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My boyfriends prom that i will be attending picked rather unique prom colors, their colors are silver, metallic blue, and metallic purple

-- From Kendall, Webster County High, Strugis KY

A Native Paradisa- With Real life Palm trees and hybiscus all over the room. Vines hanging from the ceiling and incense and candels on every table.

-- From Melissa, Arizona Lutheran Academy, Tempe AZ

its still snowy and cold in wisconsin at prom time, so were doing a hollywood/tropical theme this year & it should be refreshingly cheery :D

-- From Jessamine, JHS, Jacksonville WI

our prom theme for this year was "dancin' in the moonlight". we had a starry background and a huge characterized moon. it was perfect and the song was not a boring i love you song it was upbeat and very cheery!!!

-- From Lauren, , Mobile AL

You Look Wonderful Tonight

-- From Kimberly, Marion Senior High School, Marion VA

This year we are juniors, so we hold the prom. It's tradition in our school for the Junior class to hold the prom for the Seniors. This year we chose "Tomorrow Never Dies" as the Prom Theme. It's a James Bond Theme. Our colors are red, black, and white and roses are our flowers. It's going to be a great PROM!

-- From Meg & Kate, Bellows Free Academy, Fairfax VT

a winter wonder land with a starry night

-- From Chantelle, St. Richards, Fairmont BC

An Enchanted Evening

-- From Malesha, North Myrtle Beach High, Little River SC

Our prom's theme is Mardi Gras. Our colors were very bright, We had lots of beads and awesome decorations! It's gonna be so tight!

-- From Erica & Michelle, MPCC, Zanesville OH

Our theme this year is "A midnight stroll through the city of lights" (Paris) I think that it will be beautiful , yet I'm not going because it's such a waste of money.

-- From Christina, Granbury High,

A night never forgotten

-- From Robert, De La Salle Institute, Chicago IL

this wasnt my prom theme, but my older sisters was "a night above the clouds" i think is sounds meaningful and it was decorated really pretty

-- From Lindsey, Southeastern High School, Springfield OH

Time Of Our Life

-- From Janet, Rowlett High School, Rowlett TX

Black and White

-- From Liz, Lakecity High School, Coeur d'Alene ID

Our theme for Prom '03 is "A Moment Like This." At first i thought it was kinda corny but after hearing bout the decorations i think it's gonna be pretty cool...hopefully!!!

-- From Cristy, Sheridan High School, Sheridan AR

Midnight Garden Romance

-- From Kristina, Chino High School Open Guard, Corona CA


-- From Ashley, Grafton High School, Grafton ND

Bed of Roses

-- From Bridget, Pocahontas High School, Pocahontas AR

Look at the Stars... from the song "Yellow" by Coldplay- soooo pretty!!!

-- From Courtney, Red Jacket Central, Shortsville NY

So for our prom (which is senior ONLY unless your were asked by a senior, and if you a soph or younger the upperclassmen would regulate) we were really trying to find an original theme. Most themes are corny and are always the typical "weekend in paris" or "night under the stars" or "hollywood" or worst of all "dreaming of you". so we were lucky enough to book the union station in the heart of portland. it was really cool because the begginning of the dance was signaled by the last train departing. So basically imagine a huge party in the middle of a train station. weird huh? but it was cool. the theme was A TICKET TO RIDE, and of course the song was a ticket to ride by the beatles

-- From R.B., Beaverton High School, Beaverton OR

Night in Central Park

-- From Meagan, Highland High School, McDowelf VA

Our theme is "IN THE NAME OF LOVE" and everyone is excited and ready for that special day to arrive.

-- From Naydean, Pointe Coupee Central High School, New Roads LA

IN 2002 the theme was ONCE UPON A TIME! It was really cute. When we took pictures it was like a fairy tale with Butterflies and flowers and everything. It was really nice!

-- From Sommer, Ponchatoula High School, Ponchatoula LA

Midnight in the Garden

-- From Carissa, Trion High School, Trion GA

Our school mascot is a knight so its tradition to use that in our theme, so this year ours is "Before Knight Falls."

-- From Binky Lee, Central High School, Grand Forks ND

Our prom theme is "Midnight Masquerade" and our colors are the mardi gras colors. It's gonna be real neat

-- From Grace, Arsenal Tech, IN

I am a senior and I can't wait to go to my prom in May. This years theme for the prom is with class honor and sophistication the class of 2003 has no limitation. I plan to wear a long grown this year and the color I am wearing is peach.

-- From Keela, Walbrook High School, Baltimore MD

"A moment like this" by American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, because "some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this".

-- From Janeth, Kearny High School, San Diego CA

Our theme this year is Enchanted Gardens i think its gonna be really pretty we havent picked a song yet and when i went to my boyfriends prom to tell you the truth i have no clue what the theme or song was i was just excited to be there lol

-- From Marissa, Plymouth South High School, Plymouth MA

Cinderella- All girls dream of being a princess, so for our prom all of us get to be one! Of course, Cinderella is our favorite!

-- From Anon, Charlottetown Rural High, Charlottetown PE


-- From , Hall-Dale High School, Hallowell ME

Before night falls!It has many diferent themes pulled into one.From a night garden scene,to roman colums, arabian (I dream of gene)cellings,shoting staars,and finally water falls.The combination may sound very strange but some how it works well. I'm sure that it well be fun night after the night falls and even when the dawn comes

-- From Krista, Odessa High School, Odessa TX

Our prom theme is "One Enchanted Evening". Our Favorites theme was "A Night to Remember". I think our prom theme is pretty!

-- From Rachel, Greenville High School, Greenville TX

Our ball theme in 2001 was MOULIN ROUGE. The ballroom was decked out in crimson red with red roses handed out to every girl. On the tables we had handmade chocolates and red heart shaped soaps as favours. The guys of the committee were made to play out 'Lady Marmalade' as the opening act! Going with the Risque theme, we even had a lingerie company donate spot prizes!

-- From Anon, , Aukland NZ

Midnight in Manhattan

-- From April, Guthrie High School, Guthrie OK

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
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