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Tropical Paradise is our theme. Since Im only a junior and this is my first prom Im estatic. I cant wait. Im trying to narrow down my dress options and I think I found the perfect one made by Jessica McClintock. Its going to be great.

-- From Lisa O., West Charlotte, Charlotte NC

My school has a separate winter formal and prom away from the school. This past winter formal our theme was "Winter Ballad". This means formal, very elegant attire. The colors were red, black, and gold. It was orental with japanese fans, fortune cookies, cherry blossom trees and the japanese balls. We also had the japanese name posted on the invitations and t-shirts. Everyone loved the theme and decorations.

-- From Karrie Simpson, McComb High, McComb MS

This year our homecoming theme was Masquerade Ball...like Phantom of the Opera..it was fun, everyone had masks they decorated with glitter and feathers and a couple groups of our friends all made our own garders to match our dresses. it was the best theme

-- From Christi, Kent Lake HS, Covington WA

ok... so our theme is Tropical!! it is going to be great... totally different from other proms because it doesn't include stars, roses, or castles!!! The only problem we have is picking name.... we have ideas like the common... "a night in paradise" and so forth... if you have any other unique Names for our tropical theme please e-mail them to me at littl_ruud82@hotmail.com thank you so much!

-- From Shauna, Northwood, Minong WI

Old Hollywood and songs are: songbird by fleetwood mac and wonderwall by oasis

-- From Gertie, ajjsjdj, Kansas TX

A Red Carpet Affair (classic Hollywood)

-- From Jenny, Midlothian High School, Midlothian Va

Our theme last year was "We'll always have Paris", and this year the theme is "A Red Carpet Affair" It's going to be so much fun!

-- From Anonymous, Zachary Highschool, Zachary La

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a great theme to have. Everythingn could be bright, colorful, and chocolate-y!

-- From Melinda Rodriguez, Oklahoma Heights, Oklahoma City OK

Last year our theme was "Under the Sea". They had coral reef-like sculptures and stuff, it was pretty cool!

-- From Lindsay, Muscatine High School, Muscatine IA

our theme this year is "A NIGHT AT TIFFANY'S" based of the Audrey Hepburn movie Breakfast at Tiffinay's

-- From jennifer, hendrickson hs, pflugerville tx

Our theme last year was Mardi Gras...this year the juniors decided on Midnight in Paris...who knows what will happen.

-- From Jasmin, Smithfield Selma, Smithfield NC

Our Winterball was "Ice Ice Baby," after the Vanilia Ice song. It was basically a snow/ice theme, since it took place in December. Mainly just baby blue, blue, and white, with tons of lights. Junior Prom isn't really decided yet, although they're leaning towards a "Under the Stars" kind of thing, or "Reservation for Two." No idea on colors though.

-- From April, San Jose Unified, Bay Area CA


-- From cynthia worthy, , detroit,michigan 48

A Red Carpet Affair. -Taken place at the Great Escape Hotel on April 28, 2006

-- From CAP, Bolton Central School, Bolton Landing NY

"A Moment like This"

-- From sam, Montebello High School, montebello,Ca

Well I'm here looking for a theme. This is my last year of high school and I'm incharge of my school prom. I'm trying to get a theme that will be unique and original! I want something that won't be cheesy! If you have any ideas please email at gdsbrowneyedg@hotmail.com! Thanx a lot....

-- From Keala, Ke Ana La'ahana, Hilo HI

Our prom theme for last year was Travelin' The Globe. The song was "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," by U2. That was the best song to use for prom ever!!! Our prom took up the entire bottom floor of our school, we had different stations, they were supposed to be all different countries, and each room was a different country with new foods and music. There was even a station in the locker rooms but it was cool cause I finally got to see the inside of the boys locker room!! Our decorations were all so different, and really colorful, so it made it really fun! Me and my boyfriend (of 3 years!) spent most of our time in the main room, which was Spain, and danced so much! Everyone should try this at least once because it is such a cool theme and you get to experience so many different cultures while dancing and having a GREAT night!!

-- From Lafawnduh, DBHS, Delphos IA

My friend's going to a Winter Formal and their formal theme is "Night at the Roxbury"

-- From Rachel, , CA

My church is doing a Formal Dance at a Performing Arts Center close by and our theme is "Once Upon a Dream" we're doing a lot of cool stuff for it, like hiring a live band and a chocolate fountain.

-- From R.C., ,

Our theme last year was "Escape to Paradice" and this year is "Alladen"

-- From Jordan F, Garden City High School, GC KS

last year i went to my boyfriends senior prom and their theme was "A night in Paris" it was beautiful.they had everything,if its in paris it was at prom.

-- From Valarie, Northside High school, Fort smith AR

Van Go's a starry starry night....it was really very beautiful....our flyers had the painting and the color scheme was amazing

-- From Omni, Lawrenceville High School, Lawrenceville IL

Our song was tonight tonight by the smashing pumpkins

-- From Omni, Lawrenceville High School, Lawrenceville IL

ok our junior class hates each other and we cant get along if yall got any ideas please tell me ericadisapinklover@yahoo.com

-- From erica, milburn high school, milburn ok

Hi, Now all your prom ideas are great but here in my town we dont have a prom. My graduating class will have 12 students in it. We have supper, grad excersise, then a short dance, and then a party. Instead of having a theme, its more of a saying this year it is "The Best Is Yet To Come" We choose our own colours and decorations but none have to do with the theme of our graduation. If anyone knows any good graduation quotes please email me at baby_gerl_24@hotmail.com

-- From Jess, BHS,

For Junior Prom last year, we did "Do You Believe in Magic?" and it was cute! lots of stars and fun stuff for Junior Prom. For Senior Boat (it was dance on a yacht), we called it "Beyond the Sea". We were also thinking of "How Deep is Your Love?"

-- From Odelia, Lowell High School, San Francisco CA

On The Edge Of A Dream

-- From Elle, Waipahu High , Waipahu HI

Our prom theme is "2006 All Iced Out" we are trying to put everything together now it should be pretty cool

-- From Rosie, Avon Park High School, Avon Park FK

This year for our Prom theme is "Diamonds are Forever". Our Semi-Formal was "Havana Nights".

-- From Amanda, Holy Names High School, Windsor, Canada

We are thinking about a Pirates of the Carribean theme for the 8th grade dance. It's like a mini-prom so I guess I can post it :D

-- From Homie Gee Dawg, Your Face, Mother UR

We are thinking about having New York Nights. I don't like it! Hmmm.. I think Pirates of the Carribean would be cool! Thanks for the idea Homie!!!

-- From Jennifer G, AIS, Angleton TX


-- From marge, rich montessori, phils

Our class is the class of 07 and one of our possible themes is Cinderella, Night in the Park, Night in Venice or Masquerade. And a tip to other classes--FUNDRAISE EARLY!!! Our class fundraised like mad and we have over $10,000 to spend. You need the money to have a great night and a great theme.

-- From Kara, Sussex-Hamilton High School, Sussex Wi

Our Junior Class of 2007 is doing an Arora Borialis theme or the northern lights, "Celestial Nights"...It is going to be awesome i am so excited, i believe that it is the first sorta snowy ice theme that the school has had!! YAY

-- From Noelani, Riddle High School, Riddle Or

Last Year, the prom theme was "time of your life" by green day, and everything was like a garden and green u know to go with greenday.It was all very pretty and a really cool thing because it wasnt just about Love and all you know.

-- From Brigette, ,

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