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This year I planned the sophomore dance. The theme was intitled "Rendez- Vous a Paris" We built a 17 foot eiffel tower. Our theme colors were red, black, and gold. The room turned out to be breathe taking.

-- From Kelsey, North Penn high School, North Penn PA

Our Theme Is Gonna Be "What Dreams May COme"

-- From Jennifer, San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, San Diego CA

"Mesmerized" was our theme. It's the Ja Rule and Ashanti song. It was a really good night. The theme just made everything come together well. It was off the heezy-fer-sheezy!

-- From Megan, Kamehameha Secondary, Hawaii HI

Fairwell to the City

-- From Stephanie, Coatesville Area Sr. High, Coatesville PA

The Junior Class came up with the theme of "Bright Lights, Big City". It has te ideals of a New York City nightclub. We have the outline of the New York skyline on one wall and the brooklyn bridge on another. Totally cool.

-- From Katie, Bradford Area High School, Bradford PA

Our prom theme is "An Enchanted Evening" Its going to be held at the Disneyland Hotel on the 16th of May!!! I think its going to be really fun!

-- From Racell, Sherman Indian High School (boarding school for native americans only), Riverside CA

This year for my Junoir Prom we're having the Theme "Under the Sea with 2003" I think its kinda cute, we're not having anything too extravagant (Don't know if thats spelled right) it's just sposed to be a night of fun! :)

-- From Meghan, Lewisporte Middle School, Lewisporte NL

Our theme for the Junior/ Seniour prom is "Escape to Paradise". This is my first year in Paulsboro and i'm a Junior. I'm very excited to see all my new friends all dressed up. And i wish everyone good times at their proms.

-- From Stephanie, Paulsboro High School, Paulsboro NJ

our theme is "A wave of dreams" and it is on a boat. the boat moves around a harbor .

-- From Steph, Workman High School, Los Angeles CA

My prom theme was "Winter Wonderland." It was so beautiful....the colors were lt. blue, white, and silver. Snowflakes were hanging from the ceiling and their were icicle and christmas lights hanging from the walls. everything was so beautiful.

-- From Mikayla, ,

A night under the stars. Being held at a country club, with white, silver and Navy being the colors. Sooo romantic.

-- From Alyssia, Spring Valley High School, Pearl River NY

The prom theme that we had last year in 2002 was "A Star Spangled Night". It was the best. Stars, streamers, flags, balloons. It was awesome. Now since I'm a senior and getting ready for my final prom in 2 weeks (may 23rd,2003), the prom theme that was chosen by the Junior Class is "When in Rome". We'll see how that one turns out.

-- From Melissa, Fox Chapel Senior High, Pittburgh PA

hi im a junior this year and im soo excited to be going to the prom althrough i dont have a date but its all good still because im going with my best friends and ill have a great time well anyways our prom theme is "wishing on a star" which i think is really a romatic theme

-- From Brittny, Keyser High School, Keyser WV

"A Moment Like This" was our theme. It was held at International Market Square, it was pretty fun.

-- From Angela, Elk River High School, Elk River MN

HollyWood Movie Premiere...I was in attendance at this years senior prom and it turned out great.The colors were Red, Black and Silver. As you walked into the hall there were a series of brick arches over head as you walked down the red carpet. There were cameras set up along the ledges giving off the feeling of elegance and being famous. It was awesome. There were silver stars all around the hall and the center pieces had silver stars as the base w/ a movie real that had film wrapped around it. It was Great...

-- From Vanessa, Holmes High School, San Antonio TX

This years Theme was "Save The Best For Last" and was held at a beach hotel. The colors were black, white and red. Prom was cool but i think its too over rated.

-- From Heather C/O 2003, Hilltop High, GO LANCERS , San Diego CA

Electric Streets. You have black lights and stuff and you were hot colors. It is NICE!!

