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What is Prom?

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What is Prom?

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Prom night in my belief is a celebration of a teens coming of age. Sort of a right of passage.

-- Brandi Toronto ON

Prom is the one night that you owe to yourself to let loose and enjoy yourself.For four years you worked hard and finally when you reached the end you owe it to yourself to HAVE FUN!

-- KIone Hempstead High School Hemstead NY

Proms is a dance where everone comes formal and dance with their date. They have different themes like ours is broadway. It's just a dance to where you can hang with friends and soon go to after parties.

-- Christine Redwood High School Visalia CA

Prom is a night where you go out danceing. With your date & getting your hair done your nails done. Renting a limo & parting. & going out to eat & having fun.

-- Ashley Redemptorist High School Greenwell Springs LA

prom night is all about having fun with the people that mean the most to you. just be stupid and let loose. look pretty and have a good time, and afterwards do something stupid like go rockcliming with your best friend or put-putting.

-- Caitlin Robinson High Fairfax VA

Prom is a fun filled night where Seniors and Juniors get to dance the night away with their classmates under the supervision of their teachers and principals. It is a time when girls get to dress up and and act, well..like girls. And, the guys get to show up with a beautiful girl on his arm. Good times.

-- Diana Norwin High School North Huntington PA

A prom is a Form of dance a chance to ask that special some as a date. and can be a form of way for all the senior class to get together and make memeries.

-- Ivy Lanier High School Austin TX

Prom is just a time when girls can get dressed up and look beautiful and guys can look handsome and everyone can have fun. It is just like a big dress up party.....

-- Miranda Wynford high school Bucyrus OH

What is Prom?? Here in Europe school's doesn't celebrate Prom at least. But last year we got a first prom of our school and we did it in regard to the great American Tradition in the USA. It was really a nice Event, and our school will celebrate it now on every year. It's a nice way to say goodbye to our teachers and all the other classmarks. Perhaps it's alway's a possibility to confess the secret love its feelings:-)So nice wishes from Europe!!

-- Christian Berufskolleg für Wirtschaft und Gestaltung Aachen Germany, Europe Cologen EU

Prom here in Quebec is called "Grad" and it's the big formal dance at the end of your Graduating year (that would be Grade 11 for us Quebeckers). It's the only formal dance of our high school lives and the last dance we have before we all go off to College..

-- Victoria Montreal QC

Prom is a unique night for girls. It is the day that everything has to be perfect and they have the best dress. but to me prom is a night that i just enjoy being beautiful and celebrating the end of high school in a sexy way.

-- Quina Prosser Chicago IL

A prom is where, at the end of your school year u have a party and dance with your friends.You get to take a date with you,thats the exciting part! boys and girls all over the world dream about the prom and cant wate till there own prom.For one night all you boys and girls will feel really special and will have a smile on your face all night.girls you get to dress up and feel so special u wish it would never end, you'll get all glamed up and put your make-up on get into your dresses get your shoes on ect... and at the end of the night you might get a little kiss but no promises so good luck hav fun and remember it for the rest of your lifes.Its my prom next week im so excited and hope you will be for yours. bye xx

-- Brina B-Side

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