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New York. One of the halls we decorated as 'Central Park', the court in our school was made up to look like a New York Club, the walls had a New York Skyline, and we had 8 tables, each of which were decorated in a theme. The tables were themed as follows: Little Italy, Chinatown, Coney Island, Ellis Island, Business District, Fashion District, Times Square. I cant remember the last table's theme.

-- From Kaela, Parkside Collegiate Institute, Port Stanley On

Last year was my final school ball we had 007 james bond as our theme and we had a casino area, an ice room and a water feature for the night....2004's school ball was willy wonka and the choc factory and 2003 was indian palace

-- From Michaela, , Auckland New Zealand

this year our jr/senior prom is A Night in The Mediterranean its going to be really nice. Last year our team was Once Upon a Time and it was really nice and i bet this yr will be better cause its the class of 05 and we rock.

-- From vanessa, aptos high school, aptos, Ca

Last year was Casa Blana with slot machines and mood of los vagus with more romance then glitz, this year was Monte carlo. My bros was phantom of the opera, it lots of black and white colorful. masks on the walls and ballroom theme. . I think the decor should match the theme, activities fit the group age and music varied well to be dancable with lots of slows in between for those who don't fast dance well and to give the rest a breather. if it's a lock in remember proms food might have not been enough to last and have some protein with the carbs. have the chaperones be low key an our school security dress out of uniform, but school rules apply.

-- From megan, RHS, angelfire862003@yahoo.com tx

Midnight Romance

-- From D'Erica Jordan, Laurel High School, Laurel MS

OMG! This year's prom was da bomb. Our theme was "Lost at Sea". It sounds crazy, but we all dressed up like we had just been stranded on an island. We could only drink the water if we found a way to boil it. It was actually really hilarious! My table never got to drink. I was actually dehydrated the next day. Oh well, at least I got way crunk! Our prom song was "Survivor" by Desinty's Child and all the girl's dressed up with wild hair and animal skins. P.S. Eating meat is for jewelers!

-- From Tiffany, St. Lejohn's School for the Intellecutally Gifted Vegetarians, Seattle WA

Our theme this year is "Fire and Ice".

-- From Brooke, Kamiakin High School, Kennewick WA

Treasure Island

-- From , Centennial High School, Bakersfield CA

wow our prom is less than 3 weeks away. I have actually been wainting for this day cince we the juniors have started planning it. I am really pumped up. I picked out the music. so if the music is no good than hopefully everyone does'nt get made. Music has been the problem in the past. No one is ever satisfied. but ou theme is " A moonlight Stroll" We as a commitee came up with it. OUr colors are deep purple, black, and silver. Ticket prices ar 25 and 20. Wish me luck guys because it's all one me. -Lilianna Torres

-- From Lilianna Torres , White Swan , Wapato WA


-- From Candace Sophus, New Iberia Senior High, New Iberia La

I will be a junior this upcoming year. i havnt been to prom but here's a few ideas of some of the ones we've had: "Here's to the Night";(eve 6) "Time of your Life"; 'Tonight, Tomorrow, and Forever' song( I will remember You); one years song was "take me away"...this year it's something like " tomorrow's memories" with the song of 'when you say nothing at all'....i am president so im trying to come up with a really good theme for next year.

-- From Kelsey, Aledo HS, Aledo, IL

masquerade this year.. last year was hollywood glamour

-- From leah, impington sixth form, cambridge UK

we dont got themes at my school. we just have the prom, its decorated all nice n sht but no themes. I neva heard of no schools doin a theme for prom.

-- From Yaritza, , Queens,NY

I'm a junior this year and im on prom committee. Our theme is "A Night's Tale" yea i know it sounds kinda lame but i didnt pick it. Our colors will be cream, gold and white. we're going to have like a castle and a drawbridge for the Grand March with these two ADORABLE freshman boys as "guards" to roll the drawbridge down. And our dates give us roses and all that jazz!!! I cant wait!! MAY 7!!!!!!!!!!

-- From Sam, Xavier, Cedar Rapids IA

our theme this year is " A Night Beneath the Waves." at first i thought it sounded a little stupid but now its kinda cool....out tickets are little treasure chests with two golden coins inside for you and your date...

-- From stephanie, ardmore high school, ardmore ok

"Moonlit Night"

-- From Liana, Carver High, Carver,MA

my school's prom theme is kinda simple and trite, its midnight masquerade. we can wear masks if we want.

-- From Tara, Clear Lake High School, Houston Tx

Instead of having a FUN end-of-the-year 8th grade activity, they are setting up this dumb prom that absolutely NOBODY wants 2 go 2. They chose "One Moment in Time" as the theme. Personally, I would've preferred Elitches better.

-- From Sharelle, MLK, Denver, Colorado

A Night in Heaven

-- From becki, tri high, ada oh

Our junior prom theme for the class of '06 was "Spring Time in Paris" They got a big metal Eiffel Tower covered in white lights...it was beautiful during the slow dance when they dimmed the lights. Especially for the couples who danced under it.

-- From anon, Killingly High School, Killingly CT

Under the moonlight

-- From Andrea, , Dallas

A Walk in the Park

-- From Meaghan, Greenwood, BG KY

A Walk in the Park

-- From Meaghan, , KY

Our theme this year is "A Touch Of Class" We`re having it in a ball room with pastel colors...tables set up and lots of roses oh and best of all the fountain:D hope everyone else's prom goes amazing this year!!GoodLuck

-- From , ,

Our theme for the 8th grade formal is Mardi Gras...the colors used will be green, purple, and gold...

-- From sara, north marion middle, ocala Fl

I'm a Senior this year, and really really excited for Prom. This year the theme is "Unforgettable", and so the theme song is also "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole. Not too sure on colors and everything, but I know my group will have an awesome time. May 20th!

-- From Alison, Glenbrook South, Glenview IL

My school's prom theme is "Bright Lights Small City," I don't really like it.


This year our prom theme was "Wish Upon a Star". I thought it was a great theme and the backdrop matched everyone's outfits so it was great! The prom shirts were really cute too..light blue with stars....very pretty

-- From Thyra , Hoover High School, Hoover AL

Our 2005 Junior Prom Theme was " I Wanna Be Close To You".

-- From Aloha Seda, Kailua High School, Kailua HI

Our theme was Midnight at Sunset Beach. Unfortunately the only place where the theme was evident was the entrance and the bright orange picture backround.....at it didnt even last until midnight. We had it in the Arizona Science Center which didnt help the beach theme in the least. Something about a harsh concrete building with science exhibits just doesnt say "we are enjoying a dance on the beach"....oh well, it was still a blast!

-- From Chris Anderson, Desert Ridge High School, Mesa AZ

Our theme for our 2005 junior/senior prom is the song title from Keith Sweat, "Make It Last Forever".

-- From Gabrielle, Creekside High School, Atlanta GA

This years years theme was "Old Hollywood" and we had people with old cameras taking our picture while we entered walking in on a red carpet

-- From jackice, noblesville high school, noblesville IN

Fly me to the moon a song by frank sinatra its going to be awesome

-- From Lauren, Tulpy, bernville pa

"A Dream Come True"

-- From Andryea Williams, Independence, Senatobia MS

our theme last year was mardi gras... this year we are having an orintal theme... our colors are red and black and we have shadow boxes and dragons and its so pretty.....

-- From Beckie Jane, houghton lake alternative education, houghton lake mi

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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