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Hello, does anyone have any good songs for Mardi Gras; a good theme song?

-- From , , Elgin IL

"forever and always" "the time of my life"- dirty dancing theme

-- From rachel, st. joes, CT

From this moment- it was really fun

-- From Erica, Waterloo High School, Waterloo ny

Hollywood ...very original i know...

-- From , MANAWA!!!!, MANAWA!! WI

here's to the night by eve 6.

-- From Jen, William Floyd High School, Shirley NY

For the 06 prom (tis my boyfriend's...I'm just a sophomore) the theme is Masquerade in Venice. (I'm looking forward to being on the committee next year, I'm so pushing an 80's theme!)

-- From Brie, Horn Lake High, Horn Lake MS

Can anybody think of anything other than red carpet, masquerade, and paris? Almost every theme on here is red carpet and stuff! They're all the same! I want something original for mine, so can abody think of anything!

-- From , , NJ

we have mardi gras this year i know what a bore!

-- From so stupid, , ne

WiNTERBALL: "Under The Moon Light" JR PROM: "Happily Ever After"

-- From Chat, Waiakea High School, Hilo HI


-- From Chat, Waiakea High, Hilo HI

Has anyone ever thought of something like "Asian Palace" or "Arabian nights"? The color schemes are awesome. Then of course there is "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or "A Night on Broadway". "Fairy Forest" is always an easy bet too.

-- From Danielle, , Potosi WI

our 2006 senior prom theme is 'Viva Las Vegas'..its going to be really flashy other themes that we were voting on were 'cinderella' 'night on broadway' and 'havana hights' - last years was a 'walk down memory lane', it was really cute everywhere were pictures posted from all four years of high school that the grad had submitted it was really sweet...

-- From Caissie, MHS, Moncton NB

i've always thought of doing a phantom of the opera theme. the title could be "Moonlight Masquerade" or "The Music of the Night". the color scheme would be red, black, and white. you could have tons of candles, and if there is a chandelier in the place youre having it, that would be good. in the centerpiece of the table, you can have a single red rose with a black ribbon tied in a bow and a white mask (its kind of like the "logo" of phantom of the opera). also you can have people either make their own masks, or provide masks for them. for entertainment, it would be cool to have a pianist or organist play songs from phantom of the opera.

-- From Mackenzie, , Buffalo NY

Our prom theme this year us the COOLEST! It's called "A Knight for A Princess". It's SO awesome, because all girls are princesses. We are daughters of the one TRUE king, Jesus Christ. And the guys are supposed to be our knights in shining armor. They are to be our protectors, they are supposed to be chivoulrus and all that stuff. They are supposed to be MEN, not boys. I love this theme.

-- From Shea, Akins H.S., Austin Tx

What about a Greek or an Italian them? Both themes are very romantic.With the historic sculptures. It's so pretty. Or "In Heaven" theme. There are tonnes of themes out there.

-- From Michy, C.C.V.S, Cornwall,Ontario

The class of 07 has decided that our prom is going to be called 'A night to treasure' it is kind of like pirates of the carribean, with chests of gold and ships...The colors are going to be RED, GOLD AND CREAM...i think that it might be pretty....we cant really think of anything better that hasnt been used 1million times! so if you have anything, PLEASE TELL ME!!!

-- From Alyssa, southridge HS, kennewick wa

Ok... so our high school just opened! We have 24 freshman and thats it ( theyre building on year by year we're the first class ! ). So i was elected dance commissioner and we came up with the them WISH UPON A STAR Semi-formal dance. We had the colors black, gold, and silver with stars all over the place. It was a Big hit! It was 7th,8th, and 9th graders and people had a great time! I highly reccomend it for those just starting out!

-- From Alexis, OHS, San Jose Ca

Caught up in the Moment

-- From Kristin, William B. Travis, Austin, Texas

It's my junior year and as prom nears we still don't have a solid theme. The decorations are picked out, and we just need a song or theme name. It's going to be a blue backdrop with a huge moon, two waterfalls, and palms trees. Colors include purples, golds, blues, and greens.....any ideas?!

