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Our prom theme this year is "Mardigras Madness" its gonna be awesome...we have a bunch of beads to thow off the second floor...and kool lookin masks!

-- From Jessica Eads, RULH , Ripley OH

This year our school is going for "Red Carpet Affair"....I like it...it's kind of scandalous...it was a tough choice......."Under the Sea" and "On Top of City Lights" (A roofttop theme) were in the running too....

-- From Kyra Ann, BHS, Beaver OK

Our theme is Diamond Dreams which i think will be the cutest since this is my Junion Prom and we have so great ideas fo so i hope it'll be a wonderful night

-- From Ashley, Varina High School, Richmond Va

Our theme last year was "Enchanted Forest." The whole gym was decorated in pale purple and white. There was a castle with a big, realistic looking dragon guarding it. We also had a waterfall and balloon trees. One side of the gym had a huge clock tower that read midnight. The upper balcony had decorated tables and there were lights and tiny mirrors strung from the ceiling to make it resemble a fancy restaurant. All the decorating took about a week but turned out really good. This year the theme is something to do with Paris and should turn out really good also!

-- From TJ, CCHS, VA

Well we don't really have a theme yet, but I think that a "havannah nights" theme would rock. We can have the whole cuban club scene with " dance like this " as our theme song. Now that's hott!

-- From Sarah, Parkview Highschool, Lilburn Ga

Our theme this year is "For your eyes only" its a James Bond theme. The only colors are black and white with red roses as accents. we also got an Aston Martin to be parked in the lobby for everyone to have their picture taken in. The hotel that is hosting prom is making us an ice sculpture that says 007. And we got our tech theaterdepartment to make us large cut out shillouettes

-- From Ian Miller, Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill NC

spring fling i know it sounds kinda weird but its not actually prom its sady hawkinsits gonna be in a pril so the whole spring thing tied in , but if any1 knows any good fun spring type themeswrite me at hello_kitty_128@yahoo.com

-- From arianna, bowling green, franklinton la

Last year as a junior we decided to have Mardigras as a them. It was really nice. We used green, purple, and gold as the main colors. I think that was the best theme yet at my school. This year the juniors picked something awful. A Western theme. Most of the juniors and seniors didnt like that idea. So we all decided to write a petition and get it changed. It is in the process now. We are trying to get it to be Hawaiian,and get real hula dancers. I think it would be fun. Oh yea,EVERYONE have a very nice and fun prom this year. Cause Seniors this is our last one. Make it the best!

-- From Ashlee, Indiahoma High School, Lawton Ok

Somthing to remember. Our school colors are red and white but dont have to be that color. Something not to classy but not to oldie. A elegant prom.

-- From Moya Marks, Northside High School, Fort Smith AR

in my school the theme is a song, so my junior year i named the theme it was "Always and Forever" by Heatwave...its a very nice song its kind of old but still its a great theme and song. i recommend that song

-- From Eugene, Somerville High, Somerville NJ

the theme is a night in paradise and it's decorated with tiki torches and water founrains the dj stand is a neat tiki hut and everyone gets a lay

-- From savannah, carlisle county high, bardwell ky

This is my first prom 2005. Our theme is a night under the stars. Everything is blue with a big moon and star on the ground and stars hanging from the ceiling. It's going to be pretty when we start decorating.

-- From Courtney, Ferriday High School, Ferriday La

our school has always had voting for a theme song, this year there were so many choices, my choice was "forever young", but insted my voted along with my other fellow lunch table sitters were out voted with a song by green day " time of our lives" which was my second choice so i am happy and not that is our theme... and our theme song or somthing like that.

-- From Holly Kuehnke, RAHS, reedsburg WI

OKay so i'm in grade 8, not really prom but grad, anyways the theme is Las Vegas! it will totally rock because it's gonna be like a cokctail party and it works because we're all totally dressed for it! Also we came up with Glitz & Glam which would have been fun too with all the sparkles and stuff!

-- From Tori, CCPS, Caledon On

A night at the oscars, Pharoah Splender (egyption,)...just to name a few

-- From milo, IHM, Cicero IL

Our theme for our prom this year is Bon Voyage; it is a cute theme because our prom will take place on a boat. The invitations will be passports and we will be able to put i-zone picture stickers in it. After the prom we will hang out on City Island for a little bit playing a game similar to that of the great race, where we will get into groups of four and sent on a scavenger hunt all over the Island. I am so excitied!

