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What is Prom?

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What is Prom?

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Prom is a wonderful night in which you reflect upon your past experiences, school friends, teachers and all the things that have helped to make you who you are. One chapter of your life is over, another begins.

-- Hailee Wynnum High Brisbane

Most people believe that Prom is one night where you go out and party and dance and get to be all glamourus.But Prom is not just that, its a whole lot more. Prom is a night where you get to spend with your friends adn lovers because before you know it your going to be in college and your not going to be hanging out and goin out with your friends that much longer. Its a time to have lots of laughter before you have to have lots of tears on Graduation day.

-- Jessica Glens Falls High School Glens Falls NY

Prom, in my book, is a tiem to just stop at look at everybody as you would like to remember them because usually after prom you are going to go away and leave them and the only thing left of the years you all spent together will be the good times you had. For those with a loved one, it is a time to enjoy their company and share the love they feel and for those without who are just there to have fun it is a celebration. So I guess prom means something different to everyone.........

-- Bri Lincoln Consolidated Ypsilanti MI

Prom is a night to remember. It's a summation of all you've accomplished in high school, so it only makes sense that you want it to be perfect. Prom night is when you look your best and have a great time. Unfortunately, that can be extremely stressful.

-- Banke LHS Baltimore MD

In my country prom is a bit different of what I've heard it is in the US. In highschool the seniors end school in February (starting their "study break", where they study for the final exams), so the Highschools 2nd graders (that would be me this year) are the oldest (hence the name "old dances", which is how we call our prom). So the 2nd graders perform dances to their parents and the rest of the school, including the seniors. We dress up in ballgowns, and guys in tuxedos. We have usu a lly 2 performances one on the day the seniors leave (always a thursday), after which the students and parents have dinner. The next day we perform to the school and afterwards have a party. This is our version of the prom, I guess. :)

-- Tanya Finland

Prom to me is a night where I can dress up like a princess from a fairy tale & have my date be my Prince Charming. Prom is also a night where I lose my voice from screaming when I see my knight in shining armor step out of his chariot :o) I cannot wait for my next ball this spring. I LOVE PROM!

-- Annmarie Lake Mary FL

The word prom, comes from the latin word Prominousca which the english then adapted to Promenade which means to do the dance of lovers.

-- Kaylen Earth High School Earth TX

The "Prom" contrary to popular belief is not all glitz and glamour, it holds a sacred meaning that has been passed down from generations that have come before. To me the prom is a last ditch effort to enjoy our adolesence before we part ways with friends you are never going to see again and to disentangle ourselves from the things of the past in order to move into the next phase of our adult life. You can also see it as a personal rite of passage.

-- Anna Fort Hamilton High School Brooklyn NY

Prom is a celebration for the juniors and seniors to wish them good luck and farewell! It's also a totally ROCKING PARTY!!

-- Natali ITA Kenosha WI

Prom to me is more than just a dance. It is the celebration of entering your adulthood. It also is something fun to look forward to, getting dressed up and just having fun that night. Its a time to spend your last few days of high school (for seniors) to make memories. It's also something that you look back on when your older and something you will always rememeber for years to come.

-- Tawnee Pine Forest High School Pennsacola FL

Prom is like a going away party the junior class gives the seniors. I mean, they will be graduating in about 1 month (depending on where you live and when your prom is depends on the ACTUAL time seniors have left). This is a time where they can dress up and look nice for each other so they will always remember the best about thier frinds (and or enimies!). This will be the last time seniors have to just goof off and be themselves with thier friends.

-- Jessica Saks High Anniston AL

Prom is a tradition. It is a break from everyday school life and a night to dress up and feel special. It is another memory to hold when you look back 10 years from now. It is the night you hook up with your high-school crush. It's the day your parents let you borrow the car. To some it's one thing and to others it's another. Basically, it is whatever you decide to make it and the only important thing is that you enjoy yourself and cherish it for all your life.

-- Monique Baton Rouge Magnet High School Plaquemine LA

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