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every year we have our prom in sometime in the last week of June! we have what is called Safe Grad! which is held at a local hotel ball room! it's a all night event starting at 7pm with a dinner, music, karakokee,play auction, play gambeling more music, all you can eat buffetts etc.. i haven't been to one yet but i heard they are soo much fun and amazing!! being apart of the Safe Grad Comitee this year is awesome! i am designing the invatation and a Grad surprise! which is whoa! i can't tell cause it's a suprise! :P sorry! lol anyhooo have an awesome Prom night and keep the memories alive! this will be a memorie that will hopefully be with you forever!

-- Dana NS

Our grad is held in 2 days. The first night is Commensments and this is when we receive out diploma and get to wear the caps and gowns. After this there is a party. The next day is the actual Grad. We get all deckedc out, meet up with out dates, cruise around in limos, drinking champagne and then meet at legislative grounds for pictures. Then we go to the Grad. banquet. Here we have a supper, presentations and then the dance. The dance goes till about 12:30 then off to SafeGrad wich is a party for the gards and their dates that is in a secluded secret location and everyone is bused there and back home so no one drives drunk. Funest night ever!!

-- Nikki & Marto Fort Alberta Saskatchewan

Okay, well, in new Zealand we don't have a prom like yours, we call it a ball. It's usually around June- August, the middle of the year (our school year finishes in December). At our school it's on a Saturday so the chicks spend all damn day getting ready for it, it starts at about 7pm and finishes at 11:30, which is when the fun REALLY starts. We go to the after-party. An organisation called SADD (students against drink driving) organises it and they put us on buses and take us to a mystery location. They get a DJ and food and stuff, and people don't normally get home till about 4am. The other thing about it is getting a partner isn't the be all and end all, like it seems to be for you. Most people think it's more fun going in a big group with your mates. At our school, only 6th and 7th formers can attend (the seniors, the last 2 years of school). This year the theme is 'a starry starry night'. It should be a blast.

-- Rain New Zealand

Well here in Edmonton, Alberta...we dont have prom. We have a graduation. Grad usally happens a month before school is actually finished b/c at the end of June is when we have our diploma exams. Grad is us a two day event. The first night is ceremonies. I go to a Roman Catholic High School so that means we have ceremonies at a church where the mass is incorporated into our graduation. That night is when the diplomas are handed out. Everyone is in their cap and gown and after cermonies (aka commencements) everyone takes pictures outside for parents and friends. After that night everyone goes out to party. Usually one big house party where EVERYONE is at. The next day is the Banquet. The morning is spent primping and getting ready. Hair, nails, make- up...the guys...doing whatever they do...at around 12:00- 1:00pm the grads all start making their way to this place we have called the legislative building. It is so beautiful there and whenever any highschool has a grad thats where friends always go to take pictures. Grads will decided to take limos, or sometimes rent Hummers, other nice vechicles or like we saw once a hot-tub firetruck. A firetruck with a hot tub in the back!!! Pictures are usually at 2:00pm...after all the pictures are done...grads will drive around the city in their vechile...until about 530- 600...when the grad go to the banquet...along with family, parents, and friends. The grads come in a procession and have dinner with their families at the tables. After there is a dance..where there is a dj. Grads will usually leave this party 11pm/12am...while the rest of the guest (parents/families) stay and dance the night away. The grads will leave..usually go home and change into sweats and runners, and big sweaters...grag their drinks and head to school. Back at school a parent organized party is about to start. Yellow buses are awaiting the grads. After loading the induvidually named drinks..onto another bus. The grads are driven out to a secluded place. A farm, acerage...something away from the city. This is called the AFTERGRAD...where everyone has a blast, drinking..doing whatever, chillin around the campfire...until about 7:00am...when they are driven back to school on the buses. Picked up there, and then spend the rest of the day SLEEPING!!! GRAD 2002 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

-- Anne Edmonton AB

At our school we have many traditions. I am in the 50th class to graduate from our school. Now as long as anyone can remeber there has been Grad Drunk. This is when ALL of the grads (and a few parents) go to the Helipad and well... get Drunk (hence the name.) The thing that sucks is that it always happens on the same day at the same place every year (so the cops know where to put roadblocks) and its on a wensday (if you don't show up on thursday you are suspendid). Then there is grad rehersal. The day before grad (first friday of june) we rehearse how we will seat ourselves and in what order we walk the stage. After that's over most people get their professional grad pics taken or go over to a friend's house to reminice about all thier years together. Finally DAY OF GRAD. Between the hours of 11am-2pm girls (and some guys) get their hair done. Then its back home to get dress on. Then its off to dinner with friends and family. Then you get driven to a friend's house and the limo or party bus picks you up. Then we wait at the front door ohhing and aahhing at everyone until the parents are seated. Then its into our line up then we graduate. Then time for the FUN! DRY GRAD!!!!! Everyone gets into the other side of our arena and we have a 2 hour dance (to dance with parents and our dates) Then when the parents leave... Its off with the dresses into jeans and t- shirts. We raise money all year to get sumo suits, a magician, a hypnotist, a fake tattoo artist, a fortune teller, fake gambling slots, food, velcrow wall and basically anything we can afford. Then the next week we have a grad fashion show at the school for all of the grad 10 and 11's. Then its time to cram for provincials. Its a long hard but fun process.

-- Stacey Port Alberny BC

Every year for the past 7 years, our high school show choir has sung "Friends" by Micheal W. Smith at graduation. It's the perfect song for the perfect graduation.

-- Casey Ft. Recovery OH

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