-- From Ashlee, New Covenant Christian, Lebanon PA

our theme this year is really stupid & like everyone is so mad about it. it is called "indian gardens" sorta' like in aladdin

-- From , Bottineau H.S, Bottineau ND

The theme last year for my school's prom was "A Moment Like This," it was very nice, they decorated it as if they were in a park and they had a fountain, this year the theme is "A Kiss From A Rose" it is going to be so elegant!

-- From Beth, ,

"Paseo de Amor"- Walk of Love

-- From Bridget, Etiwanda, Alta Loma Ca

This year the formal (NZ version of Prom) comittee hasn't announced the theme yet, but one we had a few years ago was "A Night in Moulin Rouge" which was pretty cool. We've also done the typical "Winter Wonderland" ones and things like that.

-- From Emily, Wakatipu High,

Our theme for prom this year is *Havannah Nights*. Very hott!

-- From Megan, Bishop O' Dowd, Alameda CA

I am soooo excited about this year's theme! We just voted on it the other day, and it's going to be "The Roarin' 20's!" We'll think of a better name and stuff, but it's gonna be great. We're planning on making the concession area look like a speakeasy bar, and having the lights really dim throughout the place to make it look like a 20's jazz club. We're also going to combine it with a city theme, so there'll be more decorations. We're planning on booking a jazz ensemble to play near the entranceway when people walk in. I can't wait to start PromWorks! We did a good theme last year too, "Pirates of the Caribbean." They built a cave with a treasure chest inside, a dock area, and did murals all of a pirate ship, with lots of exotic plants. It was pretty sweet. And the year before that was "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream," and before that, a Hollywood theme.

-- From Kennis, Kent Roosevelt High School, OH

our theme was canyland and we had lilipops and the characters on the game bored on the walls and we used rainbow colors

-- From , ,

I hated school dances, and seeing everyone in skanky clothes so... me and my friends planned our own prom... the theme was MODEST IS HOTTEST is was so awesome. The best dance i have ever been too!

-- From Kandee, , Excelsior Springs MO

The theme this year is "Stairway To Heaven". We are all waitin to see how it's gonna turn out.

-- From Elizabeth, Stranahan High School, Fort Lauderdale FL

"nacho" ordinary prom--fiesta My big fat catholic prom- Greek wedding?

-- From Meg, achs, Louisiana

masquerade ball is our theme for 2005 prom. No one really wants it, but our class president doesn't really listen to us. We all wanted a beach party like great day to be alive in paradise or something like that.

-- From Whir, Mariposa High, Mariposa Ca

We have not voted on a theme yet but we all want something like "Garden of Eden" or "Star light Star bright". Something elegnt but you can wear what you choose and not just a certain color.

-- From Dawn, ,

Last year we had "Grease" Old music dresses and invitation made int a cd case with out ticket a cd it was really cool.

-- From Kylie, New Zealand, Rotorua

We had an awesome theme "1920's Gansta Ball' we had everyone dressed up in gansta outfits we had a wicked design team we had old newspaper all over the walls (afforadable seeing as we only had a budget of $100 for decorations) we had black and white paper everywhere. nice tables set up with a glass with candles and stones in it. We had good music and we pained an old brick wall and set up a couch in front of the wall with taggs on it the photos turned out well. everyone one got it and it went well.

-- From Lee, Rai Valley Area School, Marlborough SI

freshman year our prom was "stairway to heaven" it was pretty cool. the stage was awesome...and so was the entrance way... this year it is "whispering enchantments" which will probably be lovely..creative ppl make creative ideas...good luck and have a safe 2005 prom to you all!!:)

-- From courtney kellner, valders , valders wi

we had such a hard time coming up with themes: mardi gras a walk to remember masquerade

-- From hether, , FL

"Come Away With Me" not very creative.. its that norah jones song

-- From Stacey, Alameda High, Alameda,CA

I am a junior this year and my freshman year our theme was London By lamplight, sophomore year was 'a night at the oasis' and our theme this year is going to be somethign oriental which im not to siked about! We wanted it to be candy land or willy wonka but apparently we arent getting our way. One year it was 'under the big top' which was awesome and 'to tell a tale of time' that was beautiful! well just some ideas! email me if you have any cool others! Kaylamarie07@hotmail.com

-- From Kayla, Newton High School, Newton Ks

I AM SO SUPER EXCITED ABOUT PROM!!!!! I am on Prom committee, and this year, we are TOTALLY going away from anything that's ever been done. Since our school's only been in existence for 7 years, we still have a lot to work from. We're goin to have a castle thats black with sparkles and flowers at the end so its like ur walking into a flower garden. And we're goin to try to get a real water fountain. Ohhhh, my god, it's going to be SO gorgeous!

-- From Samantha, Xavier HS, Cedar Rapids IA

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