Sylvania GA

the theme for this year is "remember me this way" and the song is remember me this way..the one in the casper movie...it should be an awesome prom..cant wait!

-- From Stacey, CCHS, SOme Place PA

"JAMES BOND" it was so cool.. there were like 2 white sheets on either side of the stage and silhouettes like moving the whole time and it was all black white and red

-- From Michelle, Oak Grove High, Fargo ND

Last year's theme was "Imagine" (inspired by John Lennon's "Imagine"). We had a beautiful water fountain and a huge arch of baloons with a landscape behind it. It was a very elegant theme. This year's theme is "Islands in the Sun" and what I've heard is that it's going to be more of a party atmosphere with bright colors and cool stuff like that. =) I would have preferred "Time in a Bottle" or "Change the World" (Eric Clapton), but I'm not a junior and I'm not on the committee!!

-- From Katie, Tuscaloosa County High, Northport AL

Our prom theme this year is Enchanted Garden. We wanted to avoid the traditional prom of glitter and stars, so it has a greek garden feel to it. We have lots of columns and ivy and these handmade flowers that are huge! But is you ask me the coolest prom would have been "Rave Prom" with glow lights and techno!!

-- From Ashley, Mexia High School, Mexia AL

A Night In Paris

-- From Felicia, Springfield High School, Springfield VT

We think HAKUNA MATATA would be the best grad theme ever. Vines, everywhere, with a great motto, no worries

-- From Rachel, CHS, Some Place CA

symphony or stars in a formal way with the use of the colors such as baby blue and pink

-- From Cyril, Mindanao State University, Gen Santos City PH

Hollywood! It was awesome! We walked out of a limo onto the red carpet. We had a titanic ship, flinestone car, castaway hut (where we helped ourselves to popcorn), and greese on the dance floor. It was a FUN theme to keep things FUN and not so dramatic!

-- From Langdon, LAHS, Some Place ND

Last year our theme was "Dreaming of You" the song was of course the song Dreaming of You. It was such a great night! We used light blue and silver, on a black background....it was awsome!

-- From Andrea, Buffalo Lake-Hector, Hector MN

A night in heaven

-- From Danielle, All Saints Catholic High, Fort Worth TX

Last yr. I was a sophomore unable to attend but they chose the them ALWAYS and played that song it was beautiful

-- From Becky, BHS, Barnesville MN

I think a good theme for prom would be angles of fire or good and evil. You could have one side of the room white to look like a heavenly theme with angels, harps and gates and the other side could be red and orange and you could make it look like fire. I think it would be neat but I doubt we will do it.

-- From Shelby, Some School, Austin TX

This year our school is haveing an Arabian Theme. I was wondering if any one had any more ideas. We are chooseing royal colors like blue and purple. We are going to have big buildings

-- From Emily, St. Cecilia High School, Hastings NE

Our theme was "whispers of the orient." It was the best one ever. Our decorations were beautiful. We had dragons, chinies simbols and the chinies houses. All the teacher said it was the best prom ever.

-- From Anon, LHS, Some Place XX

well... it's 2003!!! our prom theme is in the 60's... and vintage. mixing them both is kinda cool... colors are white, dark blue

-- From Aia, Poveda Learning Center, Philippines QC

Last year for our homeschool Jr./Sr. Prom our theme was "The Best has Yet to Come" every thing was beautiful. We had these prom favors that were wine glasses with a candle in it and the theme printed on the glass. I'm on the prom committee this year so I hope it'll be great this year too. CLASS OF 2002 RULES!!!!

-- From Ariel , Home Schooled, Chesapeake VA

A Moment Like This

-- From Jennifer, Susan Moore High, Susan Moore AL

Our theme for 2002 was "When You Love Someone"..the song was by Bryan Adams. Our colors were pink and white.

-- From Misty, Allen Central High School, Eastern KY

Our theme for the class of 2002 was "This moment forever". It was really cute. I was on the prom committee but didn't attend the prom. I'm now a senior and plan on attending "my" prom.

-- From Kettia, Woodland High School, Dorchester SC

Tropical Paradise

-- From Nikki, Danville high School, Danville AR

For our winter formal we had our theme be James Bond and all the guys came in tuxes or suits whichever they could afford. Then the girls came in long dresses, at the end everyone was dancing since you know Bond always gets the girl. It was so romantic!

-- From Elizebeth, Aisb, Atlanta GA

Last year our Juniors picked the theme: "Gotham City Ball"-->The guys loved the idea of Batman and the girls loved the idea of a ball...the teachers had a blast too by dressing up as the Batman characters! Another idea was "The past, the present, and the future..." A dedication to the Seniors with pictures of everyone's elementary schools until high school and a documentary of where the Seniors see themselves in 10 years.

-- From Suzie, Traverse City West Senior High, Traverse City MI

This years theme for MORP was "cowboy take me away" ya know the song by the Dixie Chicks it was so cute cuz ya know how u dress alike one couple were cowboys and cow girls with straw hats! Prom hasn't come so i don't know that themem yet!

-- From Tara, Palm Beach High School, Palm Beach FL

our theme for prom was midnight dreams

-- From Megan, Woodland High, Cartersville XX

Hi! I am a Junior this year and I am on the Prom committee. Our prom theme is "A Moment Like This". Song by the American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

-- From Amanda, Pike County High School, Brundidge AL

Our theme for this year's prom is "a moment like this" from the song by kelly clarkson

-- From Faith, Agawam High School, Feeding Hills MA

For Crusing thru Paradise we were going to have a huge cruise ship with a ramp to walk down as if we just have arrived to Paradise a place where dreams can happen.

-- From Anon, Ashland High School, Ashland OH

Our theme this year for junior prom is "A Red Carpet Affair." The prom court will get rhinestone studded glasses and feather boas. Grand march will have a red carpet, white spolights and a marquee. It should be great!

-- From Steph, Hamilton, Sussex WI

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Prom Night Drinking
~ Girls! ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
Not Drinking
Prom Night Drinking
~ Guys ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
Not Drinking
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