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What is Prom?

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I believe that seinor prom is a final goodbye to your old highschool friends. Although it's not the last time you see each other, it's more of a formal fair- well party. Juinor prom is so that juinors don't miss out on the fun.

-- Gem Monroe Twp. High School Jamesburg NJ

Prom is (or what it should be for everybody, especially girls is ) that one night we are supposed to "take a night off from reality and retreat into a fantasy," so to speak. It's the one time that we can get all dolled up like a pricess or movie star (which ever you prefer) and have a blast!

-- Sarah St. Hubert High School for Girls Philadelphia PA

Prom is the most stressful thing to plan for during your junior year (and as a class officer and memeber of the prom commitee i know). You do tons of work for the seniors so their night is perfect hopeing that your prom will be perfect too. And then when it comes to that special night it all comes together and seems worth it.

-- Kaylyn John Dickinson High School Wilmington DE

to me prom is the best part of high school. i get to dress up so nice and look good. its also a night where you can just hang out with your friends and loved ones. its a night noone should ever forget. go rough riders

-- Samantha Roosevelt San Antonio TX

Prom is when Jrs throw the Srs a dance and only Freshmen and Sophmores can go if they are asked by one of the upperclassmen, the girls get all dressed up so that they can go to the grand march looking all pretty, stay at prom for about an hour, go party it up. The boys do this to make the girls happy

-- Hannah

To me prom is Party night of oficially getting out of school. It's a reword from all those 14 years of school. Yes, 14 yrs. counting pre k and kinder.!!!

-- Cindi Nimitz High School Houston TX

Prom is the day that we all prepare to be more matured, learn how to be in the social life, deal with a situation, and get ready to the next step of life. Yes, we have fun but some haven't but we have to learn about it.

-- Bussra

Prom night is where you go and get all dressed up and you and your prince spend time together dancing the night away.

-- Sarah union county high school Knoxville TN

In Oklahoma, there aren't too many spectacular or glamorous things to do... so EVERYONE gets excited about Prom: the resturaunts all get ready with special advertisments, catering, ect.; the Limo services cut down the prices on those Stretch Limos so that about 10 kids can pile into one, Prom Dresses on sale in all the stores... it's a BIG deal. At Norman Morth, Prom is for Juniors & Seniors ... & Sophmores, but only if they're asked. I'm one of the few lucky Sophmores who get to go.. & Prom is really special to me because I'm not exactly a size 2... So Prom is a time where I get to dress up & look amazing, (whereas I dont usually get to) & I get to see the jaw of my date drop by how amazing a simple dress (that happens to be very flattering) can make me look. It's my time to feel like a Princess, even though Vogue says I'm not "Princess Material".

-- Elizabeth Norman North Norman OK

Prom is when people spend a lot of money on dresses they will wear once, and will use only towards the purpose of establishing some kind of social identity and rapport, which will be forgotton long before the prom dress makes it back from the dry cleaners. Of course, dances may be fun, although it should really be more about what you do and less about what you look like, although, that wouldn't fit in well with the American dream, eh? In other words, loosen up, don't wear anything that will expose anything you don't want exposed, and take someone fun instead of someone cute. Status my foot!

-- Janey Freeport High Freeport IL

Prom actually began as a sort of rehearsal for weddings, most teens would get married straight out of highschool so having a prom served as some sort of experience of being in a formal setting. That's why some traditions in weddings are in proms ie. garter ceremonies, except you offer your garter to your date instead of throwing it and he's supposed to wear it on his arm. That is if you have a garter ceremony at your school prom. But that is how prom started that is why we have prom!

-- Duchess

Prom is extremely over rated and expensive. I mean, honestly who needs a LIMO? Just take a freaking cab, it's cheap AND convinient, or order car service which is going to cost just as much. Although the things above are true, prom is a celebration of beginning of adulthood, college and future. Those stupid cliques, H.S. drama, freshmen crowding freaking hall ways are going to be over. THANK GOD! I'm really excited to go to prom, besides the fact that i paid $400 for my dress, at the same time it's like, get a life kind of thing. I dunno.

-- Jane LAB New York NY

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