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Our 2003 prom theme: "A Midsummer Knight's Dream"...(our school mascot is a Knight and therefore it's traditionally in our prom theme) We are planning our decorations etc along the storyline of the play...including the fairies, flowers, and romantic ambiance etc. It is going to be beautiful. We are also asking our chaperones to dress up as characters from the play.

-- From Mary, St. Mary's High School, Phoenix AZ

Casino Night

-- From Tabitha, Harford Tech, Bel Air MD

our high school theme was "your eyes" the theme was strange but when we promenade to the song it was awesome. i got prom queen also so it was really awesome. we had our prom at the capital beautifull. and of course the class of 2004 was the last prom there wooo hoooo i would love to relive that night. nichole

-- From Nichole, Tooele High School, Tooele UT


-- From Tabitha, Bradshaw High School, Florence AL

Sunset on the boardwalk

-- From Scott, Fallsburg High School, Fallsburg NY

Island in the Sun

-- From Tina, Wapsie Valley, Fairbank IA

Lights! Camera! Action! It's a Hollywood theme- colors:black, red and gold. We are having it in this gorgeous mansion with a huge red carpet. We'll also have an imitation Walk of Fame with cut out stars with couples names on them in the eating area. The nook where the dj is, there's a huge tv so we're playing classic clips from the Oscars. Center pieces, film reels that we have made.

-- From Caite, , Roanoke VA

"A Moment Like This"

-- From Ashley, White River High, White River SD

The roaring 20s that is tied in with venice italy

-- From Mike, Ridley High School, Ridley PA

My 10th grade semi's theme was a night in Las Vegas!!

-- From ANon, Shrewsbury High, Shrewsbury MA

Our theme is Hollywood we are goin' to have a ticket booth where you turn in your invitation. All of our chaperones are required to dress like Hollywood stars, or as paparatzi. We are rentin a spotlight for in front so that we have the full effect of Hollywood.

-- From Alicia, CCHS, Brooklyn MI

Last year our theme was 'Dressed to kill', which was kinda goth and gangsta centered. It was a cheap ball but that didnt matter coz in the end everything just let lose and went crazy having fun and stuff. I dunno what this years is, my mate wants is to be called 'Everything under the Sun' which would mean we would have random stuff all over the place. I think I'm gonnna agree with her!

-- From Ella, John Paul College, Rotorua NZ

Our prom theme last year was Wizard of Oz. I didn't go but I saw pictures and it was really cool. They made a yellow brick road and everything

-- From Amanda, VCHS, Oil City PA

Our prom theme was 'Bella Notte' (which is Italian for Beautiful Night). We got the name from the song of the same title in Disney's "Lady and the Tramp". It was held in an art museum with this insanely beautiful grand staircase. It proved to be a truly Bella Notte.

-- From Anon, , VA

Our theme this year is Candy Land. We've got these cut outs of all the characters and we've got the signs...the candy cane forest, the ice cream castle, the gingerbread tree, the ice cream sea, gum drop pass/bridge and even a really awesome colored walkway...its gonna be the best

-- From Anon, ,

Our theme this year is "The time of my life" from Dirty Dancing! I think it will be pretty awesome...

-- From Anon, , SD

Are prom theme is "heaven" for this year. It isn't that great, but next year the theme and song is going to be "A Moment Like This"! Now how CUTE is that!

-- From Sarah, Waubonsie Valley High, Aurora IL

Our theme for our Sophomore Dance was "Candy Land" it was really cute because they set up the gym like the game and had candy all over the walls and real candy you could eat. Our Junior Prom theme was "Marti Gras" which was also phat because we had glow sticks and necklaces.

-- From Michaela, Archbishop Prendergast High School, Drexel Hill PA

Last year ,(2002), our theme was "One in a Million", the colors were red black and silver, it was really pretty,but one of our seniors got in a car accident like that day and passed away soo no one was happy. The year our theme is either "We're in Heaven" or " A night in Heaven" our song is going to be Heaven (candlelight remix) by dj sammy and our colors are dark blue, light blue, silver, and white! i hope its fun!!!!!!!!!

-- From Macki, Cloverleaf High School, Lodi OH

Victorian Romance Our theme consists of alot of candles roses and draperies all in a nice victorian color and arrangement. Also we are having our prom in an old wine cellar building which dates back to 1862 in it's original stone work.

-- From Jessica, Port Clinton High School, Port Clinton OH


-- From Angie, , Brinkley AR

Our theme for this years grad is going to be Memories

-- From Chelsea, , Canada

well our prom doesnt have a "theme" yet..all i know is that its going to be on a cruise ship on the san fransicso bay...its gonna be so romantic i cant wait..

-- From Brittany, Los Banos High School, Los Banos CA

James bond

-- From Claire, Walton Le Dale High,

This year's prom theme is Midnight Magnolias-- it is gonna be a southern theme. We are planning to decorate it with gazebos and flowers. It will be sooo pretty!!!

-- From Amie, Athens Academy, Athens GA

This is my senior year and the theme for the 2003 prom that is being held in late May is "Captured in a Dream". Hopefully it will be the best prom since it is my last!

-- From Brittany, Clover High School, Clover SC

Our prom theme for this year is Asian......

-- From Megan, Greer High School, Greer SC

for our junior prom last year our theme was "A Knight To Remember" we built a castle in the building that we had it in we also had a garden after you walked over the moat that had real water under it. Then we also had a Knight in Shining Armor standing as you entered after you walked up the walk way with luminaries lighting the way. it was definately an amazing night and SO much fun!!

-- From Jordyn, North Boone High School, Poplar Grove IL

a night to remember

-- From Dominique, Truman, Taylor MI

The theme to my junior prom was "here's to the night". Our song was "Here's to the night" by Eve 6. The King and queen danced to Usher's "U got it bad". the decorations were an off white color and there were colums everywhere with lace hanging from the top of the colums. It was beautiful and i can't wait for our senior prom th

-- From Christina, Raymondville High School, Raymondville TX

Last year our presentation dance (V- Day Dance) was "Can't fight The Moonlight" named after the song by leann rimes from coyote ugly. Our colors were purple and silver. I was on the committee and i had to set up the giant silver moon for the pictures. the gym floor had a shiny silver paper to dance on. and we put a little bit of snow on the floor too. it was beautiful and it's a perfect idea for anyone who still needs a p

-- From Jaunita, Raymondville High School, Raymondville TX

The theme our junior class picked last year was Notte Bella a Venetzia... which means a beautiful night in venice. it was wonderful! one part of the gym was decorated like an old city street, the main part had a huge bridge with "water" coming out from under it, we had a villa for the food and throughout the round tables that were decorated with candles in old wine bottles were scattered lightposts... it was romatic and beautiful... our colors were creme and maroon :)

-- From Lisa, Steeleville High School, Steeleville IL

My junior year our theme was "A Rendezvous of Dreams."It was okay I guess but I dint like it that much.

-- From Shayna, Meadowdale High , Dayton OH

our senior prom theme was *drifiting on a memory* we all had a lot of them to it was the best senior class ever.

-- From Shante, Future Commons C/o 2001, Chicago IL

Our theme for Senior Prom this year is "A Night in Paris" Its going to be beautiful! I can't wait until May 10th!

-- From Lindsey, Landstown High School, Virginia Beach VA

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