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My Heart Will Go on was our theme selected. At our school we vote between 3 other themes that the staff has come up with the others were, Disco Fever, Say you love me, or love beneath the stars. I voted for the star one, but didn't win, oh well, I still had fun.

-- From Brad, ,

I'm going to be nice and help people out for their proms, our school has done: "LOVELY NIGHT", "PARIS IS DREAMY", "ROMANCE UNDER THE STARS" and "LOVE DON'T COST A THING". Also my big sis, who is 25 now said their theme was "A NIGHT IN THE MEADOW". I wish all schools luck. Hope these help you with ideas for a theme. Best of Luck. BYE.

-- From Sue Youngs, HIGHSCHOOL, Pittsburg PA

I go to AIEA HIGH SCHOOL HOME OF THE NA' ALII and I want my prom theme to be "Timeless" "Until Forever" "Dreams come True" "Cinderella" "Make a Wish" or maybe "I Believe"

-- From alley, AIEA HIGH SCHOOL [can you pernounce that?], AIEA HI

Our theme was "The Nutcracker Suite" last year, and it was so beautiful. Everything had the characteristic of a ballet, with silver, light pink, and white drapery and ice sculptures and fake snow and we even had some performances... so amazing.... everything was done so well!

-- From Saphire, Winterspring, Orlando Fl

We did Swan Lake, and it effin rocked. Everything was in white, with ice stuff and snow and lots of stuff was edible cause it had forsting all over it, and there were crystal candles and fake chandeliers everywhere, it looked enchanted...

-- From Jen, Redonda High, LA CA

Our theme was "Enchantment Under The Sea". We had colorful fish hanging from the ceiling, fans blowing green streamers which looked like seaweed.

-- From , , PA

heya! Weve just started planning our end of school prom and wondered if any one has got any gud ideas for a theme?! Weve gt 2 locations in mind n their both gorgeous old halls in the middle of country parks so ne thing that fits with that plz!

-- From Amba, , United Kingdom

how would you do rock n roll? i like the idea but i have no idea how it would work??

-- From *****, , Texas

we are having a bad time trying to pick out a theme so if you have any good ones email me, our school always walks down a red carpet and parents, friends, whoever take pictures and then you walk into the dance area, last year was "a night in veince" and we have to show them up, so if you have any ideas email me at, rossmoss59@hotmail.com and label it "prom ideas", thank you so much

-- From Maude, WHS, Whitefish MT

Under the Sea

-- From Megan, Farragut High School, Knoxville tn

My Junior year our Junior~Senior prom theme was "A fairytale romance." It was incrediably beautiful!

-- From C'hardoney Skow, Milwaukie High School, Milwaukie OR

Last year the seniors had a "Hollywood Glamour" theme, complete with a red carpet and paparazzi when you entered. I also think that the favors were disposable cameras--pictures are a great memento.

-- From Kat, Kaimuki, Honolulu HI

This year I am planning our school's prom and our theme is Arabian nights. We want to have belly dancers as entertainement and fabric around to decorate but don't know exactly how to decorate. If anyone's had this theme can u explain how you decorated. thanks

-- From Jazmin, , Fl

Our jr. class is planning the private prom and have decided that we want something tropical but...... we can not decide on a theme!?!?!?! BIG PROBLEM!!! If anyone has any ideals that have not been done over and over please let me know!! e-mail me at joshthigpen@yahoo.com thanks Josh Thigpen

-- From Josh Thigpen, Swainsboro High School, Swainsboro Ga

midnight in paris!! eiffel tower, fountain, bridge, cafe, lamp posts...it's my senior homecoming, i'm on court, i've planned the whole dance...now all i need is a date

-- From Ashley, , Los Angeles CA

"anyone have ideas for a miami prom theme? we ere thinkin "bienvenido a miami" but if anyone has more ideas how to decorate and stuff then you should email me right away @ hugamoose1113@yahoo.com thanks!!"

-- From ali, , Nevada

i think that an oriental them would be neat. You could have the paper umbrellas and chinese lanterns and the chinese writings and the walls. It would be neat

-- From Rebecca Hawks, patrick county highschool, Ararat VA



Our theme for homecoming is going to be 80's. We are going to call it "Fast Times at Sunset High", like the 1982 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemount High". It is going to be awesome all neon, and 80's posters of movies and singers from the 80's. Lots to wear as well....

