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Hey, it's always been a tradition in my school to go to this island that is on the outskirts of long island. Everyone just goes and hangs out on the beach and watches the sunrise. The night before, after prom, everyone usually takes a boat cruise around Manhattan. Very romantic

-- Stephanie Long Island NY

At my highschool, the proms are what you wait all four years for. The Freshman have a semi-formal *Frosh*..The Sophomores also have a semi-formal dance called the *Soph.* The Junior Prom is a formal event. These three dances are held in the gym. The Senior Prom is extremely formal and is usually held at an expensive city hotel, or a country club. The couples usually group together and rent limos or trolleys. We have a recieving line at the prom and than it's dinner and dancing all night. After the prom, the couples go out to breakfast and then off on a mini- getaway to either the shore or the mountains. It's so awesome!

-- Lola Upper Darby PA

Where i live we dont have a 'prom' as such. It's called the "social" and it isn't as much of a big deal as the 'prom' seems to be. We still have the formal dresses and the guys in their tux's. Its only for the seniors - year 11 and 12. Its in the evening and everyone goes to a hall for a main meal and people can dance and whatever for the rest of the night. All this is run by the school and by 11, this part is over and there's an "after party" at a place organised usually by a year 12. I've been reading all the traditions of the prom you have in america. I find it truely facinating and i hope you find our way of doing things just as facinating. Not quite as lavish but still the biggest event of the senior year..!!!

-- Catherine Melbourne Australia

at our school, we don't really call them "proms" ther're called "At- Homes" every year about 15 students do all the decorating and we start at the beginning of the year, getting everything ready for the big day. Everyone can go to the at- homes (i'm in gr.9 and i'm going). but only the grads go to the Graduation(unless you're invited to go with a grad) so there is a formal dance at the end of the year for everyone. At-homes are usually held at the school, grad's at a hotel or on a yacht or something.

-- Fancy Toronto ON

Throughout your whole four years, prom is something special that you wait to experience. Here in Newport News, you have your Junior Ring Dance and the Senior Prom. Both are very special and important. You spend alot of time preparing for these two events. Everyone feels as if prom is only a night full of fun. When here we appreciate prom and choose to spend that night fun, safe, and carefully. Don't misunderstand me, we do get our groove on at the dance and AfterProm is off the hook!!!

-- Dionne Newport News VA

For a small town outside of Washington, D.C. this town knows how to party. The girls get their hair and nails done usually after school on Friday or before the prom on Saturday. The prom is held in a hotel ballroom. After the prom there is an after-prom breakfast at 5 or 6 am. Most of the people go home and come back. But its kinda boring. Just a place to hangout with your friends and your date.

-- Krissy Herndon VA

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