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What is Prom?

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When I think of prom, I think of the end of highschool. It is a lot like the last final major event before graduation. It is a very emotional night, because everyone knows that highschool and basically childhood is over. Now we have to grow up. I am looking forward to my prom in about 2 months

-- Courtney IL

Prom is a dance at the end of the year as the last time for friends to get together and party before going off to college or where-ever life will take them. For juniors, it's just an end of the year celebration, but for seniors it's a final good-bye. It's also a chance for people to put their best foot forward, at a dressy event and locale and show the school what they're made of when it's time to dress up.

-- Roxanne SC Governor's School for the Arts Greenville SC

Prom is a time to get dressed up and have fun. It's a time to hang out with everyone including people you normally would not hang out with. Sometimes, prom may even be a time when you are unexpectantly asked out by an admirer.

-- Ashley Wildwood Catholic Villas NJ

Prom is a night to get together with your friends, and have what most girls have been waiting their whole lives for- a romantic night out!!! As a freshman this year, I have the privilage of going with a senior, while others may go with juniors or you may be a junior or senior. My point is... whatever year of high school your in, it's a fun night to go with a cute date, buy an expensive dress, and hang out. Have fun on YOU'R special night!

-- Stephanie Shasta High School CA

Prom is a celebration, a coming of age for graduating high school students. It is one of the last few times that you, as a class, will get together and have a good time. It is a time when one realizes that they are leaving high school behind, to show that they are growing up and becoming young adults, that they can dress-up nice and have a civilized but fun time. It's similar to a young woman's debutant ball, only it's for everyone.

-- Danielle Largo Senior High School Upper Marlboro MD

Prom the special party that all young women have been waiting for. For some people a Prom is the time to show your beauty and be yourself. Its also the time to dance. But prom is the last time your going to be with friends for the last time when your graduate.

-- Shaniela Lake Weir

Prom isn't a custom at my school but my class and I decided to do it by raising money outside of school to make it happen. I see prom as a time to spend with your friends and just enjoy it. Look your best, feel your best and do your best. After graduation you probably won't see these people again and prom is a memory that will always be there. It'll be one of the things you'll remember when years go by.

-- Yvonne Aguadilla PR

The only think you EVER need to remember about prom: It's one, that's right, one, event in high school that will not define the rest of your life, so don't fret or stress about it, do what you want, go with who you want, and have.a.lot.of.fun. That's what its all about :)

-- Roxi Brooklyn NY

Prom is the big bang at the end of high school. During high school you make alot of friends and you loose friends, and those friends who are there with you at prom are the ones who meen the most to you, becasu ethey are the ones who are with you in the end. Prom really has no meening it is more like a symbol, prom night you realize that this is it, my last dance in High school. Prom to me symbolises one of your last night to be with your whole school as one, one of your last nights to n ot have to worry about anyhting, not school work, not whos looking at you becasu eno one cares, it is your last night to before you actually have to look back and say, "yeah I WENT to prom." insteading of saying I cant wait till Prom.

-- Rocki Lakeville High School Lakeville MN

Prom is supposed to be something that the Juniors do for the Seniors, in honor of their last year in high school, the three years before that, the nine or ten years before that. Prom is a dance, yes, but it's also so much more, for some people it's when they first realize "Hey, it's over, OMIGOD, where has the time gone?!" for some, it is a reason for getting some action, but why do we need a fancy dance to get some? For others still prom is just an overrated dance that we feel we hav e to go to in order to be accepted. For some, prom is an outlet, a way to express themselves with their friends, dance, and have fun. For me, Prom is all of this, and so much more that words can't describe. Prom, is, well, Prom. Not much more you can say about it.

-- Heather Arcanum-Butler High School Arcanum OH

To me prom is a night where people get dressed up and bring a date to the special occasion. its a time to celebrate graduating out of highschool and onto bigger things.

-- Roxy WHSS ON

WELL,. Prom is just the biggest event of the high school calendar!!!!!

-- Danielle St. Martins Cardiff

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