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ok girls i got you all beat for a winter theme ok check this out the theme is A kiss of ice in a moonlit paradise or A kiss of ice in a moonlit winters paradise or frozen artic dreams

-- From Brian Jacob, Medical lake Wa, wa Spokane

This year our school's theme is: Red Carpet Affair. Our color scheme is red, black and gold, and we are having it in an old factory, with tons of decorations... we can't wait!

-- From Ashley Pennington, Ravenwood High School, Brentwood TN

Last year we called our prom "Moonlight Serenade". I thought that it was a really good one too. I think we had like a guy going around playing a mandaline thingie and it was very Italian themed.

-- From Robby, Victory Christian Schools, Roseville CA

"La Lumier Da Pari" (The Lights of Paris) was our theme a few years ago. I thought that it was great. The colors were like black and gold and i htink white. It pretty easy cuz we could include the Eiffel Tower in our decorations and yah i think averyone liked it alot.

-- From Robby, Victory Christian Schools, Roseville CA

our theme was "captured in a dream" our colors were shades of blue. We created a little tunnel you had to walk through.We had a waterfall and we set up pillars everywhere. We let long pieces of different shades of blue and white fabric fall from the ceiling on to the dance floor. It was so beautiful

-- From nisha, san carlos high school, san carlos az

I went to a semi formal last year with my friend in La Grange. the theme was Mardi Gras. I had fun but the decorations SUCKED!!

-- From Ali, Weimar High School, Weimar TX

A Midnight Stoll in Paris.. we're gonna have an Eiffle Tower, the Louvre, and we're using passports for tickets. It's gonna be so cool, I can't wait!!

-- From Katie, , NJ

This year we are doing Sunset over the Nile which is an Egyptian theme.For our Grand March we will have a sphnix you walk through and two pyramids, one of which you walk through. We will also have a sunset made by colored lights which is going to look sweet. We will also have The Nile running about which you walk on. It is going to look pimp.

-- From Jeff, Columbiana High School, Columbiana OH

This year for our homecoming theme, it was Lost in a Fairytale.........we had some other options like Under a Harvast Moon or Black Sails Under the Sunset (??)But we really want to get a cool theme for this years Snowball( winter formal).....??

-- From H., Cheney High School, Cheney, wa

Take me out to the ball game It was our sadie Hawkins dance theme. Every one dresses up in their favorite sports outfits

-- From Boris , Fort Vancouver , Vancouver wa

My school doesn't decide until the last minute, but if I had my way I would have an everything Frank Sinatra theme because he is excellent to play at any dancing occasions and he is ever so much more classy than any pop song within the past decade.

-- From Tiffany Jewell, Avon High School, Avon IN

Midnight Fantasy~~~~ The walls were black and had sparky stars all over....there was a high disco ball like star hanging from the cealing....it wasnt bad..but could have been better....

-- From Kristina, Burchell High School, Wasilla Ak

Our Winter Formal theme this year is "Dancin' In the Moonlight". I think it is adorable, and I've heard the decorations are going to be fabulous.

-- From Angie, Modesto High School, Modesto CA

We really captured the seniors' ideas this year for something really pretty and formal. Our theme is "Diamonds Are Forever".Our colors are black, silver, and sapphire blue. The seniors are all really happy with our decisions. it will be soooo much better than last years.

-- From Michelle Gilbert, Bellevue East High School, Bellevue Ne

Midnight Masquerade

-- From Cassandra, Massaponax High, Fredericksburg VA


-- From Amanda, , AZ

The themes that I like are "I could not ask for more" and "Amazed by you". I think these go so well for senior proms cuz they are really cute and we couldn't ask for more than graduating at the end of the year. I am on the prom committee at my school and in charge of themes. I am looking so forward to prom!

-- From Ashley, CCHS, IL

Hard Rock Cafe

-- From Jennifer, ,

our theme this year is "Enchanted Evening in Paris"

-- From Puna, Sacred Hearts Academy, Honolulu HI

The theme for prom this year is "Havana Nights"

-- From Crystal, ,

Our theme was Mardi Gras and the decorations turned out great. W

-- From B. Creese, Neshannock, New Castle PA

last year we did Mardi gras for our homecoming theme and it was a bad idea. instead of looking like mardi gras it looked like barneys birthday party. so to all who wan to do this be careful on using to much purple and green

-- From sandra, *****, ********

A couple neat themes my school did were "Jungle Boogie", "Viva Las Vegas", and "Black Tie".

-- From Stacey, , IL

This year our Junior class is giving the senior class a prom they will never forget with... Dirty Dancing "Havannah Nights" a totally cuban theme.

-- From Lindsey, Life Christian, St. Louis MO

A Walk to Remember....they used pastel colors.

-- From Emily , Central Lee High School, Donnellson Ia

Our theme for our prom this year is " Time of Your Life " and i think its gonna be an awesome prom!!!!!

-- From Amanda, Simi Valley High School, SImi Valley CA

My sister was on the Prom committee and their theme was "Only Hope." It turned out really great and the decorations were a forest green and black and we had a staircase where we walked down. It looked awesome!

-- From LaWs GiRl, North Sevier High School, Salina Ut

These aren't necessarily for Prom, but for Homecoming, Sweethearts, or any other dance. In the past we've had: "We're in Heaven" by Bryan Adams, "OnlyYours"(which was really 'only hope' from a Walk to Remember), "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra, "When You Love Someone" by Bryan Adams, and "When I Fall in Love (It Will Be Forever)" by Celine Dion and Clive Griffin, off the Sleepless in Seattle Soundtrack. "At the Beginning" from the Anastasia Soundtrack.

-- From Laura, Fremont Baby!!, Ogden UT

Cinderella--Til the Stroke of Midnight

-- From Allison, MV, IA

"A night in Venice"

-- From Karen Nihipali, Kahuku High School, Laie HI


-- From jen, jdhs, springfield nj

Hollywood. Secret Garden. Midsummer Nights / magical

-- From jacintha, central campus, fresno ca

Our theme this year was "CRMS presents, a black and white affair" it was really cool! EVERYTHING was black and white.. even some of the food items.

-- From Halley, CRMS, Aspen Co

we had a beautiful and awesome theme it was a night by the sea. It was so romantic and it was a lot of fun we used baby blue and silver as our colors

-- From cindi, the oaks, Houston tx

My school has had some pretty good themes for formal dances. This year for homecoming we had "Night At The Roxbury." We made the gym look like a nightclub and had glowsticks and stuff like that on the tables. We also had 2 chaperones dress up as bouncers. The song was of course "What Is Love" by Hadaway. It was one of the best dances. In the past, we've done "Unleash The Dragon", "Paradise Island", and "Mardi Gras" For winter weekend we want to do "Las Vegas," but we're not allowed because it promotes gambling....riiight. Last year we did "Happy Days" and had a '50s theme. The DJ played a few oldies once in awhile, and we a had hula hoop contest. It was the best dance, but only because of the decorations. The year before we did "Ice Ice Baby." It was a pretty big hit.

-- From AT, , NY

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