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western theme

-- From Justin, Gage High, Gage OK


-- From Star, VHS, Valdosta GA

our theme is a night in paradise and we are getting palm trees with lights all oround the ball room and the center peices are going to be vases filled with sand and whit flowers etc .. its gonna be a great nite

-- From Jess, Villanova High School, Windsor ON

Mardi Gras

-- From Jarod, Sydney High School, Sidney NE

the eve 6 song "here's to the night" colors - blue and silver!

-- From Kelly, Newmarket High School, Newmarket NH

Since my high school is very small (96 people through out) everyone voted and had their input on what the theme for senior prom would be. It ended up being a heveanly type walk on clouds thing and it was great! Everything was white a gorgous and the place we had rented had huge floor to ceiling windows overlooking the river!It was a night i will never forget!

-- From Catherine, Jeremiah High School, Las Vegas NV

"unforgettable" by nat king cole

-- From Tiffany, Mount Carmel High, San Diego CA

My prom is next week, and I am so wierded out. I am excited but a litle terrified in the way. I know in the end I will have a joyous night and a night i will rememeber for the years to come. Celebrity is my theme.

-- From Laura, Corsicana High School, Corsicana TX

A cool Prom theme would consist of punk and rock styles, with a really cool punk/rock band. The ceiling would be of red and black lights, the walls and elegnant statues would have fake flames bursting up on them. There should be black gates and gargoyles and of course the punk/rock band on the stage in the room. The gates would have black roses dangling on them (obviously they would be fake). Just all the cool dark punk looks.

-- From Akir, , Mooresville NC

2002 Theme: A Walk To Remember

-- From , Lake Benton High, Lake Benton MN

Our theme this year is "In the Still of the Night" set "In the City." We're going to walk the red carpet, etc. Our colors are silver, red and black.

-- From Cortney, Graves County High, Mayfield KY

our theme for prom this year is "a moment like this," with Kelly Clarkson's song. I'm excited for it!

-- From Erica, WHS, St. Louis MO

Our prom theme this year is "A Walk Down Memory Lane". When we bought our prom tickets, we got to choose what table we wanted to sit at, and the tables are themed with things from our childhoods, like "Care Bears" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". We also submitted baby pictures so that we can see what our friends looked like when they were young.

-- From Heather, Cedar Cliff High School, Lemoyne PA

Well I got invited to go to Prom this year because I am only a junior and we have Senior Prom at my school and our theme was' "NEW YORK NEW YORK!" It was a wonderful night! Our colors were black, red, white, and silver! on the walls there were black buildings with lights on the tops of them as if they were real! The dance floor had lighted trees on the corners with helium balloons and stars hanging from the ceiling with on the top of the walls there was red lace hanging with the sign New York New York on it! The tables had a center piece with a floating candle with glitter all over! It was wonderful seeing how I have never been to New York it felt like I was!

-- From Jenair, Cooper High School, Abilene TX

the theme was starlit nights our colors were midnight blue and silver with all the girls were waring midnight blue dresses and silver jewlry and the men were waring black tuxes

-- From Anon, VVJHS, San Bernardino CA

Wonderful Tonight

-- From Nichole, Fisher High School, Fisher MN

our theme is the midnight maskqerade ball and it really sucks little cuz we had that for homecoming last year and i thought it was at first Hollywood but there was alot of boos over it and we had that for ladies night so i dunno hope it will be fun our prom is in May 3......

-- From Natasha, Westfield High School, Houston TX

Downtown austin that is our theme but its 2003 that is my boyfriends prom not mine .Mine is 2004 next year . well it will be pretty b/c downtown in austin is prettyand it will be a wonderful night i can't wait to see it GO AUSTIN HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03 AND 04

-- From Brandi, Austin High School, Austin TX

A Night In Paris

-- From Kelly, Eastern Wayne High, Goldsboro NC

Midnight Blue and Silver. So romantic

-- From Ellen, Albemarle, Charlotte NC

"A night in the rainforest"its going to be sooo awsome.....there is going to be water falls, a tiki place where we eat, a aligator in the water, ....in the hall way(where we walk in) its going to be like your walking through a rainforest with the trees and painted animals.....the picture place where we are going to take our pictures its going to have a swing where the gurls sit and the boys stand next to the its going to be decorated with real planet fake parits and butter flys i cant wait and also it was my IDEA. i cANT WAIT

-- From Danielle, DTS, NJ

Our junior prom theme was "A Night with the Stars" and it was an entire theme based on Hollywood. The entire place was decorated with Golden Globes, Academy Awards, the hollywood sign, a red carpet, and the court came out of a limosine. It was incredible and it was something totally wild!

-- From Kirsten, Winneconne High, Winniconne WI

Mardi Gras

-- From Hilary, Windham High School, Windham CT

our theme is a hollywood night and as every one is walking in there will be a red carpet for us to walk on.

-- From , Poteet High School, Poteet TX

A Punk Prom with punk music no one comes with a date have punk band's play you have to dress like a punk or for those who are, dress casuall

-- From Gwen, Collins hill High School, Lawrenceville GA

Our theme this year(2003) is "Two to Tango" I am not sure what the colors are though! But i thought the theme was pretty cool..

-- From Megan, Sonoma Valley High School, Sonoma CA

This year I am a Sophomore and my boyfriend is a senior. The theme is "Diamonds Are Forever." The theme is fun and totally relates to many of our seniors.

-- From Destiny, Curtis High School, University Place WA

Our Prom theme is Dancing in the Moonlight. It will be held at the Gaston County country club. I am very excited because this is my senior prom and I am going with the the perfect guy for a perfect night, my boyfriend and best friend, Adam. I know he will make my last prom the best it can be.

-- From Melissa, North Gaston High School, Gastonia NC

Our Leavers' Ball (thats what we call it here!) is the biggest thing in our school. A few years ago the theme was the Oscars and there were huge oscars made and the whole hall was covered with film posters. This year our theme is 18th century Paris- with the main themes being 'truth, beauty, freedom and love' its so weird to have a song as a theme- no-one at all does that here!

-- From Rosie, Kings', UK

Our theme is Memories of Tonight song- Beautiful As You and colors-pink, burgundy, and creme

-- From Mem, West Allegheny, McDonald PA

"Night at the Oscars," the theme is to have everything looking very hollywood like. Create the hollywood walk of fame with all the graduates names on each of the stars, and of course a red carpet!!!

-- From Britney, ,

Our theme for this year is "Unforgettable" by Frank Sinatra. The dance is in May, 2003. I am a sophmore and it is my first year for prom and I am going with my really good friend so it sounds like its going to be a lot of fun. Prom is also going to be like right on the beach and you can take a little cruish around the harbor which is really nice!

-- From Ana, El Segundo High, El Segundo CA

"Two Of Hearts" the theme is actually Las Vegas but we took it a step farther... our song is only hope by mandy moore... for decorations... we're decorating the gym with all of the signs of vegas and on one wall there are giant king and queen of hearts signs with the names of the ppl on court and surrounding them are pairs of dice with the names of all of the couples on grand march... i can't wait... then post prom ( thrown by the seniors) is "animal House" like the movie. TOGA PARTY!!!! fun fun fun

-- From Kristi, BDHS, Beaver Dam WI

A walk to remember

-- From Kim, Holy Name Convent Secondary, Trinidad

Your wildest dream you decorate everything in clouds,stars,hearts,and love toys like hearts and prizes but this is an 8th grade prom the first ever at Mosaica Academy of Saginaw and I am planning it cool huh?

-- From Pajamas, Mosaica, Saginaw MI

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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