-- From Courtney, PHS, SD

I'm a senior this year and we have already voted on our theme and its gonna be A Rose For Every Kiss. The colors are royal blue, white, and silver. the colors and theme dont really go together but thats how the voting turned out. oh well. after reading some of the other themes people are having i wish ours was different, i think its kind of lame.

-- From Nikole, WHS, washougal WA

Our theme for 2006 prom is "Putting on the ritz" aka like old hollywwod mariylyn monroe ect.

-- From , ,

"Beneath the City Lights"

-- From Tony, David Douglas, Portland OR

Well our school is celebrating it's 100th anniversary and we really liked the under the stars theme so we came up with cenntenial magic to celebrate our 100th birthday

-- From Maria , Cathedral , New York NY

senior prom theme is Fantasia which should be pretty sweet...junior prom theme is Arabian Nights which should be cool also

-- From Nina, , CT

hey yea so my junior class needs sum help picking a good theme or song to go with the decorations we picked out..our colors are pink silver and black...we are goin to have a this kick ass fountain an other things but im not sure what they are...so if any one had any ideas on a theme or song please let me know you can email me at two_sassy_for_u@hotmail.com thanks bunches

-- From Bridgit, Waverly High, Waverly Ks

We're having a "Crystal Ball" theme for ours. I think it sounds really pretty.

-- From Alison, , Western Australia

Our theme last year, which was my junior prom and my boyfriend's senior prom, was "Once Upon A Dream". The background was like a turquoise fairytale castle in the distance with dream clouds and a long staircase. It was pretty.

-- From Marissa, Hanford High School, East Campus, Hanford Ca

Ok so we haven't decided exactly on a theme for our GRADUATION but we are thinking about the theme 007, it would be sweet. Then we would use the words "tomorrow never dies"........it's perfect!

-- From Jen, FHS, Alberta, Canada

Rendevou en Paris

-- From Satrice, Tift County High School, Tifton Ga

We have come up with the theme which is going to Masquerade, but not your normal one but like out of the movie phantom of the opera. If anyone has any suggestions on where to find things or how to decorade for it email me at disprncss358@aim.com Thanks in advance for the help. ~Julie~

-- From Julie Conrad, Calvary Christian, Winter Garden FL

My theme is pretty outrageous but i though of like a pimp and hoes theme just think how awesome it would be with like the big bling bling and leopard skin everywhere i think it would look awesome and it would get you in the mood for the after party

-- From Cassie, Hymen high, Brisbane

Mardigra Theme Or Midnight in Paris

-- From Anonymous, Anonymous, Myrtle Beach SC

our theme this year is Mardi Gra i would rather have something better but since this is my last year it will have to do. this is my first year going to prom so i will make it good . i have made a lot of happy memories this year and i plan on making them.

-- From Ashley , Hart county high school, Hart county GA

This year, for jr. Prom, our school is having a mobster prom. It's going to be awesome. All the guys will wear the awesome siut with the hats and the girls will wear the retro glamour dresses. For decorations, it's going to be red and black. City lights around the area and gorgeous Black lace and red silk flowing.

-- From Ashley, NGRHS, New Germany

Our theme is "When In Rome" and the decorations all center around Italy. We are decorating our atrium (the entrance) as though it's an Itailan park, and the commons (where the dance is) as an italian city at night. We are doing a garden path finished off with a gazebo (what everyone walks through right before entering the dance) and a fake lake with a gondola in it. There will be lots of trees, vines and lights. The dance area will be lined in cutouts of black buildings lighted with white lights and a model of the leaning tower of pisa. The sitting area will be decorated as an italian cafe. I'm in charge of decorations, if you cant tell :) if anyone has any creative ideas about making a fake lake...I'd appreciate.

-- From Alyssa, De Pere High School, De Pere WI

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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A little
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2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
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