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Forever Lasting Night

-- From Katie, Wynne High School, Wynne AR

our prom theme was fire and ice, the colors were blue and red, and there were red and blue tin foil sheets hanging down from the ceiling. It was incredible!! the best prom I've ever been to!

-- From Shelley, Great Falls High School, Great Falls MT


-- From Tara, Woodmont High, Greenville SC

Our theme this year is "A Moment Like This." Our colors are midnight blue and silver.

-- From Anon, Some School, Some Place XX

A Night at the Palace

-- From Jacqueline, Calexico High School, Calexico CA

greek theory

-- From Sandra, Brazoswood, Lake Jackson TX

Last year our prom theme was "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill. It was so beautiful. The decorations were unbelievable.

-- From Sweet Pea, North Laurel High School, London KY

The theme for our 2002 Junior/Senior Prom was "Tomorrow Never Dies" after the James Bond movie. Our prom colors were black and silver. The room was decorated with lots of stars.

-- From Steffi, Terry High School, Terry MS

Our prom committee came up with two really good ideas that we soon have to vote on. One is Marriah Carrey's "I Can Make It Through the Rain", with navy and silver,"rainy" decorations on one side, then happier, spring-like decorations on the other. Our second idea is an "Ever After" theme, kinda like Cinderella! For something different our colors will probablly be lavender and an irredecent white. :)

-- From Anon, U High, Normal IL

Last year our prom theme was "Midnight Mascade", with masks and feathers and the colors of purple and silver. This year its "A moment like this", with stars and the colors of black and

-- From Linsey, West Mecklenburg, Charlotte NC

Last year, 2002, our prom theme was "Unforgettable". It was such an awesome theme. The ballroom in the hotel that the dance was held at was lined with roses and long sashes on the walls. Obviously the theme song was unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole. It was a wonderful night and a perfect theme.

-- From Nadia, Mt. Carmel High School, San Diego CA

in 5th form it was Hollywood... in 6th form it was Moonlighr Masquerade and this year we havent decided but it think the elements or fire and ice would be wicked themes

-- From Someone, Some School, New Zealand XX

"Once upon a time........" (2003)

-- From Tamika, James Madison Semior High, Missouri City TX

I'll Miss You

-- From Brittany, Clements High School, Athens AL

An evening with stars on red carpet

-- From Liz, Grand Rapids Baptist, Grand Rapids MI

Remember Me This Way

-- From Anon, Rosemont High School, Rosemont MN

The theme to Prom 2002, was fromo the Shania Twain song "From This Moment".

-- From Amanda, Paducah Tilghman High School, Paduca KY

Almost Heaven

-- From Anna, Howards Grove High, Howards Grove WI

Our prom theme is Heaven-but we arent not wanting to us baby blue or light colors. ("heaven" by dj sammy)

-- From CP, Long High, Some PLace AL

This year the juniors picked "A Rose For My Sweet" and the colors will be all different shades of pink, red, and cream, with flowers everywhere.It should be beautiful.

-- From Lynda, Mercedes High School, Mercedes TX

our theme is mardi gras

-- From Kasey, Stringer High School, Laurel MS

our prom theme last year was "a moment like this" although i didn't getnthe chance to go last year i heard it was awesome

-- From Sarah, Pleasant Grove High School, Pleasant Grove AL

the theme last year was snowball it was the best there was snowflakes hangin from the cieling and snow men all arounf n fake sonw it was beautif

-- From Crmen, Atlanta High West, Atlanta GA

"Here I Am" (by Bryan Adams) was our theme and silver, light blue, and dark blue were our colors.

-- From Britt, Some School, Some Place TX

For our theme we decicded to do Evening of Elegance. The place were having it at is a mansion with dancing outside under a tent. Its so beautiful. We cant decorate too much because you cant put anything on the walls due to it being so nice, so we have benches with white lights around them that surrond the dance floor with trees with white lights on them. As well rose pedles on the tables with flowers as the center piece.

-- From Suzy, Some School, Chester CT

Last year our prom theme was Mystic Night. It was the most beautiful night of our lives. My friend got engaged on prom night.

-- From Terry, Greenwood High school, Greenwood MS


-- From Anon, Kamloops Christian School, Kamloops BC

I'm a junior and this is my first prom. Our theme is Heaven on Earth. It was going to be Mardi Gras but the teachers thought some might take it too far!

-- From Stephanie, Aurora High School, Aurora MO

This year the committe had a lot of great ideas but the school staff wanted to take over. Besides its our prom not theirs. Any way, our theme this year will be "Foot Prints in the Sand" with theme song as "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson.

-- From Stephanie, Wayne County High, Jessup GA

Our senor theme this year was Mardi Gras! IT was super awesome...My friends and I had the chance to get all crazy dressed for Dry Grad and had a great time making up the costumes...all from scratch... It wasn't what i thought it would be(full of color) instead we only had blue and silver for our colors (small budget i guess...)Never the less it was fun! and worth remembering for a life time!

-- From Steph, Vernon Secondary School, Vernon BC

I am the senior class co-president and for the Prom 2003 we chose " A Moment Like This" our song is A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkston..... we will be using a variety of pastels and a small assortment of dark greens and purples.. the setting is a hall about 45 minutes away from our school.. in a beautiful ball room decorated room.. the favors will be a keychain, photo frame.. and a champaign glass candle..... all with engravings on them.. this dance is for sure going to be a success.. go sTa 2003

-- From Maribeth, Southgate Anderson High, Southgate MI

Senior Prom- Save the Last Dance All School- That 70's Dance All School-Dimonds our a Girls Best Friend.

-- From Anon, NDHS, Some Place MO

Our Theme was Titanic All of the girls dressed in olden day type dresses and it was really cool!

-- From Kimmy, Kenmore High, Kenmore CA

our theme last year was enchanted evening, we had waterfalls and lots of trees and greenery and a gazebo that we took pictures in.. the colors were hunter green,white, and silver.. This year our prom theme is Marti Gras... with purple gold and green as our colors... their giving out bead necklaces and the scenery is going to be like a stroll down bourbon street....

-- From Kristin, Some School, Some Town KY

Our prom is this valentine's day. i was thinking of putting 'starry eyes surprise'.

-- From Zamri, Some School, Malaysia XX

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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A little
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2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
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