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We have our commmencment cermonies on the Saturday during the afternoon, and everyone gets their diplomas and walks up on staged in your cap and gown. After that, we all get ready for prom. Before prom, we go for dinner and have drinks to celebrate graduation. Promis from 8 until 12am, and then we are bussed to the community centre for "Dry Grad" where we stay (if we want) and party.. no alcohol, but fun. It's a big fun deal and something to remember.

-- Emily Qualicum BC

WE have a grad dance, not a prom. But it's the same thing.We have very small graduating class (about 25 students). All the grads march down a paved path surrounded by flowers with their parents (so everyone can see them). It's called the Grand March. Then everyone and their parents are annouced and they have a "first dance" ...you dance with your parent then the next soung you dance with your date , in front of the whole town but it's fun. then the dance starts and afterward veryone goes to the grad party and camps out!!

-- Meg New Brunswick

I was reading all the traditions, but I didn't read any that had this one. In Hawaii, the guy gives the girl a bouquet, as usual, but the girl gives the guy a lei made of a vine called a maile. It's very traditional and can be anywhere from one strand to about seven strands thick. It symbolizes many things, including love, or friendship. I think that it looks really classy, and because the maile has no flowers, it looks very masculine and goes well with a tux! .

-- Stacey Kona HI

Every year we have prom and then we have Project Prom. Project Prom is this event to prevent chemically- influenced prom parties. They have a bunch of games and music and fun stuff like that. It's a blast.

-- Barrett Pikeville KY

In our school the tradition is that all the seniors get ready for the prom on friday so we all leave school early then we go to the prom and then afterwards spend the weekend in wildwood senior cut day is that monday after the prom.

-- Mariane Piscataway NJ

Our school holds a prom for juniors and seniors, usually at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The Grand March is held on the large escalators. Names are announced and roses are given to the girls. At every formal dance we have a tradition of giving our garders to our dates and they wear them on their arm. After the dance, most of the guys hang the garders in their cars on the rear-view mirrors. This year will be my first year attending, and I can't wait!!

-- Beth South St. Paul MN

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