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What is Prom?

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What is Prom?

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Prom is when you get dressed up for a special night that you will never forget. To me prom is the day i been waiting for. It means so much to me and it symbolizes how school is over and we are going to become adults in the real world. That prom is the last time we will probably see each other. Live Life To The Fullest.

-- Stephany Gateway High School Kissimmee FL

I think "Prom" is like a party for seniors,to enjoy the end of the or the 12/13 years we've been in school and this leads to our Graduation!!!!!!!!

-- Autumn First Colonial HS Virginia Beach VA

Prom is a big fashion show. Everybody go just to see what everyone else is wearing. Everybody just go all out buying all types of expensive things for the night. Prom is like the big conclusion to your senior year.

-- Toya Thornwood High School Markham IL

Prom is a night where everyone gets to dress up in their best gowns and tuxedos and have a night to remember with all the people who are important to you. It is a night of all nights to have fun and celebrate the ending of a wonderful school year!

-- Kayla EPEC

Prom is a night to be with friends. Have fun getting dressed up and going out late, relaxing as you enter adulthood!

-- Renata Lexington Senior High Lexington NC

Prom is not just about have sex or anything .Its about haven fun ,being with your friends.And partying with your friends.It's a night when us girls can dress up and show of are body.And it's a night when girls feel like a princess.

-- Whitney Lagrange High School Lagrange GA

I think that Prom is a day/night where you and all our your friends dress up, and go to a nice place dance and have fun and got to McDonald's afterwards because you probably don't like the food. lol. :-))

-- Desiree Pemberton Twp. High School Pemberton NJ

Prom is when you and your best friends wear expensive clothes and deal with the fact that the limo will cost 136 dollars. Not 300. You don't complain, because your happy to be going with your friends. And, no one gives a hoot whether or not you are going to have a date, just as long as you pay the 136 without complaining... JEN!

-- Serra Lincoln High School Witchita KA

I think that the stereotypical prom, as in the movies, is the night for when you get freaky for the first time. But overall i think prom is a time to spend with your friends and really party before you go your separate ways after graduation.

-- Sarah Statesboro High School Statesboro GA

Prom is the last chance for the entire senior class to all be together once more and just have a great time before graduating. It's the beginning of the end, and it's a celebration of finishing the year. It's also very expensive, very over-rated, and very stressful! ;)

-- Diana Lee New York NY

Prom is a time when everything that you thought never happens anymore or is just too cool to be possible actually happens, and the entire night is a bit surreal, because it's so much like something out of a book or a movie.

-- Jenn Braintree

Prom is the one night where you see everyone at their maturest. You're no longer the little kids running around, wanting the candy in the piniata, (even though that would be fun)or wanting to play with barbies. You go in your drop-dead finest and show the world that even though you're grown up, you can still have a kick-ass (sorry, bum) time.

-- Vee Wesley Chapel high Wesley Chapel FL

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