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Every year the day before prom all the seniors skip that day and hang out at the beach and just have fun. Another big tradition is that only seniors are allowed to wear white dresses to prom. No underclassmen are allowed to wear white. And only seniors can wear white tuxedos. It's seniors last night together and that's what distinguishes us from the underclassmen that are at our prom. And finally the day after we all got to either Busch Gardens or Water Country USA, depending on how hot it is.

-- Anon Chesapeake VA

I go to a really small school (theres about 600 people and its a jr high and high school) so we dont have a senior prom beacuse there are so many other senior activities. They have senior banquet which is where awards and scholarships are awarded, graduation is pretty big: one is that as each grad is announced they walk out, get their diploma and shake hands, then they walk out to the front and present their diplomas so people can take pictures, then either a younger familiy memmber brings them flowers or they bring flowers to their parents. its really sweet. The junior class has a junior prom which is held a ballroom on a friday night. The juniors invite whoever they want, even freshman. Anyone who wants to can leave school early to get ready with parnetal permission. Than they all go in limos or cars and whoever else wants to can go watch the grand march after the prom people usually go to the beach or something

-- Rachel Newmarket NH

over here in australia our end of year celebrations go for a week we start off with a scavanger hunt which is we form teams of 5 adn have to collect a list of things in 3 hours there are htigns such as street signs and othe rare and weird stuff that night we all sleep at the school and tarsh the place and do what we like the following mornign the teachers cook us a bbq breakfast and we continue to do wht we like water bombing other student etc then we have out own concert which is just all our year doing what we want in front of the school we can pay out teachers or student and re-;ive event from our schooling life , the following day we have our formal assemsbly in which we are presented with a wine glass or beer mug from the schoo, and portfolios we get clapped out of the school by the teachers and younger years and we then leave and start getting ready for our formal ( same as the prom) and we have pre- formal drink adn photos we have as it down meal and party all night then after we have after formal parties which continue to the following week - it has to be the best week of the school life for all of us

-- Sam Australia

In Australia we don't have prom but we have graduation in year 12. You aren't allowed to bring a date unless they are in the same year level at school as you. We all dress up beautifully and have dinner and recieve our graduation certificates then afterwards go to a party somewhere and everyone can come. Usually this is held somewhere like the local soccer club because there is about 300 students in my year level. The next day we have to go to school and just sign in, and often people harass younger students but wetting them with fire hoses and stuff like that and generally make nuicances of ourselves.

-- Angel Australia

I have read everyone's traditions, and mine is somewhat different to the all. I live in Queensland Australia. We don't have "prom" here, we have "The Formal". Everyone looks forward to it for years. I have had my date since I was in grade eight. Only grade 12's are allowed to go to the formal, unless you are invited by a senior (grade 12). The formal is held on a friday night, usually November 17th, the last day of the australian school year for senior students. In the morning we have "Leaver's Day Ceremony" were we all recieve our graduation certificates and eagerly leave to get ready. The formal is always magical, The parties afterwards are plentiful. The following week is schoolies week. Do you have schoolies? Well it is the first week after we finish grade 12 where seniors from all around australia stay at the gold coast for a week long party, all the hotels discount their prices and thousands of 17,18 yr old's drink and party hard for the whole week. It is definatly a brilliant way to end the year, and a special chapter in our lives.

-- Jade Brisbane Australia

At my school, we only have about 200 students in each class, so our Prom is held in our gym. Juniors and Seniors are allowed to attend Prom, but the Juniors organize and decorate for it. The Juniors choose a theme and decorate the gym and the hallways to the gym using the theme. It's always very beautiful. To someone who didn't know better, they wouldn't even realize it was a gym. The Juniors decorate the gym the whole week leading up to Prom. Since it's basically for the Seniors, they don't find out the theme until they buy their tickets, or if the Junior Class chooses to, they can keep it secret until the night of the Prom. Then, on Prom night, the whole community lines up on the sidewalks leading up to the doors to the school, and we take our cars up to be valet parked, and there are spotlights on us as we get out of the car. Then, an announcer introduces us, and we walk with our date to the doors. There is a red walkway for us to walk on. It is a very special special tradition for us because we are the only school in our county to still hold Prom in our gym.

-- Janna Brunswick MD

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