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What is Prom?

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Here in our town prom is all about the dress. Everyone crowds around the place that you walk in. It is a night to spend with a special person or a friend, dancing and having a good time.

-- McKenzee Cali High School Cali KS

Prom is the junior classes gift to the graduating seniors. A night for friends to get together and "dance the night away". It's to be a memory that you'll never forget. And who knows, it could end up being a dream come true...

-- Sara

Prom is a celebration of completing an entire 12 years of schooling. I t's a party for your achievements. It's also the celebration of moving on into adulthood; being responsible and independent. To me, that's what "prom" means. Oh yeah, I think everyone dresses up because they made it a formal event.

-- Maurissa Schenley High School Pittsburgh PA

Prom is a memory that we can never forget for the rest of our lives cuz its so special... the last dance with our friends, the last drink with our friends.... we dance all our dances this once night cuz after this who knows where everyone will be... its kinda living all your high school life in one night...

-- Rae

Prom is a pretty big deal at any school if you ask me. Jrs and Srs get to go at my school. Actually, sophmores can too, but only if they are asked by a Jr or Sr. I think prom is celebrating the Srs going out into the "real world" because it is the last big dance of the school year. It's a chance to reflect on the year, and to make one last great memory.

-- Kara Princeton IN

Prom is a night for all girls/guys to go out and have fun with friends or a date. Girls get all dressed up in these beatuiful dresses(well some of them do anyway...:) and get thier hair done. Guys take the girls out and they both end up having a really good time!

-- Ali Weimar TX

prom is a present from the junior class to the senior class... kinda like a gowing away thing. Its what most seniors look forward to all year and bcuz the juniors are giving them the night they want, its special for them to ba able to attend

-- Natalie

prom is an event where people who are leaving high school can have an official closing event. it wraps up all the memories you had and concludes your experiences. Prom is a night where anything goes. anything that you wanted do to in high school or anything that you havent done yet can be done on this night, it is the last oppertunity for your dreams of high school to come true. its a night for all to be equal. everyone looks amazing and everyone has a great time.

-- Paget Saltus Grammar school New York NY

i think prom is the most magical time of a girls life! she looks forward to it the whole way throgh her school years and now it is a rtime to celebrate with her friends that it has finally come to a end (which is good and bad fr some peopel) it is a time where she can show off her beauty and the dress that she has found that is prefect dfor her everybody will have the time of thier life well i did anyway with my boyfrind we lost our v flag together on prom night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Diane

Prom is not such a privilege at my school. I went my freshmen year and that was when only 4 people in my class got to go. I think that ruined my prom experience. Last year over half of the underclassmen got to go and that was out of hand. It is for the juniors and seniors to have a last time together before the seniors graduate and the juniors decorate it and all that jazz as a kind of gift to the seniors. It should be a night to have fun with your friends and try to get along with everyone for one night and be happy after all the work you go through. I'm hoping for a much better time this year.

-- Christina

I think that Prom is the time that they made for the upperclassmen to just have fun and let loose before their lives "really" start. It is one of your last chances to be a kid and just go crazy!!!

-- Lori

At our school, Prom is the one night of the year that every girl lives and breathes for. Its a junior/senior event planned by the junior class Its a night where we look our most beatiful and spend the eveniing with the ones we love. I am SO excited that i can hardley stand it!!!!!!!

-- Samantha Xavier High School Cedar Rapids IA

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