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Far Far Away... Like from Shrek OR The Game of Love... With like board games and fun decorations- twister, candyland, life, monoply, hi ho cherrio, clue, sorry, ect.... OR (for a winter dance) Whoville... like from the Grinch

-- From Rachel & Abbey, Circle, Kansas

Last years Prom theme was "A Night In New York". Kinda cheesy, but I'm much more excited about this years theme, "Ever After."

-- From Amanda, Brazoswood, TX

Last year our theme was ))&...u know like james bond...it wasnt too bad..

-- From Dannielle, Merrill Highschool, Merrill WI

ok lets try that again...lol...our theme last year was 007...like james bond

-- From Dannielle, Merrill Highschool, Merrill WI



midnight rose

-- From c butlr, valdosta high school, valdosta ga

"A Night To Remember" You have the walk in with white lights on the ground. Come in you see a tis beautiful silver and purple material coming down from the ceiling and beautiful stars or glitter on the ceiling. The dance floor is hardwood.

-- From Aldrich Raines, Crawford County High School, Roberta GA

our theme is Moonlight and Roses.

-- From Jannet , Frederick High, Frederick CO

Last year Everetts Prom's theme was Over Night Celebrity, and Okemos's Prom's theme was The forbidin City! They were both amazing

-- From Kendra, Hol, Lansing MI

Last year our theme was "A Moment in Time" andddd this year it's " '007 Tomorrow Never Dies" since it's 2007, get it 2007, 007 ha yeah real orignial.

-- From Brittany Colston, Sussex Tech, Georgetown DE

under the moon light stars

-- From kayla kitchen, greenup county high school, greenup ky

Last year our theme was: A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE

-- From K.L., North Community High School, Minneapolis MN

Wow i was just reading through all this prom stuff, it's crazy! haha! At my school in Australia we just had semi-formals in years 7, 8 and 9 i cant remember the themes...then in year 10 we had a formal (no themes, just dressing up :-) and also a formal in year 11. Year 12 we have the deb ball.

-- From Kate, , Melbourne AU

Well I'm Class of 06 but I thought it was really cool that our homecoming theme were the superheros. Freshmens were Power Rangers, Sophmores were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Juniors were ??, and Seniors were Batman! And then for our prom, the theme was "A Whole New World". I thought there were going to be flying carpets or whatnot, but there wasn't. I didn't really like the theme, but I didn't mind either so it worked out well I guess.

-- From Dara Yang, Edison High School, Fresno CA

We are doing a moonlight masquerade!

-- From Abbey Sullivan, Francis Howell Central, St. Peters MO

UNDER THE STARS like you were walking on water and like there was stars on the ceiling. and theres like trees and stuff

-- From , , jkngoojgtrnr fd

our theme this year was hollwood premiere!!

-- From tashana, port st lucie high, port st lucie fl

For my senior prom this year is "The Last Family Dinner" its okaii i gues its cute..our prom is may 4, 2007 Seniors

-- From Jessy, Emerson, BUffalo,New York

james bond

-- From gracie green, cherokee high school,

Our theme is "Anchor's Away", I guess they are trying to play off our mascot the pirate.

-- From Mercie , San Pedro High, San Pedro CA

My PROM is on May 4th 2007.... But our theme is called: Tonight Tonight....! I rele dunno wt the music and stuff gonna be like but i do know the colors are black and silver with stars every where!!! Ima have a BLAST wit my date and I hope you other people will, too.

-- From Britt Cooper, Charleroi High School, Charleroi PA

Our theme this year is Hollywood nights

-- From Chelsea, E.H.T High School, EHT Nj

Ours is Black Ties and Diamonds it's like a 007 theme...so awesome

-- From Hannah, Glendora High School, Glendora CA

This year's theme is a "Midnight Masquerade." In response, I'm making a custom suit so that I can attend as Erik from Phantom of the Opera, complete with his Red Death costume. (Those familiar with either work will understand the significance.)

-- From Nathan, SHS, Streator IL

the theme for our High school junio/senior prom is 007 "casino royale/james bond" theme. we are going to have great decorations- the colors are red silver and black nad we are having large martini glasses as center pieces at tables outside the dance floor. the dance is going to outdoors/ indoors it is going to be the best prom EVER! p.s. make sure its "shaken not stirred" LOL

-- From The names Bond, James Bond, GPHS, Grants Pass, Oregon

Bella Notte "Beautiful Night"

-- From Aylia Heiting, Frankfort High , Frankfort MI

our theme is the black tie affair and i have been helping with that decorations for prom. is is pretty cool knowing that you helped with prom. your colors are sliver black and a baby purple. it is reall cool hit me back if yall had a cool prom too! deuces crystal

-- From crystal arendell, lubbock cooper high school, lubbock tx

My high school's junior prom was an egyptian theme that we called "A Night on the Nile," it was seriously amazing. We held our prom at our Memphis Zoo which was perfect coordination with our theme. =]

-- From Meganne., Arlington High School, Arlington TN

We've had rumors going around that our theme is going to be "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". They don't tell us until we get there, so who knows what it will be...

-- From Anonymous, , NC

Our theme for prom at hopewell high is ReD CArPeT yay i am so freakin excited icant freakin wait it will be tomaro may 12 2007 it will be from 8 to 12 whew!!!!! peace

-- From morgan j , Hopewell, huntersville NC

Our theme's gonna b called "Catwalk" with differnt places in the hall resembling Milan, New York, Paris and London... the centre of fashion!!!

-- From J, NWCC, Cambridgeshire


-- From Crsytal & Victoria, Austin High , Austin TX


-- From Ash, Rowland High school, Rowland Heights Ca

Our theme for 2007 is "A Knight In The Enchanted Gardern" and its going to be at picwick gardens in Burbank California...And believe me its going to be active

-- From Nora, Lynwood High School, Lynwood, California

James Bond: Diamonds are Forever

-- From Keath, Hanover-Horton High, Hanover MI

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Prom Night Drinking
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Prom Night Drinking
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A little
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2. You will drink at (if you do):
House party
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