-- From Kellster, Liberty High School, Bakersfield CA

Our Grad is coming up and we are covering the whole cieling with drapes and the our theme is ON THE EDGE OF A DREAM. i think that it will be great our grad song is Dreaming of you . by Selena

-- From Lindsey, Heinsburg Community School, Heinsburg AB

Prom 2003 A Night to Remember. Our colors are silver, blue, and white. I will tel you how it went later

-- From Kristen, Elk Grove Village High, Elk Grove Village IL

Our Junior Prom theme is "Mardi Gra" its definitally gonna be fun. And our colors are Purple gold and green. But were all gonna have an awsome nite!!:)

-- From Lil Raider, Washington Academy, East Machias ME

The class of 2003 senior prom theme at York High(as it is called)is ONCE IN A LIFETIME.

-- From Nicole, William Penn Sr. High, York City PA

well we r the class of 2003 so our theme is "2003 leagues under the sea" its next week and im so excited cause im running for prom court...wish me luck!

-- From Nicole, Cooper City High School, Cooper City FL

A moment like this

-- From Danielle, McCreary Central High School, Pine Knot KY

for our homecoming theme it was "A DREAM TO REMEMBER" and the theme song was DREAMIN' OF YOU - SELENA. then our junior/spring prom theme was "A NIGHT ON THE NILE" and our senior ball theme was "END OF THE ROAD" and the theme song for that was END OF THE ROAD - BOYS II MEN. it was just o0ber-FuN =P!

-- From Lisa, Hazen High School, Renton WA

It was "Sail Away," and it was at the beach at the Balboa Pavillion. There was a boat called the Queen that gave harbor tours and everyone got a keepsake candle with "sail away, prom 2002" and a boat on it

-- From Alyse, Whittier Christian High School,

Last year for our junior prom our theam was winter in New York. It was pretty, each table was a differnt street in new york, and the background for our pictures were the sky line with the WTC painted in it, for remeberance of 9/11. It was very nice.

-- From Jenn, River Dell HS, Oradell NJ

This year's prom theme is "A Night at the Oscars." It is really cool its very elegant and there is a huge sign that says Hollywood.

-- From Christie, Clinton High, Clinton NY

I went to prom my freshmen year and the theme was"A Night In Hollywood" The colors were Gold Black and Silver. It was awesome! They had ballons everywhere and silver stars hanged from the ceiling! Then at the end they handed out scene changer key chains! (what they use to make movies) This years theme is "A Night at The Ball" the colors are light blue, white and purple i do believe. My dress is like cinderellas!! hehe:)

-- From Brittany, Findlay High School, Findlay OH

Time of your life

-- From Amanda & Amy, Cocalico High, Denver PA

This year's Prom theme is "Guys and Dolls." Quite cute

-- From Christine, Holy Child, Potomac MD

Our prom theme this year was "Serendipity" it was sooo amazing!!

-- From , Mountain Pointe High, Phoenix AZ

well im probly the only non- american in here but oh well. last year our theme for the ball was Eyes Wide Shut(a masquerade) it was okay, but this year the theme is 1930's Gangster- Mystery Ball, the colours are: Royal Blue, black and silver.we will be having it at a big hall with a bar on the side, and the photos will consist of: a big round table, with cards,drinks, cigars, casino chips etc, and our partners will have guns (fake of course) as props, us girls get to wear a pretty 30's hat if we like. it sounds like fun, and i cant wait! hailee from the big country NEW ZALAND ROX!

-- From Hailee, Turakina Girls College, Palmy NZ

The 2003 theme for our school is "A Starry Night" The colors we picked for the prom are silver and pearl pink. We are going to decorate both of the dance floors with ballon's above them and have these 3ft silver stars throughout the place. For our centerpieces we chose to have these cool bowls filled with water and a star floating candle in each of the bowls. At the bottom of each one of the bowls we will place these white sparkle gems. This should be one of Sanborn's best proms!

-- From Jon, Sanborn Regional High School, Newton NH

Hollywood Style

-- From Yaciel, Perth Amboy High School, Perth Amboy NJ

our prom theme for my junior- senior prom was "The Time of My Life" and our song was the one from Dirty Dancing "I've had the time of my life" and it was true i did have the time of my life it was a great night for everyone and we all cried at the end because all of the seniors were leaving how sad but it was a great night

-- From Bridgette, Gibbs High School, Knoxville TN

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
~ Guys ~
1. You plan to drink:
A little
Get smashed
2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
Hotel Room
Alone with date
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