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At our school we have our prom on a Saturday night. We have a garter dance where the guys pull the garter off the girls leg with his mouth. Then after the dance we go to after prom which is held at our school.The Sunday night our senior class goes camping and basically everyone drinks. Then Monday we go to Cedar Point.

-- Sean Cleveland OH

Our prom night is on a Saturday. All the guys go and pick up their tux's the night before, and all the girls are busy picking out everything. On Saturday, the girls spend all day doing their hair, and the guys are all hanging out waiting for prom. At around 5:00 everyone usually goes to the Maifest in Millstadt and parties till around 8:00 when you depart for the prom. After the prom, everybody goes bowling at Belair bowl, or goes out to private drinking parties. At around 7:00, everyone goes to breakfast and then goes home. It aught to be fun!

-- Jean Belleville IL

Reading all the traditions that you guys have i was fascinated. Most schools over here dont even have proms. At my school we're very lucky to have one. This year its my years turn.Me and my 5 best friends are heads of the organising team. One of the poshist hotels in the city has been hired with a tented ceiling and hundreds of pounds worth of flowers. The organising team takes 2 days off school to decorate. The girls also take friday off to get hair,nails and make-up done prefessionally. The guys wear tux's and pick the girls up in limo's then go into town to have a drink then on to the prom which starts at 9. Your date must be in y11 but years10,12and13 all come along to see what everyone looks like. The prom lasts until 1am, rooms are availible for couples. At 1 the parties start first at clubs then move round houses they last all through saturday and night and finally finish sometime on sunday. After a full 48 hours of drinking and partying for 25 of us its only 1 day to rest untill we're of to IBIZA for a week with no parents. Sun, sea, sand and clubs the perfect way to finish off 2 months of exams and 12 years of school.

-- Livvi Bristol UK

For our prom, the juniors and seniors can go. We have a really small school so we have our prom in the elem. gym. The juniors spend all friday decorating and Saturday night is the dance. When you get to the dance the seniors have the senior march as we call it and each senoir and their date is called up as they walk to show their tux and dress to the parents and friends. SOme senoir boys act crazy and go in tie dye tuxs and solid red! We are from Louisiana and from a very small town with not much to do after the prom so after we all leave and go either to someones house and listen to a band called SWOL ( which are some guys from our school) or go down a gravel road and wait for the cops to come chase us out! Its really fun and before prom we all skip school for a day.

-- Laura Iota LA

Hey Everyone, at our school which is GRHS, the junior prom is held on a friday night. This year we are having it june 9th. Our school is small, so we set up a tent in the courtyard and have the prom there. On the day of the prom, the girls usually leave at around 12:30 to go do their hair and nails and the guys usually stay longer. The girl buys the guy a boutineirre and the guy gets her a corsage. We have so much fun here. And by the way, I love all of your traditions.

-- Biana Glen Rock NJ

Us down here in N.Z have always known that proms are like one of the most important nights in your teenage life but after reading these stories I don't really know if it's worth all the trouble. In N.Z we have school dances but if you go it's not a big deal, no one really notices. Also, nobody goes with a partner, you just all pile up there together with your friends. Of course during the night people do start to pair off but if you don't it doesn't matter because everybody just dances in big groups. I think it saves a lot of insecure girls from having a night from hell because they can turn up a party with the girls!!! It's seems that you guys over there in USA look down on people who don't get "asked" to go to prom. If it wasn't made out to be such a big deal I pretty sure it be a lot more enjoyable. Love from New Zealand

-- Sarah New Zealand

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