-- From Jocelyn, Sunset High School, Portland OR

I'm a senior, but last year I didn't have a chose of what theme I want. Now the juniors say that I'm the only senior that they will listen to or at least take advise for them. I would like to know if we should have the prom at our historic high school, it's a small space or in Waco where it's hard for people to find a way there... I think at our historic high school, you can find ways to make the place bigger to dance... and nobody really dances.

-- From Myra Sellers, Hubbard High School, Hubbard TX

If we do have it some where, it should be a very conservative get together. Classy and elogant. What you think Our theme should be and please don't say the titanic... Or what suggestion do you have we'll take any.

-- From Myra Sellers, Hubbard High School, Hubbard TX

If you want an awsome theme use "More Than Words" its not only a great song but an awsom set up........you can do whatever you want......it doesn't fallow any certain subject... so ya!!!!!! MORE THAN WORDS

-- From , ,

A night under the satrs

-- From Julz, ,

Last year i got asked to prom i was a sophmore the theme was "when the sun goes down" it was a tropical theme and it was really cool they had a waterfall where you got your pic. taken and a tiki hut and a tropical drink machine. The song was when the sun goes down by kenny chesney and the dance song was heres to the nights by eve 6. It was an awesome prom

-- From Kristin, Moriah Central School, Moriah NY

Our theme for prom is kinda dorky, but it was very creative too. It was Terror of the C, for Cyprus.. good luck with that one!

-- From Kayla, Cyprus, Magna, Utah

Hey Ya, I need some help....It is our senior year and no one really knows what they want, so everyone is just going to go with the only theme anyone has come up with which is "Mardi-gras" alot of us now don't want that theme because of the New Orleans episode. I'm thinking something starry or tropical so if u could help me that would be ausome. my e-mail is starry-eyed@hotmail.com, thanxs for ur help

-- From Nikki, ,

We're Juniors and we are in charge of decorating prom this year! Some of the seniors want a "heavenly" theme which sounds kind of stupid to us. They dont want anything Hawaiin. HELP US!!!!!!!! email me at jdmoore1107@hotmail.com. ASAP!

-- From Jody and Jill, Mid Pen, Rock MI

Our prom committee this year is wanting to have a heavenly theme. Our senior class is all for it. It's in memory of a classmate that was lost this year. Our problem is, we can't find anything heavenly that looks elegant. Most heavenly things that we have seen are not very pretty and most of us don't like them. Anyone know of anything heavenly that would look good for it, and not cheesy?

-- From Courtney, G-ville High School, G-ville IL

Sprin time in Paris

-- From Lauren Woodward, Prattville High School, Prattville AL

Our mopr theme this year will be Old hollywood. we are gonna have a huge movie projector that will play old silent romantci movies. as well as huge blow up posters of famous movie stars such as marilyn monroe. Our colors will prolly be silver and black. we are gonna hang gosamer throughout the banquet hall nad such. it is gonna be sooo pretty.

-- From megan richerson, CMR, great falls MT

A NIGHT IN THE GHETTO!!......we had bullet holes all over with graffeti on the walls and we had parents hiddin in corners dressed like thugs..sellin drugs...then every 10 mins there would be parents in a car drive by and act out a drive by!!

-- From Steph and Amy , Steph ane Amy High, dublin ir

Last year's prom theme was old hollywood couples, and everyone came as old hollywood couples. All the decorations wre black and white and it really looked like old hollywood. Plus the prom pictures were done in black and white. Our school also held an afterprom party with games, catered food, and more dancing to keep everyone safe. For after prom everyone chnaged into jeans and tropical clothes because afte prom was tropical. It was a great night and had something for everyone-classic and tropical! Yeah man!

-- From SarahBeth, ,

Hey im a senior CLASS OF 2006!!, we are deciding on a theme...but i went to two proms already with my boyfriend "05" so this is nothing new and the themes where "Red Carpet" red and gold for mine and blue and silver for his. lets not get on how many prom dresses i have and i still need to find one more... but this is my senior year so i need the best theme i can get to go out with a bang!help im on the prom team

-- From Etana F, ATA High, Dearborn MI

A few years ago our theme was "Where you take me".The gym was decorated like a Boat it was very unique.

-- From Megan, , London KY

we had cruise ship as our theme, but it was awful, and felt more like under the sea. it was embarassing. we shouldve just done casino, or something really simple.

-- From cas, ,

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