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Our traditions are VERY different to yours. In New Zealand we have balls instead but they are the same thing. Always on Saturday nights. During the day the girls get hair make up etc done. Guys usally play rugby. You always have a partener and they pick you up and take you too the pre ball where you meet your group of friends and have drinks. Parents usually are invited to that. THen you hire a bus/limo/train/horse and cart, and go to a flash hotel or the town hall and there we are given dinner then dance usually till midnite then we get change and go to the after party! which is HUGE! usually at a farm in a few padocks with music and anyone can go even if they didnt go to the ball. there is lots of alcohol and it usually finishes at 6am Sunday. then everyone goes home and sleeps it off. Very few people go back to school on monday. We have it in the middle of the year. Its the best!

-- Sarah New Zealand

At my school everyone goes all out. All the boys hier suits and the girls by dresses and shoes - very expensive! You must go to school the day of the prom otherwise you cannot go to. After the prom there is an after party that everyone goes to.(To get drunk.) We all hier limos which involves spending 80 for one!!! In total for my prom on Thusday (May 10th 2001) i am spending over 100.

-- Jenny Liverpool UK

At my school, we have three major traditions... Winter Ball, which is sponsored by the Sophomores... Junior Prom, which is sponsored by the Juniors... and Senior Ball, which is sponsored by the Seniors. For each class, the class under it works (ie. Frosh work during Winter Ball, Sophs during Junior Prom, etc.) Winter Ball is normally on a Friday night in Alameda.... Junior Prom is on a Saturday night somewhere in the East Bay (ie. Oakland, Berkley)... and Senior Ball is on a Saturday night in San Francisco. Winter Ball and Junior Prom are open to the whole school while Senior Ball is only for the seniors unless you get invited. The tradition is the week before prom you get your nails done and go tanning... the day of you get your hair and make-up done in San Francisco at a department store and then go pick up the boutineer for your date... The dance normally starts at 8 so many people go in groups to dinner and then to the dance. During the dance there are pictures, refreshments and the crowning of court. After the dance people either go to hotel parties, house parties or the beach where people normally drink and just hang out until the next morning.

-- Angela Almeda CA

Every year here, we make a big deal out of prom. The junior class hosts it for the seniors (seniors get a free ticket and a gift). It has been held the past two years at the Polk County Convention center becuase we have had a graduating class of about 550. It is held on a Saturday night. Most people rent limos or go in nice cars. Most people spend Saturday getting ready and going to dinner at an expensive restaurant. At the dance we have a DJ, who most of the time, forgets to play the theme song. Then afterward, we have an After-Prom Party at Valley West Mall, which we rent out. There is usually some cheesy gifts and bad entertainment. Then we all go to a pre-paid breakfast at a deignated restaurant. It's a lot of fun, but we always end up asleep all day Sunday.

-- Amanda Des Moines IA

Our Prom is called "grad", at the beginning of the year the class begins to have fundraisers to raise money throughout the year to pay for our decorations, and whatever is needed for the supper and dance. We all begin getting ready girls with girls guys/guys, usually, having a few brews at the same time. everybody gets together and goes to the supper. The supper is usually catered, then the speeches are done by teachers and students, then our diplomas are given out, after all that we get a band to play for the after party, end up staying out till the next day and ruining our expensive dreses, and head to a friends hose to get smashed all over again. all those years of school makes two days well worth it!

-- Nikki Chevery QC

Prom is always held on Sat. at some big fancy place, one year they had it at the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Ours this year is at some old court house in dowtown Cleveland. On Sat. all the girls get their hair, nails, and make- up done. The limo usally picks everybody up at one house, from there we will go to the metroparks and take pretty pitures. Then it is off to prom. The prom is until 12 then we go to the "after prom" at the high school were they have casino, and games. That lasts till 5 in the morning and then we all go home to get ready to go camping on Sunday night, which is just a big party. Then who ever isn't hung over goes to Cedar Point on Monday!

-- Jenny North Olmsted OH

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