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Our theme is going to be "An Enchanted Evening", its going to be held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim! I can't wait to go! Its my senior year,so I know its going to be special.

-- From Racell, Sherman Indian High School, Riverside CA

I went to my boyfriend's prom back on May 19th, 2001. I don't go to that school, but the prom was great. The theme of the prom was "I couldn't ask for more" I am going to my prom this year and I have no clue what the theme is. I hope my prom is just as good as my boyfriend's was. Mine is May 31, 2003. It's gonna be great!

-- From Kimberly, Thomas A. Edison High School, Elmira NY

Our theme this year is "A Walk Through A Dream" and our colors are Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Silver.

-- From Ana, Godby High, Tallahassee FL

Blue Lagoon

-- From Kristine, , New York NY

This year the junior senior prom theme is A Midsummer Nights Dream.The colors are a light mint green and white i personaly think its going to be horrible, because nobody knows what they are doing, and i don't like the colors at all

-- From Anon, Masco, MA

Last year our theme was "Here's to the Night" with our song being "Here's to the Night." The colors were sunset colors. This year the theme is "A night on the town" with the colors being white, black, silver, and a hint of red.

-- From Angel, Republic High, Republic MO

Roses in the moonlight

-- From Josephine, Oceanside High School, Oceanside CA

Our prom last year was at the Florida Aquarium, and our theme was a night beneth the waves, we had a fun song, (under the sea) and we had a serious song, but i don't remember the serious one. Our prom this year is at a hotel, and our theme is A Moment Like This.

-- From Karen, Pasco High, Dade City FL

Our Jr. Sr. prom theme this year is "You Look Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. And our colors are black, white, and baby blue!! so cute!!

-- From Savannah, Guntersville High School, Guntersville AL

Our theme was " A Knight of Enchantment" and yes, knight is spelt correctly. We incorperated a mid- evil theme with it, including castles, forests, and all the other pretty fixings.

-- From Katie, Osseo-Fairfield High School, Osseo WI


-- From Lisa, Charlotte Forten Academy, Detroit MI

we had many many ideas for our theme this year. jurassic park,under the sea,punk,goth,beauty and the beast,our futures ours to see in 2003. the one we decided on first was A WALK TO REMEMBER. but then just today we decided to change it to A MOMENT LIKE THIS. our song for our dates is probably going to be A MOMENT LIKE THIS by kelly clarkson and our colors were going to be BLACK WHITE AND SILVER (i know is sounds horrible but it looks soooooo pretty) but now they're FUSHIA,BLUE,and SILVER. we still need to decide on our grandmarch song and our song for our dance with our parents. i think that song is going to be I'll be by reba macintyre. I CAN'T WAIT

-- From Secret, Memorial Composite High School, Sydney Mines NS

I didn't take us long to pick out our prom theme. Infact, the guys pick ours out. And I think that they did an awesome job! So here it is: Tonight's Dreams, Tomorrow's Memories! Thanx Guys!!!!!!!!!

-- From Emily, St. Mary's, O'Neill NE

"Time Of Our Lives"

-- From Sophia, Antioch High School, Antioch CA

Last year's theme was "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and I heard it was really nice. This year's is "An Evening in Central Park", which sounds very interesting.

-- From Nick, Clearwater High, Clearwater FL

Our prom will... chessey enough as it is... be "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson... I'm sure this is along with 50 million other schools in the nation.

-- From Jenny, Soddy Daisy High School, Hixson TN

Our theme this year is "Today's dreams, Tomorrow's memories". Our colors are black, silver and periwinkle. We're having our picture taken on an arched bridge with a dark blue background w/ silver stars on it. It's going to look so pretty. I can't wait for prom this year!!

-- From Michelle, Ausable Valley Central High, Ausable Forks NY

Our school is extremely small.To help explain how small it is there is only 61 kids in my graduating class. But our theme this year is a walk in the garden.

-- From , Souther Wells, Poneto IN

this year our theme was 'when i see you smile'

-- From , MHS, Honolulu HI

Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill, its the song in the movie Casper, when he finally becomes a real person at the Halloween party

-- From Lauren, Bangor High School, Bangor PA

Our prom theme this year is "Serendipity:A Night In New York" We're going to have a whole Central Park thing with trees,flowers,benches, etc.The school's art department painted a huge mural of the New York skyline.

