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Time in a Bottle, Jim Croce, 1974

-- From Kathy Reed, S. R. Butler High, Huntsville AL

this year prom was "diamonds and ice". the year before it was "tropical paradise"...very blah and cliche if you ask me. for homecoming we've had a rock bands theme, superheros, and this year it was "a night on the strip" aka las vegas. winterball we've had "frosty flashback" (decades), havana nights, and a "ho down". yeah that was sketchy. then for sadies we've had "je'aime paris" or something like that, and arabian nights. i'm really hoping we come up with an awesome theme this year for homecoming...

-- From julia, troy high, troy mi

love among the stars

-- From chris, bates, chumberline ma

love in paradise

-- From tina, reidland, paducah ky

For the 2006 Homecoming, which is September 22, 2006, the Executive Board along with the Senior President and representatives, decided on the theme "Harry Potter," which to many may sound odd for a high school, but when you think about it, it is unique and no one else will do it, because it is simply too embarrassing, but to us it is more about having fun with a theme and making it work. We already know how this will turn out in the beginning; it'll be questions of why?, but in the end that question will expand to "why couldn't it last forever!? Any questions or comments, my email is jdw_0219@yahoo.com thank you.

-- From J. Student Body Vice Prez, Robert Service High, Anchorage AK

Alright, so I have been searching on this site for about an hour deciding on a theme. Let me tell you all looking for one what I have. Our school: Freshman year homecoming - New York, New York (it was okay...) Sophomre Homcoming - Hawaiian Paradise (I hate this theme, completely over done) Junior Homecoming- The 80's, AWESOME!!!! we decorated with movies signs from the 80's and tv shows and sayings. the colors were bright, and it was completely fun. But there were hardly any 80's music. Junior Prom - Masqurade Ball. Awesome I decorated a mask to match my dress. It was so cool, everyone loved it. Senior Homecoming- Here's my choices so far: Wild, Wild West Legends of Camelot Disney Fairytales 60's TV Classics - GIlligan, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanies, etc.. Night on the Nile Candyland Take Me Out To the Ball Game Pirates of the Carribean (it is hot this year) Vegas Night Parker Brother (Monopoly, Sorry!, every other basic game you played as a kid) Sci-Fi There's No Place Like Homecoming ( As in Wizard of Oz) Under the Sea Roman Empire Oriental NIght European Adventure (Every corner is a different country) The Oscars James Bond - 007 Cirque de Solei (circus minus the elephants of course) Well thats what I got, thanks for the help

-- From Leila St. James, Bedford Senior High School, Temperance MI

DV Class of 2007 needs an awesome prom theme. Some of the officers want the nautical theme w/white & blue being the primary colors, but I've been talking to majority of the class about it and they don't like it. When they think of prom, they think of elegant dress & such. Anyone have different ideas that are rare? email me: sweetie_reeza16@yahoo.com

-- From Theresia, DV High, Milford PA

my class was thinking about having the james bond theme that many ppl are talking bout and we need some ideas so if you could email me at rachdoda08@hotmail.com that'd be fantastic

-- From Rachel, Washburn, Topeka KS

Hi there. I am a junior this year at my school and we are doing an "Under the Sea" type theme for homecoming (which we are in charge of!!). But we kinda had to change it so we decided to go with a more "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme. Easy switch but now we aren't sure whether or not we will have enough decorations. The movies are really hot right now so that's why we went with this theme. If you have any ideas please email me at allypally@comcast.net and title the subject HOMECOMING THEME. Thanks sooo much!

-- From Allie, OUr Lady Of the Lakes, Waterford MI

The decorator was superb "Gran Soiree, Inc." We had a castle , king and queen chair, a pedastal with a glass slipper. To top it off we had a cinderella bed decorated with baby blue carpet and columns with vines. The prom committee recieved a carriage with their name on there souvenier. I attended 3 proms and this was the best.

-- From yvena Lesperance, Fort Lauderdale High, Fort Lauderdale , Florida

our theme is make it last forever we chose that because for 4 years straight we've had it's so hard to say goodbye and i was tired so it was finally my time to say something and our colors are peach and ivory.

-- From elicia polite, dougherty comprehensive high scholl, albany ga

''A Ocean of Stars''

-- From Sara HILL, DENBY high, Detroit MI

Freshman Homecoming: Rumble in the Jungle, Sophomore Homecoming: Thug Mansion (turned out to be pimp and hoe), Junior Homecoming: Wild Wild West (everyone dressed exactly the same), Spring Fling is always under black lights. If you were to think of an interesting theme title, it's an awesome theme!!

-- From Kaitlin, Whittell, Tahoe NV

Our high school homecoming theme foor 2006 was Pirates-- we had the royal couples walk out of a built ship and on to a wooden plank! haha and to make it awsome they walked out to "come sail away" STYX!

-- From , SBLHS, Sergeant Bluff IA

Well our prom theme the year before last was "A Night to Remember". Lasts year was "One Stary Night " We had stars hanging from the cieling with all of the seniors names on it and they got to take them home after the prom. It was great!!!! If any one has any ideas email me at lilc_baby2008@yahoo.com

-- From CaRRie DoSS, Halls High School, Halls,TN

well last years prom was a really nice idea that we [junior class] came up with.. becuase the one thing our class DOSNT like.. is things that are unoriginal. and since we are a bunch of diffrent kids we decided on = "Letters to you" which is a really nice love song by Finch and we had nice the invitations read like love letters and we had alot of caligraphy and like we tossed arround the idea of having kids ask there prom dates through a letter and it would be deliverd by us. but we never got arround to doing it.

