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What is Prom?

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What is Prom?

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prom is a night where everyone can go and have a good time.its also a place where girls and guys can get all dressed up for that very special occasion.its also a place where you and your friends can go to hang out.

-- Kyleigh indian lake Lakeview OH

To me, prom is one big party, the final culmination of all the high school dances over the years. Its the last chance to dance with everyone, the last chance to get glammed up, the "last hurrah" before the seniors graduate and get thrown into the real world. That's why you have to live it up and go all out for the night! Months before prom you start tanning, teeth whitening, and shopping for your dress, shoes, and jewelry. I know where I'm from, for most girls prom is an all weekend thing: friday night get your manicure & pedicure, saturday morning hair and makeup appointments, then the rest of the afternoon is spent getting ready before you meet for pictures and take the limo to dinner and the dance. And don't forget about the parties afterwards, of course!!

-- Anna Winters Mill Westminster MD

What is prom?Prom is a big night in every single boy or girl life. It's a night not only to go all out and step into a magical world, but it's a night where everyone is important. It's a night that celebrates all the hard work and years it took to get there. Im in grade 12 and I have prom this year and me and my friends are soooooo excited:)Its definately a night that everyone will remeber and cherish for the rest of their lives.

-- Marmoura Saint Patricks high School Halifax NS

It seems like this thing is just enforcing teenagers propensity to judge each other on whether or not they can find a partner - even though they have not yet realised adults do not always judge each other in the same way that teenagers judge each other. I think many of these kids become very anxious and unhappy about all this - and its not fair. Its also pointless. Real life is sometimes like the prom. But not always. So it is not appropriate that this should be a rite of passage. As a European, I never went through this. Thank God.

-- Colin Boaca Raton FL

To me, Prom is the one night when its ok for girls to shine their beauty; have the time of their life; celebrate the end of their high school years; and to be a princess. It is the one day when its ok for either the guy or the girl to go all out- they spend as much as they want just to look good. Prom is not just any other high school dance- its the day seniors can say "this is OUR party not anyone elses...this belongs to the Seniors!". Its also the day to be with your friends- create one of the last memories before being out in the "real" world. thats wat prom is to me.

-- Yvette SHS Sarasota FL

Prom is something that you look forward to once you reach middle school. You hear everyone talking about how much fun they have. It also gives everyone a chance to go out and buy an over-the-top outfit that they are only going to wear once (well most of the time anyways). It is a special occassion that you will remember for the rest of your life!! At my school, the Juniors sponsor it, and we have a time where we recognize all of teh seniors and their escorts. It really is a great time.

-- Tiffany Russell County High School Phenix City AL

Prom is supposed to be a crazy fun night, whether it be spent as a romantic date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, just a cool night with a bunch of your closest friends, or whatever! It gives everyone a chance to dress up and feel good about themselves, and stop worrying about social status and cliques and everything stupid about high school. It's meant to be fun, memorable, and a night you wish could last forever.

-- Jessica Bellevue WA

Prom is a very special night that you want to be perfect. It is very stressful having to get your tan, hair, makeup, and nail appointments. But, it is extremely worth it. After all it only happens once in a lifetime. I think it is extremly expensive, especially when you have to have the best of everything. But, once it is all said and done all the stress was worth it. It is a celebration with your friends that you've had all through high school and it will probably be one of the last times you see your friends before you enter the real world and journey out on our own. It is really a fun and emotional night at the same time. Plus, prom night makes another memory that will never be forgotten!!

-- Tiffani Union County High Maynardville TN

Well at my school prom is the moment. I am on student senat, so I choose the theme for the prom this year I chose"A 70's night out" At my school there are rules about prom, you can't go without a date, can't get in without a ticket, and if you had any form of suspension your ticket is refused. Prom is on a friday night always, always in last week of May. My definition for prom is it is a romantic dance held for jrs and snrs. The prom has a theme and is a fun event.

-- Kelly Anne

Prom is for seniors to have a great party and celebrate together. This is their last dance as high school students. Its an extravaganza.

-- Margret Curtis Tacoma WA

A "leisurely" walk, along with social activity.prom comes from promenade and prominade is a social event which includes dancing

-- Stevie smoky hill high Aurora CO

prom is one of the most important days of your high school life, espically your senior year. the ladt time all the seniors will be together b4 graduation!!!!!!!!!! everybody gets dressed up in their sexy gowns and exspensive tuxs and dance and party and then all the seniors meet up somewhere and have some fun afterwards! congratulations class of 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Miesha thurgood marshall high school Baltimor MD

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