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During the year, the seniors pick one day for "skip day", juniors can go too, but aren't allowed. Prom goes as usual, juniors and seniors only unless invited. The big events happen after prom. Parties right after prom, everyone finds a good secluded spot then drinks and tokes up all night. Parties all week-end. Its great. 3/4 of the senior class are all partiers.

-- Leslie Cherry School Cherry MN

With 8 high schools in tallahassee prom can be interresting. at my school the junior class always plans prom for the seniors. we are not allowed to know what the theme is untill we buy our tickets. then there is always a clue on it. leon (thats the school i go to) normally has prom at the fsu ballroom but this year we are having it in the civic center all by ourselves. three other schools had prom together this year. everyones plans are different on prom day. we have the red and white football game or we go biking, and then in the afternoon people start getting ready. i am going to my best friends house to get ready. we are all cooking dinner together then she is taking me and her brother (he's my date) to my house for pics and then to her mom's boyfriends resturant for pics and then to prom. then we will have parties all over the place. people are also renting party buses to go to the beach! i am so excited because i have never been to a dance!

-- Lauren Tallahasee FL

At our prom, guys and chaperones alike wear traditional Scottish kilts. It's hilarious, and they even hire a bagpiper and dance.

-- Chi Park Ridge IL

At our very small school(around 70 people in 9-12), the big night starts out with an awards banquet honoring all the people that got awards through out the year. All juniors and seniors can go, and if a person grades 7-10 is receiving an award, they can go, too. After the banquet, there is the Grand March for couples to parade through, then there is the actual dance, which anyone grades 9-12 can attend. We also invite a neighboring town to the dance, since they don't have enough people to put on their own prom. We don't have to buy tickets for our prom, which is held in the school gym, and the Junior class does all the arrangements and decorating. Our high school show choir performs at the banquet.

-- Ashley Ashley ND

I can''t wait till my prom its june 1st teh traditions are girls skip school teh day of the prom they get their hair and nails done tehn go home do there makeup and start getting ready if ur going with friends u call em up to make sure u get there on time if u got a date ur usually ready before he picks u up so u wont have him waiting for u all night long.Your parents will take pictures etc... You jump in to the limo have the greatest time of ur life, dance all night long with the guy of ur dreams. Then comes after prom u go to parties and stay out all night long usaully u have more fun after prom then at prom! Then before u go home ur date gives u a long kiss and tells u what a great time he had with u and how he wishes this night would never end. Then u go home and u wont be able to sleep thinking about this enchanted night u'll have dreams about it, and it'll be a night u won't forget for as long as u live.

-- Karen Brooklyn NY

Our school, we ll we do things the right way! we party, fromt eh day the tickets go on sale till the day the are done al that is talked about the after- parties. This year the plans are as follows, we all skip school(sorry mom) get hair and nails done and so on. We all meet for dinner and precide in all the limos and sports cars that are rented, go and party it up on the dance floor and on to the hotel parties(sorry dad) and crawl home later that morning!!!!!!! " Who Let The DOgs OUt" Bennies Bulldogs 1999/2000

-- Alisha Cambridge

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