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The monday after the prom (which is usually held on a Friday night) a "Senior Skip Day" is held and they usually go to an amusement park or the beach all day long!

-- CJ Atlantic City NJ

Every year one junior and one senior volenteers to have breakfast at their house. Right after the junior/senior prom, juniors go to one house and the seniors go to the other (or both) and party all night and everyone spends the night there then you all have breakfast early in the morning together.

-- Melodie Savannah GA

I go to an all girls school and we have a partner all boys school. On the day of prom, the boys go into school in the morning and go to the auditorium. They have ettiquette lessons, including which fork to use, napkins in the lap, and chew with your mouth closed. Then they proceed to the gym and have a last minute dance lesson (which never quite teaches them well enough, if you could see their dancing!). After that, all the guys have to write a letter to their date which is presented to them at the prom. It's really sweet!

-- Courtney Newark DE

the tradition that we have in our school is that most poeple plan to go to wild wood right after the prom. So that means that for the whole weekend they are not going to be home specialy that we always have the prom for the three day weekend and then we have senior cut day. so we won't be back until wednesday morning to school.see i won't be doing this until the year 2001

-- Vannessa Dover NJ

At our school the traditions are for our sophmore cotillion all the girls should wear a long straight dress, for junior prom we wear ball gowns, and senior prom is fishtale gowns. At cotillion and jr. prom the guys give the girls corsages, but a senior prom it's usally a bouget or presentation arrangement. After the ssenior prom the place to be is the shore where there are usually atleast 2 hotels rented out to our school.

-- Julie Gibbsboro NJ

At my school, every comes to prom in outrageous things. The goal is to do something no one has ever done before. Last year, a couple came via hot air balloon, and another couple came in a helicopter. They have used old cars, ski-doos, golf carts, coke trucks, anything and everything imaginable.

-- Alexia Mount Sterling KY

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