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This years Prom theme is A Night Of Enchantment. It will be really great.

-- From Tracey, Summerville High School, Ridgeville SC

My prom is gonna be the best and it isn't the usual "Night in Paris" or "hollywood" or "Under the Stars" kinda theme. We've gotten an awesome one: "Sunset in Paradise" It's gonna be perfect!

-- From Girl, , in Canada

I am a senior, and our winter formal's theme was "Before Night Falls." We had our crowning in the school theater department's old-style auditorium, and the whole stage was decorated with white lights and waterfalls. After, crowning, we went to the gym, where there were blues and white balloons and white lights everywhere. It was beautiful.

-- From Juli, Jackson Senior High School, Jackson MO

fire and ice

-- From Jen , Fernely High , Fernely NV

Red Carpet Affair

-- From Krystle, Western Harnett High, Sanford NC

Mardi Gras!!

-- From Amanda, , OH

Last year our theme was a night at the oscars, we had security guards (for show) a red carpet fairy lights , stars , handprints and gave out oscars (spraypainted ken dolls) as awards during the night. we also made cut out oscars! this is a great theme if you get into it and make it work! good luck

-- From Jemma, Roxburgh Area High School, Roxburgh NZ

Prom is prom. It's the biggest thing next to the rival football game every year. Our school mascot is the knight. My school is good at the theme thing, but my all time favorite theme that has ever been done is "A Knight To Remember". After all, who will forget their first prom?

-- From Elizabeth, J.M.Hanks High School, El Paso TX

we thought that Barbie's Dream House Would Be Perfict for our PROM THEME Since we All Act Like BARBIES and Wear Lots of Makeup.

-- From Jennifer, Valley Springs High , Valley Springs AR


-- From Tia, Benton Harbor High, Benton Harbor MI


-- From Christa, Northwest High School, Cincinnati OH

A moment like this

-- From Jack, Foyil High School, Foyil OK

Hollywood Nights

-- From K.R., Mineola High, Mineola TX

i love my theme its called......moon rock candy!!!try it love ya all!!!!! carenia

-- From Carenia, Luxn Burge, Mt Forest

Edue la cite ( french for "goodbye to the city")

-- From , Coatesville Area High School, Coatesville PA

our theme this year it "masquerade" its gunna be awsome

-- From Belly, SHCH, Newmarket ON

I can't remember if we called it "a walk on the red carpet" or "night at the oscars" but it was wicked awsome. Everyone comes dressed up as their favorite movie character, actor, singer, cartoon... Alot of people shoed up as couples like Lucy and Ricki Recardo, Romeo and Juliet,Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit...This next prom will be " a midsummer nights dream" it will be a magical forest with animals and waterfalls, it will be out at Lake Harbor out side. Its gonna kick ass.

-- From Angela, CHS, ID

our prom theme is gonna be "midnight in Paris"!!! its so romantic, our teacher is buying us an eiffel tower thing and we have the best photographer in town. I am so excited!!! now all i need is a date!

-- From Andrea, St. Joseph Academy, Cleveland OH

On The Outside Looking In

-- From Ina, Washington High, Red Cloud NE

Our prom theme was sparkles. It was really kewl because there was lots of sparkles and glitter. Like everything had sparkles on it. Even our dresses i swear. we had so much fun. And after we wetn glow bowling, and glow bowling is kinda like sparkles cus it like shinny and stuff u know? Yeah it was like tot- ally sparkling fun.

-- From Seviny, Local Hawiian James Jefferson High, Holalulu HW

Sex and Love was chosen by the senior class officers of the prom committee.

-- From Abadia, Washington High School, Kansas City KS

The Love of Our Lives

-- From Krystal, LaSalle High School, St. Ignace MI

this year's jr/sr prom is "Once in a lifetime" The song for the prom is "Once in a lifetime" by Craig David. Our prom is being catered by some fancy restraunt and our colors are red, black, white, and

-- From Juanita, Raymondville High School, Raymondville TX

Hollywood Nights!

-- From Samantha, Gillespie High School, GIllespie IL


-- From Candace, South Amboy Middle School, South Amboy NJ

Paradise Awaits

-- From Darsenika, Jefferson County High , Wadley GA

Stairway to heaven colors are light blue and dark blue and silver

-- From Tywana, Rich East, Park Forest IL

Hey, Well i am a Senior this year at Alahmbra High School and I have been waiting for my day to come for 4 years and now it seems so perfect because of our theme. My Senior Prom 2003 theme is "We're In Heaven" and the colors are Wistika purple, Skyway Blue, and Silver.

-- From Lorraine, Alhambra High School, Alhambra CA

Our Prom theme last year was "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill from the movie Pearl Harbor. Our Colors were navy, marroon, and gold to sort of tie in with the movie. This year the theme is "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson. I wansnt too happy about this desicion b/c the song is wayyy too over played--but all in all I think our Prom is gonna rock! *Theme Picking Tip: Pick a Theme Song that's title can fit in the same as Main Theme! It Makes things Easy and It All Ties 2gether REALLY WELL!!!!* -*-JuLiE-*-

-- From Julie, Mt. Carmel High School, Mt. Carmel IL

"Heaven on Earth"

-- From Anon, Memorial High School, San Antonio TX

Are theme for prom 2003 is Golden Moments. I think it's stupid because I don't know what that has to do with it being are last year. i wante something like the last blast. because this is our last night together besides graduation. I don't know if i'm going to go or not. still in the decideing stages. but I better hurry up quick don't have much time left till prom.

-- From Randy, Eastern, Landsing MI

Candy Land, I'm not to thrilled by it because I awnted it to be something romantic, like enchanted forest or a night in MontyCarlo that would be cool

-- From Jessica, West Central Area, Hoffman MN

"A Night To Remember" our colors are blue, black, silver it was so pretty.

-- From Donalayha, Brunswick High, Brunswick GA

New World-New Start!Song Here I am by Brian Adams!Our colors are black,Baby Blue &Silver!OH!How pretty !

-- From Brookee, Canon Richards High, Flower's Cove NF

Well our theme is "it's our Time..." out colors are red & silver.

-- From Anon, Hollywood High, Hollywood CA

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Prom Night Drinking
~ Girls! ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
Not Drinking
Prom Night Drinking
~ Guys ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
Not Drinking
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