-- From Courtney, Hoover High School, Birmingham AL

This is my senior year and every year the juniors "throw" the prom for the seniors. Our theme last year for our senoirs was "Frozen in Time". We had a blue backdrop witha white castle in the clouds. This year's theme for us seniors is "Belle Nota", which means Beautiful Night in Italian. The back drop is a riveara in Italy with a gondala. I can't wait to go.

-- From Crystal , C.E.Byrd High School, Shreveport LA

Last year our theme was "Can't fight the moonlight" and this year our theme is "A moment like this." At first i was a little upset b/c i thought it sounded so stupid but as i heard about the decorations i think it's gonna be pretty cool.

-- From Cristy, Sheridan High School, Sheridan AR

The theme for our senior prom this year is "Come Away With Me." The decorations are all oriental. We have hand made lanterns as centerpieces with little bamboo charm plants. The theme will be made in kanji and attached to the backdrop. Our colors are mellow green, gold, and copper. It should be really great. It's a lot of fun to go with the whole oriental theme because you can do so much with it. Having original dresses, dressing up like China dolls, carrying around fans and using chopsticks in our hair, it's all good. The g double o d kind.

-- From Anna-Victoria, George Washington, Mangilao GU

My junior year the theme for our prom was "Wonderful Tonight" which happens to be me and my boyfriends song. This year I'm not sure what it is I graduated early and I haven't heard yet.

-- From Aimee, Hamilton Heights, Atlanta IN

Let's see last years formal was 'This Side Of Midnight' not sure about prom, this years formal was 'Marti Gras Madness' and prom is 'Viva Las Vegas'... I went to Clovis Wests formal and it was 'Once Upon A Time'. Marti Gras madness was adorable... very colorful and wild to say the least. And the las vegas prom should be way cute. They got miniature las vegas hotel/casino signs that light up and a vegas backdrop to do picks... they are having cardboard elvis and other famous people that played often in vegas around so you can get snap shots with them. also slot machine that run off of tokens and cool stuff like that

-- From Ashley, Buchanan High, Clovis CA

i am a freshmen at cranberry and my boyfriend is a senior. the theme this year is "mardigra". it is going to be awsome we are going to be have mardigra masks and beads and everything just like at mardiga.this is my first prom so i am so excited. my dress is two different colors of purple and it fits the theme perfectly because of the beads on it. we are haveing a hyptnotist, magician, and many games.

-- From Alison, Cranberry Jr/Sr High, Cranberry PA

Our prom, which is May 3, 2003, prom theme will be "Night on the Red Carpet. Our comittee, including me, chose it. Our school is a performing and visual arts high school, so the theme is appropiate. We haven't had it yet, but we are going to have a long red carpet, with volunter underclassmen snapping pictures and having flashing going off being "paparazzi". I'm not sure yet what else will happen, but after the prom, I'll let you know how it went. :)

-- From Deltoiya, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jacksonville FL

Ever lasting Dreams.

-- From Britney, Arkansas School for the Blind, Little Rock AR

When I was a senior. Our prom theme was the "Garden Of Dreams" the colors were white and gold. We had a bridge that led into the entrance of the hall. We had a gazebo inside the armory with many plants and a picket fence to create a garden.

-- From Katrina, Hardee Senior High, Wauchula FL

a night in paris is our theme for our senior prom

-- From Angie, Toms River High School East, Toms River NJ

This year our senior prom theme for 2003 is the Last Dance. Our Song is "Movin on" ny Rascal Flatts. Our colors are black and white! It's going to be fun!

-- From Britney, Lake City high School, Coeur d'alene ID

Swinging to the oldies

-- From Margie, Camden's Promise Charter School, Camden NJ

"Garden Of Dreams"

-- From Christy, San Carlos High , San Carlos AZ

Our them this year is "Moonlight Stroll Through Central Park". Our whole gym is going to be made into New York City. It's crazy.

-- From Michael, Claymont, Uhrichsville OH

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