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My school's prom next year is going to be so tight! We're having it at Universal Studios in Hollywood!! The room is going to have screens where we can flash movies and things like a star background on them so that it looks like we're outside. I heard we're also going to have lasers flashing all around too. The prom is indoors as well as outdoors. The outdoors part is called "Little Paris". It's like a little street that looks like Paris or somethin like that. And after prom is gonna be at Universal City Walk. But of course we have to hit up all the after prom parties! Narbonne High School's Prom 2002 is gonna rock!

-- Joanna Los Angeles CA

Our school is a very small public school. (About 80 people per class) We have Prom on a Saturday, usually in May. The Junior class puts on a banquet and Prom for the Seniors. They pick 10 sophomores to serve and put on skits at the banquet. After the banquet everyone picks up thier dates and comes back to the school. The community shows up to see the dresses, and who can show up in the oddest vehicle. We have had people drive race cars, golf carts, hearses, police cars, go carts and four-wheelers. Inside the Prom king and queen are crowned. After prom, the Junior and Senior parents hold After Prom, to keep us from getting into trouble. At about 4 in the morning we leave with our dates and go have breakfast. After breakfast we go to church in our gowns and tuxes.

-- Whiteny Caney Valley KS

Our school 'Prom' is called 'The Formal', every November (that's when we finish school) the formal is held at different resturants or halls. This year my formal is on a cruise ship in Sydney Harbour. We meet at school first then catch buses to Darling Harbour, where we hop on our boat and catch the sites like the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. It doesnt cost much money because we have been fundraising since we started highschool. Its a heap of fun and a night to remember!

-- Alice Sydney Australia

At our school we have prom but it is not formal. Instead we have a winter formal "Snowball." It is very formal and sophomores through seniors go. No freshman. Everyone is paired up with someone and you can't choose your date. Not everyone gets invited but it is a blast

-- Lisa Beatrice NE

at my high school prom is for senior only unless your invited. the friday before the prom is "senior ditch day" and all the seniors skip school and party at the beach or get ready for the big event. The saturday of the prom everyone gets ready and is picked by limousines or sports cars. It is usually it is not worth the wait.V.H.H.S Rules

-- Lisa Los Angeles CA

One thing that our school does is have a video contest to get people exsited for Prom. Its for the The most cleverest way to ask your date to prom. And you do it on video. The best one gets a free ticket!!

-- JoJo Scottsdale AZ

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