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What is Prom?

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What is Prom?

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Prom is the first big night of your social life! It's the beginning of your social life as an adult; it's a time to act grown up in fancy clothing and act like adults. It's a time to use your dinner manners and show off your "formal" dancing skills! It's also a night of love - transferring from puppy love to true love. If you are with the right person, prom tends to be the night that you realize this! It's the end of high school and the beginning of your life!

-- Nikki Middleton PA

Prom is the night girls dress up in their expensive gowns and guys in their rented tuxedos.Your parents snap pictures of you and your friends. Limos of all sizes and colors pick up a couple or a group of friends.This formal dance is usually held at an elegant hall or ballroom unlike the informal dances held in the school auditorium or gym. Prom usually begins with a dinner. For entertainment there is a band or a very good DJ service. Mostly juniors and seniors are at prom as the night is officially for the seniors. It's a night to have fun with friends you've grown close with over the years, an initiation into adulthood. Prom is your true last moments of high school as memories will be made for you to remember for years to come.

-- Kyeshia Pius XI High School Milwaukee WI

I think prom is a overall celebration of the whole year or if its a senior prom than its like a celebration of your four years of high school. Your going into a life of adulthood.

-- Kelsie & Andrea Moanalua high school Honlulu HI

I think prom is just a way for friends to get together and have a good time. I also agree it's a way to celebrate our last year of high school, sort of like a going away party.

-- Cricket Sebastian River High School Sebastian FL

I think that the word prom means that it is a school dance, that is traditionally sponsored by the senior class. The dance is held in May, towards the end of the year.

-- Carla Bridgewater-Raritan HS Bridgewater NJ

I think prom is a time when everyone get together to have a great time and as for couples it's a night to show their true feelings,their true romance.

-- Ashley Raymond High Utica MS

I think prom is a night to remember! You will be graduating in a few days and alot of these people you will never see again. Its kinda like a Good-bye party but it also shows peoples inner beauty because of the tradition to dress up and look stunning! Its like a Good-Bye ball?

-- LaShauntie Westinghouse Pittsburgh PA

Prom is the night where you get to be truly above and beyond yourself, and live out all your hopes and dreams. Enjoy your special night -x-

-- Kaite Kennet

Prom is the event that defines high school and all the memories attached. It's the night that makes one realize reality is hitting, and graduation is right around the corner. It's a gathering of all classmattes and friends together for a night of fun and simple enjoyment.

-- Daniell Antelpe Valley High School Lancaster CA

Prom is your chance to go out with a bang. It's the last big thing with the entire senior class before graduation. It gives girls an opportunity to play Cinderella.

-- Isha IHS Ithaca NY

Its seniors' last dance and where the juniors put on a goodbye dance. And you got to go out with a bang so.. Formal!

-- Tina fertile-beltrami Beltrami MN

To me prom is a night where people get dressed up and bring a date to the special occasion. its a time to celebrate graduating out of highschool and onto bigger things.

-- Roxi WHSS ON

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