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Our theme this year, is "A Walk to Remember". Being a Senior, I now understand that High School was definetly a Walk to Remember. It's going to be hard letting go, But everything has to end sometime, right? Now it's onto the Real World.

-- From Lisa, Perris High School, Perris CA

Mardi Gras

-- From Fatima, Livingston High School, LInvingston TX

our theme this year for homecoming was "under the stars" it was great! our colors were pink and white..

-- From Christy, MSHS, M VA

im not a sr. but we think this is a good time to start planing for our prom i really like the fairy tale castle theme with the songs "i will remember you" and " its so hard to say goodbye" that will make us cry but it will me nice memorys of the time we were together it cool i think that would make a nice theme thanks for the ideas gurls good luck in the future and hope youlls proms are saft and fun!!! p.s -friends dont let friends drink and drive!!! take care!!

-- From Stacie, HTS High, South TX


-- From Anon, Fogo Island Central Academy, Some Place NF

our theme for this year is "kiss at the cabaret".

-- From Princess, Applecross, Perth WA

Well we haven't really decided on a theme yet but we do have ideas they are Aiming For You. Your Dear to Me or Keep You in My Sights. those are our possible theme choice because for our prom we have a sat of a hunting them e kinda its going to be awesoem because it has water fall rivers and ponds with Deer geeses and many other aniamls. Our colors are Midnight Blue, Silver and Yellow-Orange. We don't have a Song picked out yet. Stacie

-- From Stacie, Ellsworth Public School, Ellsworth MN

This year we have a year long theme going for everything. For our Winter Ball our theme was "ENCHANTMENT ON ICE" the colors were red, silver, and black and we had it downtown. it was so pretty. For my senior prom our theme is "AN EVENING OF ENCHANTMENT". We don't know the colors yet. I went to my junior prom last year and the theme for that was "BEYOND THE EVENING STARS" and those colors were royal blue, silver and white. C/O '03 4LIFE!!!!!!!

-- From Lady, HHS (Home of the Big Blue Marching Machine), Somewhere TN

Candy Land

-- From Amanda, Some School, Denver CO

Heaven Can Wait

-- From Tricia, Brazoswood high School, Clute TX

Last year's theme was "Twilight's Last Gleaming." It was SO beautiful!!! We had statues of the World Trade Centers and the Statue of Liberty. This year's theme is "Excape to Paradise." I hope this prom is as much of a hit as last year's was!!!

-- From Natalie, Palatka High School, Palatka FL

"lete the dreams begin" but we are doin it in A TROPICAL setting..we want the idea of you are walking on ..then off of an airplane..or airport for the entrance

-- From Peter, Caddo Hills, Glenwood AR

Viva Las Vegas

-- From Lauren, Smithson Valley High School, Bulverde TX

It's a Jungle out there!

-- From Michel, Central High School, Victoria VA


-- From Guelmy, East Hampton High School, East Hampton NY

peach and shanpain

-- From Camara, Chaney Hgh School, Youngstown OH

Theme was "Time of Your Life" and we had that song by Green Day.

-- From Shannon, Baccalieu Collegiate, Newfoundland CA

This year we had a couple of, well, let's just call them 'issues'. My commitee and I decided to go with "Prom 2002: I Night in Jail" Of course, Elvis Presely's classice, Jail House Rock, was out song. You guys? It was so cool.

-- From Jessica, Wm. Brown High School, Pasadena CA

In The Still Of The Night

-- From Theresa, Some School, Nashville TN

UNFORGETTABLE - This will be the first year that I am going to prom. (You have to be a Junior) It is going to be amazing. We get all glamed up and take a limo to a park where outdoor pictures are taken. Then we are off to the Sheraton in Pittsburg, PA for dinner. Off to the Gateway Clipper for a night of dancing and relaxing on the Ohio River. It all usually ends about 3:30- 4:00 am. The next day everyone either has bonfires or goes to amusement parks. I cant wait!!! Im going to have a great time!!!

-- From Anon, Brooke High School, Wellsburg WV

A Midsummer Night's Dream

-- From Maggie, Neshaminy High School, Langhorne PA

Athens or Hollywood

-- From Junior, Watertown Senior High, Watertown SD

This year our theme is "Night Under The Stars". Our song is by Boyz 2 Men, and our colors are: Scarlet, Silver, and Pearl.

-- From Alexis, South Houston High, Houston TX

"A MOMENT LIKE THIS" inspired by kelly clarkson...the class had alot of ideas for a prom theme but we all finally decided on this one..it goes with everything i cant wait for this nite!!

-- From Steve , Pasadena High School, Pasadena CA

Heaven on Earth

-- From Monica, Santa Paula High School, Santa Paula CA

We havent decided properly on the theme for our prom to come, but i think the idea is baby blue, silver and white with balloons of that colour also!

-- From Anbika, Sutton High School, London UK

Our theme for our 8th grade prom this year is... A Night On Broadway! Hopefully the theme will make the prom more wonderful. But it doesn't seem as great as the other themes we had to choose from!

-- From Anon, Hudson Middle School, Lufkin TX

Our prom theme was Fire and Ice Opposites Attract. One side of the commons was fire and the other ice and the merging of the two in the middle. Our colors were blue white and silver for ice, red yellow and gold for fire and purple in the middle to make the merging. It was incrediable we had heaters and torches around. Fog machines. It really made you feel like you were in the fire or ice. The night was magical and it was the most creative prom we have ever had at our school.

-- From Cierra, Fernley High School, Fernley NV

Our theme is "Overjoyed". The song is by Stevie Wonder. Our colors are black & silver. Everything is going to be so elegant and perfect. I am so excited....I can hardly wait.

-- From Anon, Marist High School, Jersey City NJ


-- From Ashley, Hanover-Horton high, Hanover MI

Atlantis, The Lost City

-- From Amanda, Orange Grove High School, Orange Grove TX

Starry Secrets

-- From Jessica, Central High School, Hudson ME

Our theme this year is going to be "Lights, Camera, Action " i think it's going to be great we'll have a red carpet and spotlights.. are colors are red,gold,silver,and black!

-- From Suzie, CCHS, Some Place VA

Our theme is A Night To Remember, our colors are black, silver and lilac. It is supposed to be the best our school has had since we re-opened 6 years ago. Hopefully it will be fun, even though I know no one will be able to remember it, if u know what I mean.

-- From Maxine, Blake high, Tampa FL

"On The Edge of A Dream"

-- From Susan, Altoona-Midway High School, Benedict KS

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Prom Night Drinking
~ Girls! ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
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Prom Night Drinking
~ Guys ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
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