-- From Andy, chaparral high shcool, Vegas NV

This year for prom we're thinking of an enchanted forest.... .. not so much with fairys but just for the beauty.. Pretty cool i thinkss..

-- From Brittany, Holy Cross All Grade, Daniels harbour NL

our theme this year is a masqurade ball!! im so excited because ever year our prom with probably 200 people we have a song as our theme, i was soo tired of that! our colors are red black and silver! this is great because those who want to go all out can and those who dont can stick to the minimal! let me know if yohave any other good ideas for this!! like decorations or gifts!!!!

-- From Sadie , new washington high, new wash in

our theme is under the sea, but our school has no funding at all. I was able to get huge sheets of carboard donated, and we made a huge sand castle and set it up for pictures, and we are putting little places for photo opp.s every where, like a giant clam shell and were using an old steamer trunk with costume jewelry in it and it looked just like a treasure chest

-- From Tegan Thomas, santiam high, Mill city, oreogn 97

red carpet affair

-- From George Perez, Eagle high, Pheonix AR

"it had to be you" as in the frank sinatra song, our school modeled this prom after a club in the 40's. Iddeas are easily found in movies such as the aviotar, the notebook, and pearl harbor, Its all about the 40's.

-- From Brittany, ,

Hi! Im from Manchester, England and, unlike in America, we dont usualy take the prom seriously. BUT this year we have decided to have a theme for our prom (which is when we r 16...i dont know if its the same over there) We r REALLY stuck 4 ideas coz we hav never dun it b4!!!! If any1 has any gdud ideas PLEEZ email me...daniellamclenaghan@hotmail.com thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- From Daniella, , Manchester, England

our homecoming was 'A Night in Black and White' and almost everyone showed up in black and white...we used a city skyscrape and stars for decorations

-- From lindsay, , ankeny ia

last year: Lifestyles of the rich and famous this year: passport to london yess. amazing. i know.

-- From cherry, churchill, san antonio tx


-- From Brittney Lund, Grygla High School, Grygla MN

we would love to do james bond 007 theme this year but, i not sure how to decorate. so if any one has any ideas, please send me an email, to rsrey@insightbb.com thank you

-- From courtney, brown, louisville ky

Our Junior/Senior Prom theme this year is going to be Rock -n- Roll there's lots of music and glitter involved

-- From Sam, WHS, Middle Of NO WHERE

Ive read alot about ppl wanting ideas for the James Bond 007 theme. My school did it ast year, I thought that it would be a bit cheesy but it actually turned out pretty cool. For the grand march in the gym before the dance, all the kids entered from the side walking over a bridge that extended over a huge shiny paper lake. The bridge had a huge silouete* of the city behind it. After you crossed the bridge you walked along a stone paper path that went around the lake. There were street lamps and benches around the lake to. It all looked so good. The color scheme was alot of black, silver, and red. It was all very sophisticated, elagant and sooo much fun! Then to make it really cool at the actual dance there were silouetes of james bond in his notorious stances every where. It was a fun theme Id recomend it to any one.

-- From Bronco babe from the UG, The UG, UG WI

My 11th grade prom theme was Hawaiin Romance..it consits of the tropical feel when everyone entered the room they were greeted with lais and everyone had on tropical colors it was fun!

-- From Quanta Jones, Churchland High, Portsmouth VA

Someone should try shamrocks or St. Patrick's Day

-- From Jaime, , LA CA

Aurora Borealis/Campfire/Wilderness... VERY pretty

-- From Lynn, Marionville, Marionville MO

our school is small less than 100 pre-k through 12th and im a junior with 6 people in our class 4 of which dont like to work. we want to do something like spain or mexico or somethin if you could help us out on a theme or any other suggestions to make it simple yet beautiful e-mail me sarena__08@hotmail.com

-- From Sarena, Hardesty High, Hardesty OK

My Sophomore yr the theme 4 homecoming was Tthe Wonderful World of North" we made super large disney characters n placed them everywhere n decorated the walls w/ blue fabric w silver stars! N we rented a backdrop that had disneyland in it !!!it turned out beautifull!!!!

-- From *Ciara G.*, NORTH HIGH SCHOOL, HeLLA Hotttt PHX! AZ

My freshman year, our theme was "Bella Notte" which was cute because i was a freshman, my Sophomore year it was, "Red Carpet Rendezvous" which is totally played out, my Junior year it was "Riviera Romanza" which i thought was beautiful. Its my senior year and i want something REALLY good and unique that isnt used a lot. I hope we can all agree on something AWESOME!!!

-- From Beth, Olympia High School, Olympia WA

well..i come from a school of about 550 kids..from grade 7-12..but we have this thing that the grades..9-12 verse each other..and have to make a 30 minute play...and i need a theme..its just like a prom theme..like hawaiin ..james bond..under the sea..but those have all been done..i need something totally original..thanks!

-- From lucy, floral park, oceanside ny

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