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A tradition in our school is... the day before prom, we have Senior Skip Day.

-- Jane Virginia Beach VA

Every year the night before senior prom the guys go to this one bar near school. We're always underage, but the objective is to try and get in by pretending we're old enough. If you make it in, the belief is that you're going to go all the way prom night.

-- Dave Chicago IL

Every year after prom we have a huge party for everyone all at one place. And on grad night we all go to a local Bar and try and get in. Even though we're under age all of our friends go, even the ones that aren't graduating, some of the teachers too-- it's been going on for like 10 or 15 years.

-- dEB Picton ON

In Fredericton, we only have one high school (although there's a new one opening this fall), so our prom is a pretty big event for the city. The prom, held at the Sheraton Hotel in the ballroom area, is a lot like a movie première: we have what is called the "prom watch," where friends, family and anyone interested come by to watch the grads file into the hotel, to look at the decorations and of course, the dresses. Traffic can be held up sometimes because it's such a popular event here. Having everyone there watching your entrance really makes you feel like a star. It's almost like going to the Oscars!

-- Vally Frederiction NB

At my school (i'm grading 2000) you buy tickets before hand and after the grad everyone meets somewhere, we pile onto about 4 or 5 rented buses and go to a beach 2 hours away (partying on the buses), party til sun rise then we all go to breakfast.

-- Kristin Victoria BC

At my HS, the prom is a really big deal. We hold it in our gym, and it gets decorated really nice. They decorate the outside gym entrance, and set up a red carpet as everyone walks in. They also set up bleachers outside of the entrance to the school, and the whole community goes to watch the kids pile into the school. They come in limos, fire trucks, police cars, buses, horse and buggie, and anything else new an original that you can think of. Its really neat to go and watch, all the dresses and cars go by.

-- Stacey Setauket NY

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